Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

School psychologist, renowned psychologist and lecturer Umar Johnson details the the systematic emasculation of Black male in the education system, the indoctrination of self-hatred, and why it’s happening.

There’s a popular saying:  ”The Black man is an endangered species”. Think about it:  disproportionate imprisonment, high homicide rates, high health risk factors, a culture of self-hatred, emasculation…- the black man is being eradicated in existence and essence.  A community with too few productive males is not viable;  it can’t survive.  It cannot defend itself. A community that hates the basis on which it should unite- it’s identity- will crumble.  A community that doesn’t produce leaders will lead itself to destruction.  A community that glorifies self-destruction will amplify it.




One thought on “Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

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