In 2005, our lab uncovered one of the most pervasive genetic mutations on SLC24A5, the contributor to the light skin color of Europeans. When compared to Africans, Europeans are 10-20 times more susceptible to the deadliest form of skin cancer—melanoma. Despite their similarly light skin color, East Asians have melanoma incidences similar to Africans.

linguistically “whiteness” = “albinism”…



2 thoughts on “Albinism?

  1. I and my cousine carry albinism gene and neither of us have albinism,is it possible to change one of our gene or is there a way that we can born a healthy baby?

    • Albinism is unlikely to be passed on unless both parents carry the gene. You need to speak with a medical professional, but you will most likely have to marry someone who you know does not carry the gene.

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