Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

If you don’t believe that racism in the job market is real, then please read this article by Yolanda Spivey.  Spivey, who was seeking work in the insurance industry, found that she wasn’t getting any job offers.  But as an experiment, she changed her name to Bianca White, to see if employers would respond differently.  You’ll be shocked and amazed by her phenomenal story. 

Before I begin, let me quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington who said, “Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful and degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race or color.”

For two years, I have been unemployed. In the beginning, I applied to more than three hundred open positions in the insurance industry—an industry that I’ve worked in for the previous ten years. Not one employer responded to my resume. So, I enrolled back into college to finish my degree. After completing school this past May, I resumed my search for employment and was quite shocked that I wasn’t getting a single response. I usually applied for positions advertised on the popular website Monster.com. I’d used it in the past and have been successful in obtaining jobs through it.

Two years ago, I noticed that Monster.com had added a “diversity questionnaire” to the site. This gives an applicant the opportunity to identify their sex and race to potential employers. Monster.com guarantees that this “option” will not jeopardize your chances of gaining employment. You must answer this questionnaire in order to apply to a posted position—it cannot be skipped. At times, I would mark off that I was a Black female, but then I thought, this might be hurting my chances of getting employed, so I started selecting the “decline to identify” option instead. That still had no effect on my getting a job. So I decided to try an experiment: I created a fake job applicant and called her Bianca White.

First, I created an email account and resume for Bianca. I kept the same employment history and educational background on her resume that was listed on my own. But I removed my home phone number, kept my listed cell phone number, and changed my cell phone greeting to say, “You have reached Bianca White. Please leave a message.” Then I created an online Monster.com account, listed Bianca as a White woman on the diversity questionnaire, and activated the account.

That very same day, I received a phone call. The next day, my phone line and Bianca’s email address, were packed with potential employers calling for an interview. I was stunned. More shocking was that some employers, mostly Caucasian-sounding women, were calling Bianca more than once, desperate to get an interview with her. All along, my real Monster.com account was open and active; but, despite having the same background as Bianca, I received no phone calls. Two jobs actually did email me and Bianca at the same time. But they were commission only sales positions. Potential positions offering a competitive salary and benefits all went to Bianca.

At the end of my little experiment, (which lasted a week), Bianca White had received nine phone calls—I received none. Bianca had received a total of seven emails, while I’d only received two, which again happen to have been the same emails Bianca received. Let me also point out that one of the emails that contacted Bianca for a job wanted her to relocate to a different state, all expenses paid, should she be willing to make that commitment. In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.

Is this a conspiracy, or what? I’m almost convinced that White Americans aren’t suffering from disparaging unemployment rates as their Black counterpart because all the jobs are being saved for other White people.

My little experiment certainly proved a few things. First, I learned that answering the diversity questionnaire on job sites such as Monster.com’s may work against minorities, as employers are judging whom they hire based on it. Second, I learned to suspect that resumes with ethnic names may go into the wastebasket and never see the light of day.

Other than being chronically out of work, I embarked on this little experiment because of a young woman I met while I was in school. She was a twenty-two-year-old Caucasian woman who, like myself, was about to graduate. She was so excited about a job she had just gotten with a well-known sporting franchise. She had no prior work experience and had applied for a clerical position, but was offered a higher post as an executive manager making close to six figures. I was curious to know how she’d been able to land such a position. She was candid in telling me that the human resource person who’d hired her just “liked” her and told her that she deserved to be in a higher position. The HR person was also Caucasian.

Another reason that pushed me to do this experiment is because of the media. There’s not a day that goes by in which I fail to see a news program about how tough the job market is. Recently, while I was watching a report on underemployed and underpaid Americans, I saw a middle aged White man complaining that he was making only $80,000 which was $30,000 less than what he was making before. I thought to myself that in this economy, many would feel they’d hit the jackpot if they made 80K a year.

In conclusion, I would like to once again quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington when he said, “You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.”

The more America continues to hold back great candidates based on race, the more our economy is going to stay in a rut. We all need each other to prosper, flourish, and to move ahead.

FROM:  http://www.techyville.com/2012/11/news/unemployed-black-woman-pretends-to-be-white-job-offers-suddenly-skyrocket/

P.S.  A lot of comments showed doubts that racism against Black women still exists.  This very important blog post shows how strong- and open– racism against black women still is- world wide…

Can a Sista Get Some Love?: Dark-Skinned Women in the Media Dark-skinned women- of all races- are portrayed as ugly, dumb, miserable & as sexual objects. Why? And what are the implications?
Can a Sista Get Some Love?: Dark-Skinned Women in the Media
Dark-skinned women- of all races- are portrayed as ugly, dumb, miserable & as sexual objects.
And what are the implications?

The racism against Black men in America is also alive and very real.  It is no less than a threat to their very existence.  SEE THIS POST…

The black race, no exaggeration, is being threatened with extinction.  Starvation and famine in Africa, Black-on-black homicide (across the diaspora) AND white-on-black homicide, higher rates of at-risk factors, disproportionate rates of imprisonment and execution- what do these all point to?  A faster rate of extinction.
The black race, no exaggeration, is being threatened with extinction. Starvation and famine in Africa, Black-on-black homicide (across the diaspora) AND white-on-black homicide, higher rates of at-risk factors, disproportionate rates of imprisonment and execution- what do these all point to? A faster rate of extinction.

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  1. All blacks should think of moving to middle east for good jobs. Those guys do not care if you are black or white and they pay really well. Am moving their this year. I cannot get a job ithe USA for 2 yrs with my bachelors.

    • I’ve been working and living in the Arabian Peninsula for 8 years now, and I largely concur.

      For Western nationalities, there is much less job discrimination, IN THE HIRING PROCESS. Promotion and salary discrimination vary from place-to-place. But as the Arabs were originally black (via Yemen from East Africa) the modern blend of Arabs (Turkic, Slavic and Persian with (possibly) some Arab ancestry) is generally not biased against Blacks in the way that Americans are. This is actually because most African-Americans are actually mixed race, and therefore indistinguishable from Arabs. It is only those who are very rich-toned that will find rude comments, etc.

  2. Sorry, we all make typos, but if your writing style is any indication of your understanding of what’s required in a corporate role, then grammatically it’s “mine”– NOT mines.

    “In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.”

    • Really…. really! That’s all you have to say about this article?! Not even offset by a positive comment. Oh well, thank you, Danaa…. oh by the way, you should tell your parents that Dana ends with 1 a.

  3. I have never heard of a white person named “Bianca”. LoL but seriously, the study neglects to mention whether you applied to the SAME companies, therefore you have no control group and the study doesn’t prove anything.

    • Your an idiot who just wants to find anything that can disprove the truth, YOU are the problem in this country. It clearly states she used Monster.com, a website she has used to get jobs before. She had to apply for the same jobs or in the same job market seeing that her education and field never changes. dummy

    • She didn’t apply but this showed the discrimination in people seeking out white people to hire. Same resume, different name and race listed. Seems pretty clear to me.

    • Ive never met a white person named Bianca either and I live in highest population of Italians in this country

    • Monster.com allows companies to view your resume and contact you, as well as you can apply for a position. The story proves what it says it proves.

    • To say you missed the point is to state the obvious … for your sake it appears that it must be stated. I suspect, had she applied to the same companies, you would have questioned the sample size or attempted some other pseudo-epidemiological critique. Whatever the methodology, the blog would tend to cause a thinking person to think, and others to self protectively criticize. So you go ahead and dismiss what is obvious to the insightful … whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • Don’t attempt to use big words if you don’t know which context to place them in. This rant sounds like it comes from a high school or college student who just added a few new shiny words to their vocab and want to play show & tell. Science is science…there was NO control group. You’ll simply argue anything to make a point for race-baiting. The sooner you realize that’s what THEY want us all to do, turn on one another, the better.

    • Bianca is an Italian word/name that derives from Spanish meaning white.

      Read this article again. She mentions replicating applications to the same job as “Bianca”.
      I believe everything she has written is true and much more. Where are you coming from? You speak of a “blind study” then; without knowing the meaning of blind studies in experiments are yourself and try to shoot her experience down

      I’ve experienced the same ignorant discrimination as the author for 3 decades, especially in the military. One former Chief Operations Officer, now a One Star General, asked me “why would I send a black girl to Djibouti when I can use a couple of my own white male Majors who need a job? We ALL needed jobs. All the Majors assigned to that command were (and still are) Caucasian males, except me. I speak fluent French, look more like a Northern African and majored in International Affairs/Business and was “pipeline” residence trained with Special Forces, I am also finishing medical school. Not one of those other officers was as better prepared than me. In fact, all but one of them washed out in the training cycle. The one white guy who survived part of that rigorous training left abruptly after promotion pass overs. The white guys assigned there were sometimes cordial, but wanted to know “how much school I had” when I was assigned there in 2007. We were assigned to this so-called “elite” Civil Affairs Command. In 24 years, one of the worst, sexist, racist assignments I ever had in The Army.

      This General also has a civilian occupation in the DIA and needed the Djibouti tour to land that job. Needless to say, I did not allow his man to rate/senior rate me. One other Colonel (he was a Colonel at that time) was a female who told me directly “that old (expletive) Stolte DOES NOT LIKE GIRLY GIRLS like you; I’ve been through this same thing myself”. This is a white lady, so she may have experienced SOME of what she witnessed me going through.

      I thank God for that Colonel and one other African American male Colonel who was in Djibouti at the time who rated me with superior recommendations two year in a row.

      • With the way blacks act, are you really surprised??? If I saw a Yolanda or ty’biqurious on a resume, would you really expect me to not shred it??

        • How do “whites” act?

          According to the US Department of Justice statistics, 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites. In 2011, there were more cases of whites killing whites than there were of blacks killing blacks. Between 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang-related murders were committed by white people, with a majority of the homicide victims being white as well.

          In America, whites commit the majority of crimes. What’s even more troubling is that they are also responsible for a vast majority of violent crimes. In 2013, whites led all other groups in aggravated assault, larceny-theft, arson, weapons-carrying, and vandalism. When it comes to sexual assault, whites take the forcible rape cake. They are also more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, their significant others, and even themselves! They commit more sex-related crimes, gang related crimes, and are more likely to kill at their places of employment. In 2013, an estimated 10,076 people died in the U.S. due to drunk driving crashes. Driving while drunk is almost exclusively a white crime because everyone knows black people prefer to drink on their porches or inside their homes.


          • You know whites are a majority right? The point is why are blacks at 10-15% ending up at nearly half the crime rate? If things were equal, you would expect black-on-black crime to be about 1-2% and whites at about 50%.

            • Ethnic West Asian (“European”) Americans a/k/a “whites” represent the majority of historic and contemporary crimes.

              According the United States Department of Justice,


              84 percent of ethnic West Asians (“whites”) people killed every year are killed by other “whites”.

              In 2011, there were more cases of “whites” killing “whites” than there were of ethnic Africans (“blacks”) killing “blacks”.
              Between 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang-related murders were committed by ethnic West Asian people, with a majority of the homicide victims being “white” as well.


              West Asians are also more likely to kill:
              the elderly,
              family members,
              their significant others, and
              even themselves!


              In 2013, West Asian (“White”) Americans led all other groups in
              aggravated assault,
              weapons-carrying, and
              When it comes to sexual assault, West Asian (“white”) Americans take the forcible rape cake.

              West Asian (“white”) Americans commit more
              sex-related crimes,
              gang related crimes, and
              are more likely to kill at their places of employment.


    • Technically, you’re almost right. This was a let’s-see-what-happens experiment and not a carefully-controlled study. There could be plenty of possible ways why the results don’t mean what they appear to. But, the results are pretty suggestive, AND plenty of statistically rigorous experiments have come to similar conclusions. (See for example http://www.chicagobooth.edu/capideas/spring03/racialbias.html, http://www.jstor.org/stable/2646962, http://www.jstor.org/stable/info/10.1525/sp.2009.56.3.385, and popular press stories at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/black-names-a-resume-burden/, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/06/weekinreview/06Luo.html, http://www.nytimes.com/2009/12/01/us/01race.html).

    • Actually it does, it simply shows that same credentials and education were used, only difference was name and diversity questionaire. Outcome was “white girl” received more of a response and the other one didn’t. There isnt a so called control group to make those outcomes any different especially when it comes to companies who see your resume and contact you!

  4. Answering Assholez, Bianca is a typical Italian name.
    Yolanda is a common black name. I don’t think the diversity questionnaire had anything to do with Yolanda being hired. The name alone would have sufficed. Also, from experience, the longer you’re on a job site, the lower your resume and profile gets pushed as time goes by.

      • What were you reading? I said Bianca is a typical Italian name, not a ‘white’ name…smh at those who can’t register what is written.

      • of course they are white, they are european descendants like most white americans. there are only five races in the world, and they are not yellow, red, brown, or black.

      • Ignorance. ‘True’ Italians can be blond, blue eyed and speak Austrian German as their mother tongue. That’s the most extreme example but typically people are fairer skinned in the north. Anyway, the implications of saying such a thing as a true anything is a certain skin color…sMh

      • I am Italian… Sicilian to be exact and I can tell you that we are very much white…. just because we are more tan than the northern Europeans does not make us “not white”. And as for a “true Italian” you might want to do some homework buddy because from Rome all the way to north Italy there are some EXTREMELY pale as a ghost WHITE Italians with blue eyes and green eyes. so… you’re wrong.

    • Wait, what if that’s actually it. Yolanda’s profile was several years older and therefore is bumped down and so might not receive as much attention. Also, if the website lists names in alphabetical order then Yolanda would be much lower than Bianca as well as being a new profile. This could be a huge factor, my name starts with a “Y” and I’ve had that happen all the time. It would be interesting to see this study carried out with some real control groups and fixed variables, there is a good chance it has merit. However, currently it is little more than a case of someone finding what they were looking for.

      • i dont know how monster.com does things (alphabetically or by recentness, etc.) but i agree that it seems like a case of seeing what you want to see. i know that i am mostly caucasian, also native american, but stereo-typically speaking, my skin is fair so i am deemed ‘white’, and i am unemployed. and i would be ecstatic to make the 30,000, let alone 80,000 a year, and know plenty of other ‘white’ people who are in the same boat.

      • Man thats some BS. The reason we have a problem in this country is because people are afraid to call a spade a spade. Online applications typically use a keyword match system meaning certain words in your resume are picked up by a computer program and then referred to the hiring person. Once the hiring person gets them they make a decision on who to call. Companies want to hire the best people so it does not matter if its in Alphabetical order or not. It would be in that companies best interest to review every application

  5. I believe you should have went thru with being Blanca white went on a few interviews and if they turned you down because they thought they was meeting a white women you could have won a class law suite of being over looked on the job cause of the color of your skin. You should do another experiment but this time go through with the interview process and make sure you apply to all the same jobs your white women apply for also change the wording in your job description on one of them but make sure it still say the same thing in some way. When you are done with that call a Law group that specialize in rights. Keep me informed.

    • Hello JayJones, I can related to the experiences Blanca had with job interviews. I uses Claire (short for Clarise)on my resume’ and application and I had interviews almost 4 times a week for a whole month. But did not get the job for either one of the interviews. Of course, I made sure that I was qualified to all jobs I applied for, but it is sad to say, that I knew my name would hold me back, so I use my nickname. “Claire” did get me the interviews, but once a black female walked through the doors my chances went to zero percentage of laying the job. I hate to use the race card, but it real and worth exposing. So your advice about taking it further is a step in the right directions.

  6. This is reality! Racism and every other type of ism is at play in the job market, in academia, in politics, everywhere
    This is not funny!

  7. Racism is real in the workforce. As a supervisor in a restaurant one day I noticed that all of our employees were Hispanic and two were white. I urged the manager to hire some other races like either black or Asian or Arab but when I mentioned black, his eyes opened up wide and he shook his head saying no. I kept pushing for a black person (hope this doesn’t sound stupid because it’s not meant to be offensive is anything) because I get along with them and I find them very funny and dedicated to their job (at least in my side of town). But still to this day, they only hire Hispanics and use it as an excuse that we need bilingual people since we are in South Florida but if we are all for the most part Hispanic then there could always be someone on staff to interpret Spanish or similar languages like Portuguese. If we can afford to hire whites who only speak one language then why not other ethnicities who only speak one language?

    • @ Sashenka, we know that was just an excuse because there are plenty of black Dominacans, PR’s and so on. Only place you might get a fair shot is the government because their bound by law

    • Why does race have to play a role at all? If you spent less time on the computer bitching and more time Looking for a job, you would have one.

      • Agreed! Why should she push her mgr to “hire black…”? That’s what sounds unfair to ME. someone just going “oh hire black bc there aren’t any here yet.” What a crock of shit.

    • You’re obviously the problem. I bet with that attitude, you have zero biz even being on this thread, bc if YOU were the hiring mgr YOU wouldn’t hire white. Busted.

  8. Maybe her problem is her grammer, ” they looked at mines ” ? Lol, and we would prefer ” caucasion over white, just like you would hopefully prefer African American over black. This whole article is a racist, factist view on America as a whole and is ignorant at best, the exact problem with our country today. Slavery hasn’t ended, niether has racism, there will always be evil in this world. Stop crying for entitlement from your ancestors and ” man up ” as we would say and put real effort into it. Meaning get up off your butt and apply directly with a location so they can see the real you and you’re professional appearance.

    • Tim: People with really bad grammar shouldn’t comment on other people’s grammar.

      I prefer Black by a million miles to African American (I’m Danish Dominican–Black explains my mocha latte appearance . . but African American in no way describes me)
      What is a “factist?”
      Remember your i before e except after c and spell neither correctly next time.
      There isn’t any crying for entitlement from her ancestors in this article.
      It’s “your” professional appearance and not “you’re.”

      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Tim you made no point. When is the last time you were able to “Apply Directly” with a company? Everything is online. And when you do go knocking on doors 9 times out of 10 they will send you to their online process. If I applied to a job in another stated do you expect me to travel to that state and to that company in hopes of meeting with the hiring manager. NO SIR..no one does that in normal situations. She isnt crying for entitlement from her ancestors (whatever that is supposed to mean). She simply wants to know what makes her any different from Bianca.

  9. It might not have been the questionnaire, it might have been the more black culture name vs the more white culture name… you changed two variables, which confuses the study. You changed the name AND the survey, so you don’t yet know which one did it… If you’d skipped the survey with “Bianca” and gotten the same response, then they’re recognizing you as black from the name. But if you’d kept the name, or changed it insignificantly for a second profile, and changed the survey answer to white, … then you would have known it was the survey. Im guessing Monster.com really does keep the survey confidential, and they’re unconsciously skipping the resume because of the name- which is unfortunate… Biracial Asians with white fathers know this to be the case- they check white on college applications with a white last name so they aren’t competing with other Asians for college acceptance.

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  11. “In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.”

    “First, I learned that answering the diversity questionnaire on job sites such as Monster.com’s may work against minorities, as employers are judging whom they hire based on it.”

    Ebonics and bad grammar have no place in a blog post complaining about not being able to find a professional job. I recommend you have someone proofread your resume in detail.

    In case you haven’t already, I also suggest you team up with a seasoned professional and practice your interviewing skills. Your luck is bound to change, and you want to be your at your best for the next step.

  12. I can not believe that some people are still so lost and want to believe that these crackers will change one day….grow up!!!

    • Ha, crackers? …I love how you have the nerve to comment on a thread like this, yet, you race-bait ad call names like a four yr old. So how’s this, go back to your low-end life and GHETTO retail job, bc I’m so sure you’d hire outside YOUR obvious race if given the opportunity to better yourself. Pfft…

  13. I’m not going to say race isn’t an issue, but I think the idea of you applying to 300 jobs and getting absolutely zero responses, and then suddenly getting continuous responses the second you become white, is a bit ridiculous.

    I mean, racism isn’t a structure of averages — this article is literally implying that 100% of employers were racist and didn’t want to hire you solely because you were black. I’m willing to accept quite about about the negative state of racial relations in this country, but I really don’t think I can believe THAT so easily, considering there IS a black president. I feel like something here is sensationalized/misleading and the lack of veracity hurts the overall claim.

  14. Lot’s of interesting comments. I am a mixed race (AA/white) male, so please hear me out.
    1. The Middle East is far more racist than the US. I’ve worked there and seen the treatment of whites (Euro-descent) compared to dark-skinned (African or even southern Europe descent) regardless of country. I don’t agree with the comments made about racism in the M.E. being less. America has much less racism than the ME and Asia.
    2. I find the whole story a little fishy. I work for a technical-based company and am regularly selecting resumes (from Monster and other sites, including headhunters). Race is never an issue with our hiring. We don’t even look at it as a criteria — period. I am one of 3 people on the hiring selection committee, so all resumes come through me. It isn’t included in the resume (even on Monster). We only look at skills, experience, and willingness to diversify their talents/skills. Being involved with HR, we are always at conferences with other companies (including non-technical companies). I am shocked to hear that an entire industry would have this attitude — I can honestly say that a few individual companies (few and far between) may, but not an entire industry. Therefore I call this particular story a hoax. Also, I find it extremely hard to believe that a company would offer to hire/relocate without a FTF interview. That is what really puts this article over the top… That isn’t a feasible offer and if it is used to highlight racism, I think it is a flaw in the logic or persuasion that this wouldn’t be offered to an AA person.
    3. I find that there is a lot of racism left in America, but the majority of that racism and bitterness is directed from AA’s to whites/hispanics. As one who has feet in both worlds, I definitely have the experience that my AA family has much more racism, bitterness, and hatred than my white side (which never talk race at all — they love their AA relatives and welcome them at all times). AA “leaders”, including ministers, political leaders, etc. want to continually preach the racism angle, while falling behind in education, skills, and marketability. Quite frankly, I believe my African American brothers / sisters do much more harm to themselves by their attitude rather than their skin color.

    • It’s wonderful that you are so well grounded and successful.

      You know that there is a difference between “racism” and “bigotry.” Your AA family members aren’t most likely being racist as they are being bigoted. Unless they are decreasing opportunities for whites and keeping whites from economic and civic opportunity then it really doesn’t matter what they think or say about whites.
      As a mixed person you may not be experiencing the same things that your black side of the family is experiencing. My first husband was very educated and much darker than me. We have night and day job search experiences. He would be qualified, get a call back, get to the interview and be told “the job was just filled right before you got here.” The job would be posted again the next day.
      It’s a lot easier to be magnanimous and welcoming when you are from a historically favored group. Most of my family is very loving and welcoming to me. But some of my white family thinks and says the most outrageous things about blacks.
      I think that there is still a huge double standard about the expectations of blacks and whites. For instance whites are constantly talking about how young black men dress on the weekend as though that’s the way they’d dress for work. Young white men dress EXACTLY the same (I have three boys two of them are white) and talk very funnily when they are just hanging with their friends–yet no one says that the way they behave is limiting their future. There are all sorts of discrepancies like that–where expectations for one group are much higher, exacting and different than for whites. So . . . it may be that you are one of those non-threatening, lighter skinned black people who on top of it has the inclination for excellence and are able to both manage the emotional and the intellectual side of what it takes to succeed as a mixed/black person in our country.

  15. From cradle-to-grave you’ve been sold a lie about races and cultures, and that lie is that it is natural and normal for a person of any race or culture to be just as happy to be surrounded by people of any other race or culture than his/her own. This conditioning is so intense that it’s hard for us to open our eyes and admit the common sense reality – that being that homogenous communities are more prosperous, peaceful, and healthy. For instance, one recent peer-reviewed study published in the America Journal of Public Health found that “diversity” may be killing older African-Americans and Hispanics. “Living in an ethnically dense neighborhood is beneficial when it comes to heart disease and cancer,” said Kimberly Alvarez, a co-author of the new study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Alvarez’s study reviewed the health records of 2,367 Mexican-Americans and 2,790 African-Americans older than 65, and concluded they lived longer if they inhabited a community mostly populated by their group.


    In fact, the places around the world with the longest average life spans are all racially homogenous.

    A very famous ten-year Harvard study using over TWENTY SIX THOUSAND subjects was done by a liberal professor who set out to prove the benefits of multiculturalism. To his shock, he found that “diversity” was harmful, eroding community trust, sharing, and interaction. He sat on his results for five years, desperately trying to explain them away, but in the end he was forced to concede that this belief in the greatness of diversity is a superstition.


    It’s time to accept that we are simply meant to be in communities of our own people, and respect the borders of other peoples. Multiculturalism has been sold to us by corporate and political entities which DO NOT have anyone’s best interests at heart but their own. It’s a lie and anyone who is honest with himself/herself will eventually see through it. In the name of peace, health, and prosperity, let’s put the world back together and celebrate TRUE diversity, with many different countries and regions which each have their own unique ethnic and cultural character.

    May we all thrive and live in peace, sharing the Earth and respecting freedom of association for all peoples.

    • Except for too many of us are no longer “homogenous” in our bodies. It’s too late. That genie is out of the bottle and it’s never going back in.

      Yes. Social capital goes down, but that can intentionally be cultivated and restored. We must. We really have no other option.

      The world’s population is and always has been on the move.

    • Let’s put back the world. Oh. . . so you planning to leave the US? I mean this was a native american continent? You going back to some place in Europe? Bet you aren’t homogenous even in your body. Which country are you planning to repatriate?

      You think that would fly . . .all of us just getting into big buses to return to “where we came from.”

      That is a seriously laughable and unworkable idea.

    • J.J, Where then would a person like me fit in? I’m of mixed race(Native American, White and Black) however I, was raised in an all white Community by my white grandparents, in fact my whole family is white(irish and german to be exact). My mother used sperm donors for my siblings and I so we just have our mothers family. In everything but skin(is a light brown) I am white. According to you however my siblings and I should live in a “community of own people and respect the borders of other peoples”. Would you care to tell me how my siblings and I would fit in this ideal of yours? I know my family aren’t the only ones who wouldn’t fit in that world. What you’re suggesting is that everyone would be happier and live longer if we live with our own race. Let me ask another question. What about us who not only have family of other races but friends, significant others, people we can’t live without? What’s the point of a long life if it’s not shared with those you love?

  16. I see this all the time in recruitment. Sad truth…A black university graduate gets paid less than a white person straight out of high school.

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  18. 1067 cars were burned in France, by black youth, on 2014 New Years eve… Who would like to hire such people?

    • And what about when white people riot and burn things? They still get hired! OPEN YOUR EYES. There is racist injustice everywhere

  19. It is sad that God created us all equal, higher than the animals but man keep lowering itself, and in the end will destroy itself no matter what color they think themselves to be.

  20. these people is always on some hating, out to destroy the human race, bs anyway. so surprise, shock, or denial shouldn’t be on anyone’s mind. sorry if it offends the good ones, but those bad apples…

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  22. I was called by a recruiter (who may or may not know I’m black) for a job at Riverstone Claims Management in Manchester NH – a very white company and town. It’s known throughout the industry that they do not hire black people. Nonetheless I guess my name was generic enough that they thought (esp. with my extensive experience in claims management) I was white. The phone interview went well and they were so fluffy about NH and trying to convince me to move there from NYC (which most people would cringe at). They were all ready to set up the 2nd interview when after asking if I had any questions for them, my last question was about diversity. Their answer was stunning: first they noted that they had “a few Indians (Asian) and women”. When I pushed the point that, coming from NYC I was used to working with a wide variety of racial and ethnic groups, I asked if they had any black people there. They stuttered around the most ridiculous claim that “there are some Somalian expats living in the city of Manchester (which earlier they noted I would not likely want to live in the city but in the suburbs)”. When I asked whether any of them worked at Riverstone in any capacity, they got nervous and tried to sidestep the question but when I pushed for an answer they finally said no. That was the last I heard from them. When I questioned the recruiter over the next few weeks, he said at first “they were still interviewing candidates” and later “that the job was on hold” – a typical answer when they want to get you off their page. Similar scenarios have occurred before to me and others I know, but this was the most aggregious yet. This company in particular is racist to the core, but not the only one. There are many in the industry – in our most populous metropolises like New York, LA, Philly and more – who, even with the large population of qualified and/or experienced black professionals, will make up any excuse not to hire us. A class action lawsuit needs to be formulated against this and other industries like it. As was mentioned before, the racist disease this country is still infested with has as much impact on our economy as the economic conditions which brought on this recession and has kept our economy down even in good times. The US will fall like Rome fell unless it gets its act together and truly share the wealth and utilize the potential of all of its people.

    • Totally agree! We blacks should take these current protests further by asking for economic justice (equality might be a stretch) as well. We need to revive the Civil Rights movement. When people feel their needs are not met, they do desperate acts for survival. Economic injustice affects everyone directly or indirectly! That being said, we have to prioritize our lives no matter our circumstances.

  23. I’m appalled that Monster would even offer such a “diversity” survey, much less require it! This is in direct conflict with equal opportunity employment laws! For that matter, they should eliminate anything which would lend itself to unlawful discrimination: name, home address, e-mail.. Employers don’t need to know any of those things until they hire you. Monster could make their system completely anonymous, requiring contact to happen through their website without using e-mail addresses. If Monster would claim it’s all about the qualifications, then these safeguards are obvious implementations. The way they’re currently operating is just plain scandalous and they are giving racist employers every resource they need to filter their applicant pool.

  24. I’d been using Monster for a while looking for web development jobs, and despite being white, I declined to state my race because I find the question inappropriate and irrelevant. Not a single response over months and months. I assumed it was because I was self-trained; I didn’t have big credentials to show for my knowledge. It never occurred to me that declining to state my race could impact my appeal, particularly with Monster’s assurance that this will not be used as a basis for hire. What is Monster thinking with this survey? What legitimate purpose could it serve?

  25. This does not surprise me. I too have used Monster.com, and have always declined to identify my race. In fact, I didn’t see the relevance of such a question until now. I think I’ll conduct a little experiment of my own, yet I’ll take it one st
    ep further and actually GO to the interviews. SMH #SoSad

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  27. My name is William, it is Anglo-Saxon, i wonder if I’m Black or White, or if was spell in E-bonic we-um, MMMmmmm? this for Ass-hole

  28. Prejudice exists for white folks (like me) in large part because of our experience with black persons from the inner city. I owned properties in E. Cleveland and 99% of my tenants were poor black persons. I met TWO, just TWO black women who strived to be more than, strived to BE someone productive, they were proud, they kept their apartments clean and orderly, they kept a job, they had hopes and dreams, they communicated well, they were awesome. But I had hundreds and hundreds of tenants. MOST of the rest of the tenants appeared to not care about anything: they talk different, they act like everyone OWES them something even tho they don’t want to work for anything, they live like slobs, they trash their apartments, they don’t take care of themselves. Vastly different from the TWO black women that I was so proud to know. If you black people want to hear the plain truth from a white woman here it is: That inner city black person mentality is what prejudice people are prejudice against…. It is the same way we feel about Hillbilly white trash, and/or “trailer trash”: So, you see, we are even prejudice against WHITE people… it is the MENTALITY we are actually prejudice against. There will forever be a prejudice against persons who seem to strive to BE LESS THAN, whether they are black or white. And we white folks unfortunately don’t have enough exposure to black persons who do not have that inner city mentality. MOST of our experience is with the inner city black person. I am in NO WAY supporting prejudice…. I am explaining WHY and WHAT the prejudice IS. My experience tells me that even if you are stuck in the inner city – you don’t have to act like or live LESS THAN, and I know this because I met TWO black ladies : the TWO who strived to be more than! If all the inner city black folks would strive to be more than: if trailer trash would strive to be more than: if hillbilly hicks would strive to be more than: then we prejudice white folks would have LESS to be prejudice against.

    • Not remotely “interested in hearing the truth from a white woman” who was/is a slumlord. You do understand that blacks as a group are CONSTANTLY being told all the reasons it’s okay to judge us as a group while whites insist at all times to be judged and treated as individuals.

      “Strive to be more” displays the perfect conundrum in which most blacks find ourselves. The ability to “strive to be more” are the attributes of ambitious individuals who have reaped some rewards from engaging in striving. In order to invest in an activity, there must be a reasonable return on investment from it. In order to “strive” one must be able to discern that such labor is worth the effort.

      What isn’t admitted at any time is that even if 100% of blacks “strived” there would be little return on investment and most whites would find another reason to judge us as a group. Blacks individually and as a group have historically attempted to pull ourselves u[ but often find our paths blocked. There are multiple narratives at play. Those of us who strive and do achieve at the highest levels are accused of getting things solely because we are black. Those of us trapped in inner cities with slumlords–a conclusion derived from your story of hundreds and hundreds of tenants, all poor blacks, and the disdain with which you speak about the customers that helped you in your capitalistic pursuits–who are happy to judge us, look down on us, all while growing your wealth off of people whom it is apparent you feel free to exploit.

      Whites have always set up this construct that somehow blacks can earn their freedom from prejudice by acting better, behaving better, behaving whiter while happily exploiting our communities.

      In this permutation it’s that blacks need to strive. Do most white people strive? I know all sorts of upper middle class white kids (I’m an upper middle class black person, married to an upper middle class white person). We have three children, one black, two white, from previous marriages. Many of their friends aren’t “striving” at all. Yet, there is an assumption that somewhere there will be a place, a job, for these not-so-hard-working, not-so-ambitious white kids.

      . The problem is thusly, instead of making a judgment about what it means to live as a poor person with limited means, you instead make that about what it means to be black. You want the freedom to infer that all blacks should be judged and thought of the deeply poor and under-educated underclass of our country, whom you think of as being “black” and blacks that are different are “exceptions” to that picture. But I’m certain that you would’t want to be judged automatically as trailer trash or poor white trash or any of the other permutations to which you pointed. You’d say “well, that’s a different type of white person and I of course shouldn’t be judged based on their lack of striving or behaviors. That’s unfair.” Well. It’s no less “unfair” when you justify your clear prejudices.

      • Don’t you ever tire of yourself? Listening to your own thoughts? Christ, you sure are uptight and high & mighty for someone who COMPLAINS incessantly…

      • My intention is that EVERYONE needs to “strive” regardless of their perceived return on investment…. a better “you” is always the reward. You are only making MY point when you do things like assume and call me a “slum-lord” and you presume that I made ANY $ off of anyone. I did not. You also totally MISSED the point that I did meet black persons in the inner city that DID strive, and they did so regardless of their surroundings, and I did not at all mean that I found them more acceptable because they “acted white” – it is not a “white” action to STRIVE. The ability to strive has NO color, everyone has the ability, you have to want to strive for your own sake, not for the reward. Also, your assumption that we whites want to be judged as individual’s but we judge blacks as groups is CRAP…. who said that to you? you make a LOT of assumptions. SOME of us, black and white, agree that judging anyone should be wrong and that accepting and loving people just as people regardless of color is our aim. You don’t know me at all…. yet you made a bunch of judgments and assumptions… you are NO different than me.

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  30. First of all, you aren’t getting hired because no company wants to be the first to give you a job after you finished your degree. As an HR professional I can tell you that we DO NOT see your race when you apply to jobs. There is no filter by race option and no one gives enough of a fuck to sit there and figure out if you are black white or whatever. They are spending 30 seconds on each resume and looking for the best. Which is not you.

  31. I have had the same experience. .i am going to mention their name becuase i want someone else to try it . On my application i wrote that i was a white male. It was a paper app. Back then. I was so excited about getting the position i told my friends. Becuase the interviewer said over the phone to wear a certain type of clothing for the depart. I was like, really? Come to find out, it wasnt an interview it was a shoe-in. We all were sitting at these tables filling out our in processing paperwork. When one of the workers came over to me and pointed out on my app, where i had marked white male. Needless to say i was the only african Americans in the room. She was pretty quiet about it, but when we were all getting up to move on to the next stage she asked me to remain back and some one would be in to talk to me about the posit. Would you believe I was left sitting in that room for two and a half hours.. so i got up ask the first person i saw where was a restroom…and I left and went home. I felt like a heel. the kicker is the next day they called me and told me I was supposed to be a work that morning at 830am. So I went in 3 hours late. They gave me this proofreading job where you sit and correct errors on the print out of home addresses. For some reason evryone else was zooming through the print outs. Iwas stuck on the the first pages becuase of the small print. My print was smaller! Needless to say i didnt last a week. I felt so small. Im a 6 foot tall 300 pound US Marin. I felt so defeated I cried all the way home. I coulsnt stop the tears…I was really hurt. The compny is or was Columbia house. Thats where you get all those Cds for a penny. Well now that i workthere im glad cds and dvds are fading out…. signed dissappointed in America 😦

  32. Racism is horrible. It affects EVERYONE. I am white woman and have been turned down for jobs because of my race. I know people will snicker and laugh and say “you know nothing about discrimination.” But at my job I’m the only white girl and treated differently because of it.

  33. I’ve listed my race as Native American when I apply for jobs, should I list it as White then since I can pass as that? Is that why I’ve been unemployed for three years? I always thought employers wanted their offices to be diverse and were encouraged to find different people.

    • Well grow up, and don’t be so naive. Unemployment for 3yrs means one thing…sheer laziness. I’ve been in retail mgmt for 13yrs and if I leave a job, I have another one beforehand, and if I move, I have another one in 4 days… You can find work anywhere. Ridiculous.

      • You don’t know her struggle. Just because you have been lucky enough to have jobs set up doesn’t make her lazy. Also is the retail business the same market as insurance? I think not.
        You can’t call someone you don’t know lazy because you are ignorant to her struggles. There are plenty of HARD WORKING people who can’t find a job. Open your eyes.

    • Studies (real scientific studies) have found that you will have a better chance of getting hired if you list your race as white. Yes employers are encouraged to have diversity in their employees but in many cases that I have seen, once they have one or two ethnic employees, they have met their “quota” and that motivation to hire non-whites goes out the window.

  34. Uhhhh this reaaaaalllllly pisses me off that still to this day people are still judging on race….that woman was qualified being a black woman !!! It aggravates me to no avail, and this is coming from a gay caucasian male…

  35. “Twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.” Why would ten employers look at mines? Are you in insurance or coal?
    Your poor grammar may be the issue.

  36. Racism is alive and well. There is an IT company here in Georgia called Sogeti – just be black and try getting a ‘responsible’ IT job with them – I dare you.

  37. I worked on Wall Street fro 10 years and it was very obvious! I started to feel a lot of resentment and hatred so I had to leave. The good ole “white” network is detrimental to this country.

  38. I just wanted to say thank you for this article, I found it interesting and loved the conclusion with the Booker T. Washington quote. I agree completely. I am a young blue-eyed caucasian woman who is currently job searching and as difficult as it is, I can’t imagine having even more obstacles in the way like that. I wish you and all job hunters the best and brightest of futures. Some of the comments on here absolutely disgust me. Please don’t consider them representative of any particular group of people.

  39. As much as I agree with the premise of what you’re trying to show. I smell a rat, this study works out to perfectly in favor of your stated position that I simply have to question how honest/accurate you’re being in this experiment.

    • I also suspect that this may be a modern parable or fable, but I took the original article at face value before re-posting.

      I’m not the author, in other words. A link to the original article is provided at the bottom of the post.

    • Until you’ve experienced it, you won’t believe it. My last name is Dutch, so I would apply for jobs and get provisional offers even before the final interview. Then I would show up, and I am NOT blond with blue eyes. I’ve had people tell me in the reception area that they don’t think I would fit the spirit of their office, the team they were trying to make, etc. I’ve even had people ask to see my ID because they thought I was impersonating someone.
      I know someone who is high up in the medical field (works in the operating room) and is a black woman. She has had doctors look at her and say “the room is already clean, so you can go now.” Yep, not even asking why she was there in scrubs, but assumed that she was part of the janitorial staff because of her complexion; shocked when they found out she was the one person that would keep the patient alive. Racism – alive and thriving in America – sadly.

      • That’s why I believe it. Because I’ve seen it, I’ve heard about it, and by “heard about it” I mean from “white” people who have been told to throw out resumes of all “black”-sounding names or from predominantly “black” zip codes. So I don’t know the author, but the story is consistent with the truth, if not actually true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is a real experience.

  40. Im a teenager and i’ve noticed that one of the best malls in my city hires almost all white employees and anywhere else except fast food places. It sucks so much and when i started college i realized my race will always work against me. At least when i go shopping the white employees have to serve me and do what i want and i can tell they dont like it.

  41. It would be interesting to see the response to pairing the name Yolanda with a white applicant. I would suspect that the white applicant would still receive substantially more job offers than the black applicant, even if she had a more white sounding name.

  42. I wonder if the reason employers gravitate toward white candidates has anything to do with black employees’ propensity toward chronic lateness, below-average work ethic, lower-than-average IQ, over-representation in violent and property crime, and problems with impulse control (you know…”content of character” stuff)?

    Nah…I’m SURE it’s just because of the color of their skin.

  43. Hello,
    I tried to click onto the link to techyville.com to read the blog. Guess what I got? The page said “Account suspended”. I don’t know what that’s about. I like this post. Makes a lot of sense to me as a black woman I’ve had dead end jobs & was treated like dirt. I’ve been unemployed for awhile & hope I can find work once I finish school. But now I’m not so sure.

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