Your God is Black: 5 Gods Whitewashed in Recent History

Whether Hindu, Christian or Buddhist, Krishna, Mary or Lord Buddha, your god and savior, originally, was Black.  (Sorry, Megyn!)

1.  Krishna (Hinduism, Vedic Religions)

The Brahma Samhita is a Sanskrit Pancaratra text composed of verses of prayer spoken by Brahma glorifying the supreme Lord Krishna or Govinda at the beginning of creation.

The lyrics, chapter 5 verse 38 reads: “I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who plays on His transcendental flute. His eyes are like lotus flowers, He is decorated with peacock plumes, and His bodily color resembles the color of a fresh black cloud, although His bodily features are more beautiful than millions of Cupids.”

Chapter 6, verses 1-2 reads: “The Lord was dressed in yellow garments and had a blackish complexion.”

The Sanskrit word “Krishna” has the literal meaning “black,”  ”dark” or  ”dark-blue.” Krishna is also called “Śyāma,” the blackish one, or the beautiful dark boy with a blackish color.

Click HERE to read more about the Buddha, Imhotep, Mary (the Madonna), and Horus.




3 thoughts on “Your God is Black: 5 Gods Whitewashed in Recent History

  1. According to hindu texts , krishna means attractive but it also means black, vishnu is originally “shyam” or “evening” colour, but it does not mean that god is black ,in hindu texts people of different colours are described but in actual it does not matters what colour of god is, because indians have so many shades , white-pale-wheat-brown and black all shades are found in India, the naga (or serpent tribe ) are pale, the shaka (people of Buddha )were wheatish, mid India tribes are black , south indian people are brown, north indians are wheatish and white.
    Shiva is white vishnu is shayam ,brahma is pale, durga is white and her incarnation kali is black, it means that for backward people the colour of skin matters ,for developed people skin colour doesn’t matters

    • If it doesn’t matter why did the color change. I mean if it truly doesn’t matter why change it and then defend the change with it doesn’t matter. Lol

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