Circumcision & Keratin: A Matter of Life and Death

We found three associations, three things that are more frequent in HIV positive men than in HIV negative men.  That was past history of sexually transmitted diseases, particularly diseases that cause ulcers, frequent sex with prostitutes and being uncircumcised.  Men who were uncircumcised had about a four- to five-fold increase in likelihood of being HIV positive.

Even without ulcers, uncircumcised men were still 8 times more likely to get HIV. Having a foreskin alone seemed to radically increase their chance of getting the virus.

The virus gets in where the skin isn’t protected by keratin. This is a cross-section of human skin, the dermis and the epidermal layer of cells above and on the surface layer a protein called keratin forms a thick, protective coating. If this keratin layer is intact it is almost impossible for viruses to get into the body and there are very few places on the body that are not covered in keratin.

Keratin is a thick layer which is impervious to micro-organisms and this is one of the reasons why, despite what people think, skin does not get very commonly infected, unlike mucosa such as the nasal tract, the lungs, genito-urinary tract which gets much more common infection, infected. In fact most infections are upper respiratory or genitals.

The inside of the foreskin has got much less keratin on it and so it’s likely to be the site of viral entry into the body and in addition it’s got all these amazing cells called Langerhan cells which sort of gobble up and internalise the virus.

Their job is to defend the body against infection. They have arms that reach out to the surface of the skin and trap viruses and deliver them to the immune system so they can be destroyed, but the danger from HIV is different to other viruses. HIV hijacks the Langerhan cells and when it gets into the body the virus wreaks havoc and starts to destroy the immune system.

Oh it’s a Trojan horse basically. The Langerhan cells is in fact a line, allowing a virus to enter the body and carry it to the very system, namely the lymph glands, where those viruses can start proliferating.

Langerhan cells reach up to the inner mucosal surface of the foreskin. With little keratin covering the cells here it is much easier for them to reach out to the HIV virus and there are more of them.

We’ve found a larger number of Langerhan cells in the foreskin, therefore the chance of the foreskin being infected is so much greater, therefore it fits the bill.

In an age before mass communications and government health warnings, health practices were necessarily encoded into religious doctrine. The logic behind a taboo on eating the flesh of swine is the same logic behind removing the foreskin. It wasn’t for no reason that ancient religions mandated circumcision.

Further to this, how much money does the Big Pharma AIDS money-go-round make? Let’s float this as a hypothetical – If there were billions of dollars in AIDS for Big Pharma, and if circumcision offered a cheap non-patentable alternative with no market for Big Pharma big money drugs, would Big Pharma throw up its hands and thank God a cure had been found at last with nary a tear shed at the billions they were going to miss out on? Or might they be cynical enough to sling a day’s income (ie. a few million) at whomever they could find to tell us that circumcision is a really bad idea? I wonder…



2 thoughts on “Circumcision & Keratin: A Matter of Life and Death

  1. Scrap your article and start with better research.
    You mentioned a history of STIs, and frequent sex with prostitutes, that I’ll buy.
    Focus on the skin ulcers that allow vectors of infection, and the diseases that cause them. Make a watch-list, a warning for men to watch out for early symptoms.
    Example: Cut men cannot suffer from Yeast infections, but they can be carriers;
    Therefore perhaps it is true of these diseases as well.

    The HIV infection rate here is 0.7%, and more than half of us are cut, in Norway, where 2% of them are cut, it’s 0.2%. The UK Used to do it, but they Stopped; their adult population is still heavily mixed with cut men, and they have a worse HIV problem than we do.

    These numbers and associations can be twisted a lot of ways, and by all means, if you’re an adult, and want to, do IT to IT, buddy, but this is full of bad science, bad data, misunderstandings and colloquial myths: Big Pharma are not the people making money on Circs, Obstetricians and pediatricians are in most cases: drugs aren’t surgery.

    Even the studies that link Cutting to Resistance, They only claim it as a partial preventative, anyway, and frankly, having read their conclusions, not worth doffing Mr Happy’s raincoat for. If it were a real preventative, we’d have better, lower infection rate numbers, but it’s still an adult risk to take, not another’s decision to make.

    Oh, and By The WAY…
    The Langerin proteins trap HIV and other viruses, sending these neutralized, inert cluster of organic garbage to the Lymph System, true, but that system gets rids of garbage for the body.

    Who’s your science editor? You say you used the 2000 lab data on Langerin. the preliminary follow-up to Dr Taylor’s two studies. Check out the 2007 report for a better look…

    If you’d read what keratin does… A thicker keratin layer also desensitises calloused parts of the body… you want people to buy getting a protein-calloused-phallus? No-body wants there to be a thicker keratin layer between them and their beloved, when they have one.

    • First of all, this isn’t my article. It’s a series of excerpts from an article followed by a link to it, for those who read.

      Second of all, spare the condescending tone and just share your information. That’s what this blog is about, for those who read.

      Your lack of self-esteem, your need for approval, and your pretend superiority are all out of place here. Differing views are always welcome and I do post different sides of various topics. If you provide a link, I’ll be happy to post it.

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