10 Fearless Black Female Warriors Throughout History

What you do for yourself, what you do to yourself and what you allow other people to do to you is based upon what you think about yourself. If the majority of the history we know about African people deals with us being Slaves, we will mistakenly think that anything we do after Slavery is somehow progress and it’s not. – Michael Imhotep

Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa, Asante (“Ghana”), ~1840-1921

Ahosi a/k/a Mino (Dahomey Amazons), Kingdom of Dahomey (“Benin”), 17th-19th centuries

Queen Nanny, Jamaica (b. Ghana), 1685-1755

Araminta Harriet Ross, a/k/a Harriet Tubman, USA, 1820-1913

Assatu Olugbala Shakur, USA, 1947-

Amanirena, Meroe/Kush, ??- 10 B.C.

Carlota Lukumi, Cuba (b. Yorubaland), ??-1844

Queen Nzinga Mbande, Ndongo & Matama Kingdoms (“Angola”), 1583-1663

Nyabingi Priestesses Muhumusa (??-1945) & Kaigirwa (??-??), Rwanda & Uganda

Tarenorerer, a/k/a Walyer, Tasmania, 1800-1831



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