Irish Leprechauns Were Originally Black?

“…Candid authorities like the British Egyptologists Gerald Massey and Albert Churchward, the Scottish historian David Mac Ritchie, and the British antiquarian Godfrey Higgins, have done exhaustive research and brought many facts to our knowledge. Tacitus, Pliny, Claudian and other writers have described the Blacks they encountered in the British Isles as “Black as Ethiopians,” “Cum Nigris Gentibus,” “nimble-footed blackamoors,” and so on.

Gerald Massey

From all indications, the ancient dwellers of the British Isles and Ireland, like the Kymry (one of the names given to the earliest inhabitants, from whom the Picts and Scots descended), were Blacks. David Mac Ritchie has provided substantial evidence in his two-volume work, Ancient and Modern Britons that the Picts as well as the ancient Danes were Blacks. The Partholans, Formorians, Nemeds, Firbolgs, Tuatha De Danann, Milesians of Ireland and the Picts of Northern Scotland were all Blacks.

The Firbolgs (believed to be a section of the Nemeds) are believed to be so-called pygmies or the Twa. They are the dwarfs, dark elves or leprechauns in Irish History. The British Egyptologist Albert Churchward is convinced that the Tuatha-de-Danann, who came to Ireland, were of the same race and spoke the same language as the Fir-Bogs and the Formorians…” (

According to legend, St. Patrick was well known for “chasing the serpents out of Ireland”. Now on the outside they make it sound like some miracle that he saved the people from deadly serpents. There is in fact no evidence that real serpents ever existed in Ireland. But if you understand that the “serpents” they are speaking of are really a symbol for something else, this particular plot point in the story becomes a lot more interesting. As will be demonstrated below the “serpents” of the story are an allusion to the people of African descent (the Twa) who lived in Ireland.

Its important to note, that in addition to Twa, some of the names for our people include; Naga, Nagar and Negus, which means loosely “serpent people” or “people of the serpent”. The name is also synonymous with Pharaohs and Kings. In many African cultures the serpent is not a symbol of evil but one of eternal life, regeneration, power, protection and wisdom.

Chasing the serpents out of Ireland is a metaphor for genocide.

So what St. Patrick is really famous for, is waging a genocidal war against the indigenous people of Ireland who had migrated there many thousands of years before the Caucasians and before Christianity, who where African (and coincidentally, thought to be Pagan). (



book_1Excerpt from page 19:

Speculation has run somewhat wild over the question of the composition of the Early Britons. But out of the clash of rival theories there emerges one–and one only–which may be considered as scientifically established. We have certain proof of two distinct human stocks in the British Islands at the time of the Roman Conquest; and so great an authority as Professor Huxley has given his opinion that there is no evidence of any others. [Thomas Henry Huxley (1825 – 1895) 19:1 Huxley: On Some Fixed Points in British Ethnology. 1871].

The earliest of these two races would seem to have inhabited our islands from the most ancient times, and may, for our purpose, be described as aboriginal. It was the people that built the “long barrows”; and which is variously called by ethnologists the Iberian, Mediterranean, Berber, Basque, Silurian, or Euskarian race. In physique it was short, swarthy, dark-haired, dark-eyed, and long-skulled; its language belonged to the class called “Hamitic”, the surviving types of which are found among the Gallas, Abyssinians, Berbers, and other North African tribes; and it seems to have come originally from some part either of Eastern, Northern, or Central Africa. Spreading thence, it was probably the first people to inhabit the Valley of the Nile, and it sent offshoots into Syria and Asia Minor. The earliest Hellenes found it in Greece under the name of “Pelasgoi”; the earliest Latins in Italy, as the “Etruscans”; and the Hebrews in Palestine, as the “Hittites”. It spread northward through Europe as far as the Baltic, and westward, along the Atlas chain, to Spain, France, and our own islands. 1 In many countries it reached a comparatively high level of civilization, but in Britain its development must have been early checked. We can discern it as an agricultural rather than a pastoral people, still in the Stone Age, dwelling in totemistic tribes on hills whose summits it fortified elaborately, and whose slopes it cultivated on what is called the “terrace system”, and having a primitive culture which ethnologists think to have much resembled that of the present hill-tribes of Southern India. 2 It held our islands till the coming of the Celts, who fought with the aborigines, dispossessed them of the more fertile parts, subjugated them, even amalgamated with them, but certainly never extirpated them. In the time of the Romans they were still practically independent in South Wales. In Ireland they were long unconquered, and are found as allies rather than serfs of the Gaels, ruling their own provinces, and preserving their own customs and religion. Nor, in spite of all the successive invasions of Great Britain and Ireland.

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    • The “St Patrick” did good and bad and worse things;
      1. He killed black people without a judge or jury.
      2. He did not tell the whole truth. (the good and the bad)
      3. Nagas are legendary in India and Asia as half snake and half human. (google (Los Angeles Times, January 29, 1934)
      Nagas also inhabited the great metropolitan centers of Mohenjo-Daro and Harrappa in the Indus River Valley.
      NADA (The high king of ancient Ireland was known as Nuada or Nada or Nuah. The name is a variation of Naddred, meaning “wise serpent,” and is probably also akin to Naga which can be rendered Nasha, hence “nation.” The word naga denotes the serpent-kings of India. Nuada’s Babylonian counterpart is Nata, who, like the Irish Nada, was a survivor of the great prehistoric flood.)
      GNADIR/ADDER (This word comes from the Gaelic Naddred, meaning serpent and from Gnadr, meaning “serpent priest.

      Therefore, as people of Ashanti, Ibo, Nubian, Dravidian, Ethiopean, we need to learn that all “Black People are not all good and not all bad. It all depends on if you know the bible to be true or you think we should pray to the dead. I know the Bible to be true! I do not pray to the dead or worship animals, snakes, demons, nephilims or the like!

      • Nuada does not mean Nada, or Naddred, which is not an Irish Gaelic word at all, and neither is Gnadr/Gnadir. Also there were no “black” people in Ireland, and if you know Irish Gaelic at all description of people is based upon on their demeanor.

        • Well I hear what you’re saying about Saint Patrick and these peoples called tea I need more references then pictures..To actually back up the claim that is stated…I am of the brown race people and I’m not black a name out upon us by the caucazoids..I suggest taking a gander or absorb Nature Knows no color line by J.A Rodgers.Lots of resources there and also from Babylon to Timbuktu the list goes on before you dissect something it should be tediously tea search forward and backward and vice versa because I believed the same thing and I was a witness and account for stories and writing of the real history….

        • Quite the contrary they actually call the Irish in Europe (the n/ggers) of Europe now why would white people for god sake call each other that ?Why could that be?You should read Nature knows No color line by j.a. Rodgers quite contrary to what you are saying and also do some research you check before you dissect…

          • The reference that us Irish are the blacks of Europe comes from the 80s film “the Commitments” with no historical or archaeological material to back it up. The description of people in Ireland has historically to do with their demeanour and behaviour, and not physical characteristics, unless both are deemed connected. In Irish Gaelic the description of someone or something in terms of colour is very well differentiated, such as the colour red. In Irish Red is “Dearg” however the word to describe red hair is “Rua” so the Irish chieftan Red Hugh O’Donnell was called Aodh Ruadh O’Domhnaill., this then refers that he had red hair. In the descriptions of the Fir Bholg/Fir Dommnu/Formorii they are the “people of the dark/night” – “Corca-Duibhne” they are not described as “Corca-Dubh” – “people of the black”

          • They called them the that because the Irish were the most downtrodden, disadvantaged, poor of Europe and they travelled to work the filthiest jobs that no one else would do……the poor class similar to the “cast’ system in India………nothing with their colour !!!

        • You should not speak off of emotions. The evidence CLEARLY describe(show and tell) the original, 1st inhabitants of Ireland were “black.”

          • No they were not., The original inhabitants of Ireland were Caucasians originating from the middle east, and migrating westward. The archaeological evidence (Cashel bog body etc.,) with various tumuli, supported by genetic DNA testing, and language and linguistics. Suffice it to say there is no linguistic link between Irish Gaelic and Sub-Saharan Bantu.

            • There are no studies or research that declares the original inhabitants “Caucasian” by the way. Genetics doesn’t declare race because it isn’t so definable (or interesting) genetically, because what genetics actually reveal is that race is a construct.
              Middle Eastern people are not Caucasian btw.
              Also there are plenty genetic links to Northern Spain and also North Africa, two regions also not really Caucasian.
              Moreover, they didn’t do DNA testing on the bog bodies because the big destroys the DNA.
              You’re clearly misinformed.

      • In Samoan, “nata” pronounced “gnata” means snake. “Tanata” means people. I guess, people of the snake…



        “I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and create EVIL.
        I the LORD do all these things.” – Isaiah 45.7.

        All cultures have anthropomorphized their gods into humanoid (if sometimes grotesque) form. Were the Jews the exception? Hardly. We know precisely what the Hebrew god looked like. We are, after all, fashioned in his own likeness! “Yahweh”, in fact, is an abbreviation of the longer name, “Yahweh Sabaoth.” It means, “He who musters armies.” Thus Yahweh’s name identifies the god primarily as the military leader of the tribe. No wonder the God bequeathed to the world by the Jews turned out to be a monster.


        “The Lord is a man of war; Yahweh is his name.” – Exodus 15.3.

        Yahweh was a man, no doubt looking remarkably like the bearded sage asking us to worship him.

        If we believe the Bible, he has body parts: eyes and a face (‘they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes’ – Jeremiah 16.17); nose and a mouth (Psalms 18.8); lips, tongue and breath (Isaiah 30.27,33); loins (Ezekiel 1.27); even ‘back parts’ (Exodus 33.23). He also has several ‘human’ emotions, manly appetites, and a worrying disposition towards pathological violence.

        Yahweh feels regret for his own evil (‘And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them; and he did it not.’ – Jonah 3.10); and grief (at the wickedness of men) (‘and it grieved him at his heart’ – (Genesis 6.6). He actually gets down and wrestles with Jacob, dislocating his thigh (Genesis 32.24). He forgets (he goes on calling Jacob ‘Jacob’ even after re-naming him ‘Israel’ – Genesis 35.10, 46.2). He practises favouritism (choosing the Israelites ‘above all people’ – Exodus 19.5; but he just does not like Cain or Esau!). He holds grudges (‘I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation’ – Exodus 20.5).

        For an omniscient god he is surprisingly unknowing (‘They have set up kings, but not by me; they have made princes, and I knew it not.’ – Hosea 8.4). And for an omnipotent god he has his limitations (‘The Lord was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley because they had chariots of iron.’ – Judges 1.19).

        And after his creation of the world, he even has to rest from his labour (‘And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work’ – Genesis 2.2) – to the endless bemusement of pagan critics, whose own gods didn’t need to rest!


        The most disturbing aspect of Yahweh’s humanoid personality, however, is his blood-lust. The smell of burning flesh is a ‘sweet savour unto the lord’ – so sweet, in fact, that the phrase appears in the Old Testament no fewer than twenty-three times. The butchery demanded by god is truly monumental. Believers are required to sacrifice two lambs day-by-day continuously – and that’s just for starters! Just as well Yahweh had several thousand priests to help him trough through the banquet!

        Livestock bears the brunt of god’s appetite but humans could so easily get the chop from the big guy. God kills Uzzah for simply steadying the tumbling Ark (1Chronicles 13.9,10). Poor Onan was zapped for using the withdrawal method of birth control (Genesis 38.10). But such isolated vindictiveness palls in comparison with the mass killings of the Lord. When the autocratic Moses faces a rebellion led by Korah, God uses an earthquake and fire to consume two hundred and fifty rebels. When indignant sympathizers protest at the injustice, God wipes out another fourteen thousand seven hundred with a plague (Numbers 16). What a guy!

  1. Totally incorrect, poor research and ignorance of Irish history and archaeology, especially where genetic testing runs contrary to this nonsense

    • what studies do you have to support your ideas, everything about your religion comes from the Twa people. Your god says he created everything but Satan rules this world but he too was created by God. Your religion has only been around no more than 8000 years old.

      • There are various studies and research, including my own. I am field historian in the west of Ireland and with the National Museum of Ireland. Nothing at all here to support this particular hypothesis

      • what religion? If you’re talking about Christianity, Twa people have nothing to do with those origins or traditions.

    • It’s called Anachronism. You need to REALLY study outside of what you’ve been taught. Altering history is not a permanent act. The truth, It’ll always shine through. Example: The Dark Ages of Europe. Guess who civilized and enriched their culture? Moors/Berbers/Africans/Blacks.
      It’s the hurtful truth because we’ve lied to for sooo long.

      • Archaeological and geological research with historical and genealogical records., this particular hypothesis carries no weight at all

      • you are correct ,those in power get to rewrite history, nothing new here ,its been done since the dawn of man started ,beast like Empires.

      • civilized it and enriched it with what exactly? inventions, ideas, goods, etc. were borrowed and adopted from many different cultures. No one is denying the contributions of Moors/Berbers/Africans/Blacks. Dark Ages had nothing to do with this anyway as Twa people were never in Ireland to begin with, as the historian said. He’s the historian, not you, so I’m not sure why you think you’re seriously going to teach him something.

  2. So many haters search it up through wiki. Wikipedia don’t lie. Js. So for all u talking shit go fuck urself.. Read a book.

  3. Now people have to be haters because Europeans can’t handle the truth..
    How is giving information anyone can read on an hater move? So education is hater shit ? I guess since Afrikaans in diaspora was killed for reading..

    • Did you since Europeans claims they are the originator of all inventions and empires from Sumeria to Egypt and Timbuktu and now their is in America the Cherokee nation made up of white Europeans albinos people claiming to be Natives.pretty soon people of color will forget and think this people are the real deal. how is that for Irony.

  4. You know there’s never been any snakes in Ireland because no fossils have been found, so are there any fossils or proof of these Twa African Little People found on the green Isle?

    • No fossils, remains, art, tools, weapons, boats, housing, etc., of anything relating to the Twa.,

        • They cannot handle the truth ,they talk about how the viking Albinos were the only savage explorers to discover America. anything else does not count. when you go to the museums in Europe you will find that many of their history and statues were fabricated in the 1800.

          • I don’t think Albino means what you think it means. You also seem a little mental. That and also you claim the Twa were exterminated by King Leopold; if that’s the case then St. patrick had nothing to do with that as he lived centuries prior. Also, even if they were exterminated, why are there still Twa people’s left, and there would be substantial evidence that Twa’s were in ireland to begin with. Some type of fossil or something with carbon dating would have been left behind.

        • They were exterminated like the Congolese by king Leopold of Belgium the native Americans by the euro-Americans, blacks been lynch,rape and hung like animals and the Tasmanian aborigines whom are extinct as a people. and them the Iraqi people 500,000 thousand children and many now are been born deformed every year.

  5. Citations please. I would like to read more. Please be to reputable sources such as .edu or .org, thank you.

  6. Actually this whole Twa notion is entirely false. I am presently a field historian working in the west of Ireland and I do field trips to explore the geology and archaeology of Ireland, and combined with history, genealogy, myths and legends, I have found absoabsolutely nothing to support this Twa hypothesis.

    • 12 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
      5Ancient and Modern Britons: Volume 1
      By Walter S. Dyer
      I was loaned this book by a friend who is one of the very few black farmers in the state of Maryland. The tome was poorly made and started to come apart while i was reading it. That is a judgment only on the manufacture of the book though. The contents were terrific. I was very nearly astounded with the amount of information that I hadn’t received from my excellent (in comparison to today’s excuse for education) 1963 to 1975 Indiana and Alabama public schools education.

      Over and over I was amazed by the wealth of research done by Mr. MacRitchie. I read it cover to cover and was continually surprised at the sheer magnitude of the size of the cover up of black influence. As stated by other reviewers, the usefulness of language and names to uncover the breadcrumbs of unsung history was delightful to experience. I am not now nor have I ever been a great lover of history, however this book brought a level of understanding to me that heretofore I hadn’t achieved. I will end up purchasing the book for myself and probably its volume 2 as well, which I haven’t read.

      Reading this as an American, the only thing that really made me sad was thinking about all those lives wasted during the times of slavery, the loss of familial ties and the supporting histories, which when known, strengthen a man. Without them we are diminished. It is one thing to know about Hannibal and the code of Hammurabi. However to understand that ours were people of influence throughout the world is knowledge that strengthens the heart. This book, even with its 1884 pedigree and language difficulties, strengthens my soul.

      My earnest thanks go out to the MacRitchie family and whoever took the time and money to keep it in print. There may be better books out there but the amount of data in this history is pretty overwhelming and certainly worthy of reading for digestion.

      See all 15 customer reviews…

      • MacRitchie erroneously mistranslated Irish Gaelic and confused Duibhne with Dubh, and as with other Gaelic words translated into English spelt differently to the pronounciation, one prime example is “Whiskey” which comes from the Irish Gaelic “Uisce Beatha” – in terms of the description of the ancient people the Fir Bholgs the Tuatha Dè Danaan referred to them as “Corca-Duibhne” and not “Corca-Dubh”
        Let me know if you want to learn more about the Irish Language

  7. The Fir Bholgs described themselves as originally coming from Thrace, Northern Greece, and are akin to the Tuatha De Danaan. The Fir Bholg champion Sreng is described as tall, broad shouldered and upon meeting Bres of the Tuatha De Danaan remarked that they shared the same language and customs.

      • No it doesnt., you are referring to a tenuous link between the Spartans and Hebrews during the Persian wars, whereby your timeline is way off. Plus your conjecture that Hebrew Israelites were negroes is not supported by archaeological evidence. Please provide the exact chapter in the King James bible that states the the Hebrew Israelites were negroes

        • “Plus your conjecture that Hebrew Israelites were negroes is not supported by archaeological evidence.”

          There is ample archaeological and genetic evidence, in fact:

          Image of Israelites from the time of the Assyrian Empire

          Semitic Genetic Marker: The Cohen Haplotype-

          Discovered in 1997 by Jewish scientists, this paternal genetic marker (it is found on the Y-chromosome) has a high frequency among the Jewish (Askenazi and Sephardic) priesthood (Cohanim) and is thought to be a signature of ancient Hebrew ancestry. The haplotype (CMH) is indeed part of a haplogroup (Hg J) that originated in Black Arabia or Afrabia ca 30 kya (thousand years ago) and in high frequencies is believed to indicate “Semitism.”

          Image of Israelites from the time of the Assyrian Empire

          There was a further “discovery” that the “purest” surviving remnant of the Children of Israel identified by CMH tests is the tribe of Black Jews in India, the Bene Israel and the Black Jews of Cochin, who show a genetic affinity not only to Ethiopians and Yemenis, but also to the tribe of Black Jews in South Africa, the Lemba, whose relation to the ancient Hebrews has also been confirmed by the presence of high frequencies of the CMH. (Muhammad 2010)

          Bene Israel (India)

          Ethiopian Jews

          Yemeni Jews

          Lemba Jews (southern Africa)

          “Almut Nebel et al, “The Y Chromosome Pool of Jews as Part of the Genetic Landscape of the Middle East,”American Journal of Human Genetics 69 (2001): 1095-1112: “In comparison with data available from other relevant populations in the region, Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Cresent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors (1095)”; Gil Atzmon et al, “Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era: Major Jewish Diaspora Populations Comprise Distinct Genetic Clusters with Shared Middle Eastern Ancestry,” American Journal of Human Genetics 86 (2010): 850-859: “genetic proximity of these European/Syrian Jewish populations, including Ashkenazi Jews, to each other and to French, North Italian and Sardinian populations favors the idea of non-Semitic Mediterranean ancestry in the formation of the European/Syrian Jewish groups (857)”; Almut Nebel et al, “Y chromosome evidence for a founder effect in Ashkenazi Jews,” European Journal of Human Genetics 13 (2005): 388-391; The CMH clad belongs to the J haplogroup. J has two major derivative subclads associated with it: J1 and J2. The CMH belongs to JI, which originated in Black Arabia and signals African Semitic ancestry. J2, on the other hand, which is found among Ashkenazis at a frequency twice that of JI, has a characteristically non-Semitic European distribution and is believed to have originated from a mutation that occurred in the Aegean area! F. Di Giacomo et al, “Y chromosomal haplogroup J as signature of the post-neolithic colonization of Europe,” Human Genetics 115 (2004): 357-371; Levy-Coffman, “Mosaic of People,” 16, 24-26: “Because Jewish populations possess approximately twice as much J2 as they do J1, their ancestry more closely matches that of Turkish and Transcaucasian populations.”

          • Sorry but you are all over the place here. The Ethiopian Jews is a diaspora going “from” the ancient levant into the horn of Africa and not the other way round. You are desperately trying to get the cart before the horse. The same applies to the Yemeni Jewry. The “Spartan” connection is tenuous at best as it was deemed that the letters exchanged was a diplomatic request and not an actual kinship.
            and, none of this is relevant to Ireland and us Irish

          • You are using present day pictures of people and erroneously projecting them back to ancient times, which exceptionally poor methodology in any academic sense. That’s a lot worse than the depiction of Norsemen with horns on their helmets when they went out viking.
            Your assertions about the genetic halotyping again is way off in terms of the timeline, as you seem to believe that the migration of people from 40,000 years ago, 12,500 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 3000 years ago and 2000 years ago all happened at the same time, with only one group of people.

            • If you had read, you would have read that the Lemba, Yemeni, Cochin and Ethiopian Jews OF TODAY show the strongest incidence of the Cohen Haplotype, which Ashkenzi geneticists, before knowing its implications, identified as the marker of Semitism. The pictures are an illustration of those named groups.
              YOU projected them back to ancient times, not me. If you want to talk about methodology, whose methodology is worse than the dilettante who doesn’t bother to read?

              Ready, Fire! Aim…

              • You have the migratory direction going the wrong way, plus you have confused aschenazi jews with the sephardic jews. So your baseless assumptions of the origins of us Irish is founded upon haphazard jumble of theories of different timeframes superimposed upon different tribal groups.
                its you who needs to read up., the National Museum of Ireland hasan excellent archive, with the recent archaeology and scientific findings

              • Who cares, jews aren’t Celts nor Irish by blood generally speaking and they’re supposed to be a called out race unto themselves separate from the nations.

                • That is correct, however in the past (1898- 1901) The British Israelite society believed erroneously that the Tuatha De Danann were the Tribe of Dan, and that the Ark of the Covenant was buried in the Hill of Tara..throughout the medieval times there were strenuous efforts by monks to link celtic mythology to the bible

                  • I admire your defense of the Irish, Malseed, but that myth about the ‘bags and the boats’, is pseudo-history passed down from generation to generation for about a thousand years based on early medieval -monkish lebor Gabhala faery tales trying to ‘graft’ in the prehistoric Celtic tribes to the noachic flood story; the clans of the Red Hand descend from La Braid, son of Bolg, divine ancestor of all Celts, not Noah. The term Bolg is actually derived from the original Celtic tongue, not Old Irish, and pertains to the Storm God Whose Strength Makes Dead. These tribed described by the Romans as Belgae, territory north of the Gaul but who maintained subtribes in Erin since the Megalithic Age of Standing Stones and later described by Ptolemy II as the Iverni, which name gave rise to the Roman, Latin, term Iverni. The life-force is in the blood, not the deoxyribonucleic acid, and clan bloodlines are determined by the blood.


            you mention a specific genetic marker above, however there is a specific Irish genetic marker that is present only in 1 in 12 Irishmen, and 1 in 5 from Northern Ireland (Donegal). The genetic marker is that from the High King of Ireland Niall Noìgìallach.
            According to your hypothesis this particular genetic marker should be present throughout the Twa populations in Africa, however it is not.
            It is by perchance that my own ancestors came from Donegal, and that genetic marker is indeed present in my family. Genetic testing show that my ancestors were mainly pre-celtic people that settled in Donegal and originated from Scythia. The family name is speculated to come from the Fir na Mhaol Sìdh – men of the bald hill…possibly the Grianan of Aileach area.

              • Actually Malseed is the anglicanised version of the name., with other different variations., Celts (Keltoi) aren’t Greek (Helenics etc.,) but migrated around southern Europe, Middle East and the Mediterranean during the Bronze Age

          • DNA doesn’t determine the characteristics of an organism, only stores the information of the genetic code like a blueprint; the life-force is in the blood, what bloodline are you talking about?

              • I admire your defense of the Irish, Malseed, but that myth of the ‘bags and the boats’, is pseudo-history passed down for generations for about a thousand years based on early medieval -monkish lebor gabala faery tales trying to ‘graft’ the prehistoric Celtic tribes into the noahic flood story; the clans of the Red Hand descend from La Braid, son of Bolg, divine ancestor of all Celts. The term Bolg is not derived from the Irish but the original Celtic tongue, Bolgi, pertaining to the Storm God Whose Strength Makes Dead. These tribes described by the Romans as Belgae, their territory north of Gaul but who had maintained subtribes in Erin since the Megalithic Age of Standing Stones and later called Iverni by Ptolemy II which gave rise to the Roman, Latin, term Hibernia. The life-force is in the blood, not the deoxyribonucleic acid, and clan bloodlines are determined by the blood.


                • of course the mythology of Fir Bholg, Fir Dhomhnann and the Fir Gailoin were all fictional with the Fir Bholg myth being that they are escaped slaves from Thrace. That was intended to base the ancient Irish Celts en par with the Greek and Romans, and not with the Brythons (Britons/Belgae) This is better explained in Geddes & Grosset “Celtic Mythology” the differences between the “Gaels and the Brythons.
                  Also to the fact that the medieval Irish monks sought to embellish Irish mythology with early Judaic and Christian motifs and as distinct from Brythonic, Nordic and Anglo-Saxon mythology/ christian theology. The six invasions of Ireland by the ancients was merely to tie the believed six ages of the earth, such as the coming of Cessair (Noah’s Granddaughter) which she is supposed to arrive at Knockma, County Galway – which is associated with the first battle of Maigh Tuired, and again not far from the village of Cong is the Partry Mountains, named after the Partraige Tribe (Partheon)
                  What seems to be apparent is that there was one major conflict, which has been embellished and recounted a few times over and given a “Greek/Roman” vent – i.e. Sreng and his 300 surviving Fir Bholg.

    • Where did the Fir Bolg describe themselves as such, my friend, they left no written record about anything; only the armorial science of symbolism and clan traditions;

      • They are described as, and didnt describe themselves., the Greeks and Romans gave certain descriptions of people., however Ireland was never invaded and colonised by the Romans so such descriptions are not fully accurate. The findings and genetic DNA testing on bog bodies however do provide ample evidence. The Cashel Man being a prime example

        • We don’t base our knowledge of who we are on Greek or Latin pseudo-histories but on the ancient scince of armorial symbolism of arms achievements, clan traditions, and the proto-celtic tribes predate greece or Romulus and Remus by thousands of years.

  8. I do guided heritage tours with geology, history, mythology and legends here in west of Ireland, in county Mayo, from the Tourist in Tourmakeady to Cong, taking in the sites and places as mentioned in the myths and legends

    • Robert Malseed where is a good place to start for genealogy? My grandfather came from Ireland at age 13, unfortunately he died when I was 3 so much of my families history is gone. I do know I have cousins still living over there but lost touch many years ago

      • You can do google search with the family name, and there are various websites available such as “” and a few ancestry sites, the National Archives have the 1901 and 1911 National Census on line, however you need to know his full name, approximate age, and where he came from. The Parish records of births, marriages and deaths are also now available to many parishes, our project here included inputting births, deaths, and marriages in this part of Mayo, which was extremely difficult as most of the records were written in As Gaeilge and in cursive…
        Let me know if you want help in your search

  9. I will also be setting up virtual tours that will cover the Connemara mountains, the heritage sites, the mythological places and ancient sites…I also post pictures and information on Facebook..

    • Robert Malseed, unless you claim that David McRitchie and Sir Godfrey Higgins are less capable at research than yourself, you have to acknowledge that your works may be incomplete and therefore not inclusive of the whole history of these areas and peoples.

      • My research includes archaeology, genealog , history and geology and I am based in Tourmakeady, County Mayo. Myself and my colleagues do extensive field research throughout Connemara and I have recently discovered an ancient mteorite impact crater site with Iron Pyrite burn layer. I work with the National Museum of Country Life in Turlough, County Mayo, and the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin. I also work with archaeologists and historians throughout Ireland, and there is absolutely not one shred of evidence been found to support this hypothesis

      • However, there are other expert archaeologists and historians that specialise in the same field as myself, Robert Chapple, Mick Dunn, Steve Dunford, Rosa Meehan, Nessa O’Connor, Tim Foley, Tiomòid O’Foghlù, and many others
        then with the National History Museum of Country Life, and the National History Museum in Dublin, and Dublin City University Folklore Collection.

  10. For me this is easy to believe, he gave you the name of scholars and historians, people who has eye witnessed an ancient race of black people in Europe, also its not hard to believe because its pretty much a fact that blacks were the first any and everywhere you go, why when people reveal truth pertaining to black people they’re considered an afro centric??..ridiculous that intelligent people can’t accept truth it puzzles me..

    • I can provide names of scholars who believe in creationism and that the world is 6000 years old., you may believe in something then thats up to you, however archaeological, geological and historical material, research and findings are not reliant to your belief system

      • Conidering also that the Irish Bog Bodies, with archaeological research and genetic research has pretty much mapped out the level of progression in Irish history, it is yourself that wont accept factual information.

  11. I had the fortune of studying with Dr. Ivan van Sertima when I was in college. He taught us to provide archaeological and historical facts to back up what we say so that nobody could refute our truths. Dr. van Sertima would not have allowed this kind of “research” in class because it provides no real research and can be easily debunked by knowledgeable scholars. Our history is rich enough without having to make up nonsense.

      • That’s not support at all, if you produced first hand original archaeological research material from Ireland, with peer-reviewed scientifically researched evidence then your claims would have some credence. Instead you just have debunked, nonsense made up by some brits with absolutely no evidence to back their claims. As I have mentioned previously, and you ignored, is the difference in AS Gaeliege with “corca-dubhne” as to “corca-dubh” – people who do not understand and have little knowledge of Irish language do not understand this difference. In regards to “little people” “dwarves” “pygmies” etc., this was a common theme in British Imperial history to denigrate particular enemies, the Irish notwithstanding. Napoleon is often cast in movies, films, books and media as being small and afflicted with the “little man syndrome” – however he was 5’7″ which was average height, and not particularly small.
        The perception of diminutive fairies and leprechauns are of British origin, in that the English translation of the Tuatha Dè Danaan which Fir Sìdhe, meaning “men of the hills” was translated into “fairies” – Leprechauns descending from the Tuatha Dè Danaan God/King Lugh Chromain are demoted into the British diminutive brownies, but wearing clothing of the Irish 18th Century middle and artisan class.

  12. You are such a racist..evil truth just not in you,,I am truly studying white folks and am to the conclusion that the walls of kemet.say you whites are a lab experiment from caves in Russia mountains,,,not from you lack certain human traits..honor integrity..honesty,,empathy..not including the physical things..that’s your origin,,dwell on that tour guide

    • You don’t look to ‘black’ to me, my friend, you look like you got a lot of ‘white’ in you; i’ve had wives that were at least ten shades darker than you, even in the dark; what’s all this ‘black power’, what are you suffering from an inferiority complex; nit all ‘whites’ are of the same tribe, or the same blood; neither are all ‘blacks.’

  13. How exactly am I a racist Nelson?…I participate in archaeological surveys and digs, do geological field research, historical and genealogical research and give talks on Irish mythology and legends. Because, you have a particular belief doesnt negate actual, physical, tangible, archaeological evidence. Considering that all the people on here who whole heartedly believe in hypothesis have never been here speaks volumes.

      • Can you provide actual specific documentary evidence of archaeologist lying and specifically can you provide actual details of myself lying? and please do not try the usual generalised, sweeping unsubstantiated statements as such. I can provide one actual case of where archaeologists were forced by political powers to provide falsified material, and that was by the Nazis in the 1930s. However, since then further scrutiny using scientific methodology and peer reviewed research means that the field of archaeology is far more structured and academically specific. In regards to History, Archaeologists do not make up history as they go, and in this you are showing very little understanding of archaeology. The role of an Archaeologist is to analyse sites and material and follow the evidence, the archaeologist must never once lead or direct the evidence, nor can infer any preconceived ideas on the findings. The research I am undertaking on the various mounds recently discovered here in county Mayo, we practice extreme caution and approach the research with detachment, with blank slate expectations, and go whether the evidence leads. From the Historical/Archaeological perspective, these mounds are unspecified, undated, man-made structures., and the research scientific methodology we employ is that we analyse what is physically present, and exhaust every possible avenue explanation, which has so far has led to the present theoretical model of a tribal habitation from stone age to bronze age (circa 4000BC – 2500BC). For example; the various other explanations that have been examined and tested on the sites are as follows: 1. Glacial formations 2. field boundaries 3. clearance cairns/mounds 4. 19th – 20th century follies 5. medieval pillow / warren mounds 6. natural outcrops of rock 7. stone age – bronze age and iron age mounds
        We use various methods to research the mounds and all efforts are made not to destroy by digging the mounds such as: 1. Surveying and mapping the mounds and surrounding area 2. analysing flora and fauna in and around the area 3. surveying and mapping geological formations and structures 4. Soil sampling and analysis from chemical composition to Munsell 5. GPR, LIDAR and Magnetometry
        And, if we have to dig, there are strict guidelines that have to be followed such as the Harris Matrix, stratification, phase and phasing., placing all material, soil to artefacts in the right context and recorded appropriately. Then after all that is the site recovery and the subsequent analysis of any material found, with a report written which is then peer reviewed. So you should appreciate that archaeological and historical research takes a very long time.

  14. Well I hear what you’re saying about Saint Patrick and these peoples called tea I need more references then pictures..To actually back up the claim that is stated…I am of the brown race people and I’m not black a name out upon us by the caucazoids..I suggest taking a gander or absorb Nature Knows no color line by J.A Rodgers.Lots of resources there and also from Babylon to Timbuktu the list goes on before you dissect something it should be tediously tea search forward and backward and vice versa because I believed the same thing and I was a witness and account for stories and writing of the real history….

  15. The depiction of the what is normally considered “Leprechaun” came about in the late 19th century with the style of clothing closely resembling a middle class/artisan/tennant farmer Irishman of the middle to late 18th century., such as buckled hat/beret, waist coat, blouse, breeches, and hobnailed shoes, the diminitive size of the Leprechaun coming from two distinct sources, one from England and the other from Christian monks. The England version is closely related to the English Brownies and the derogative view of the Irish after the 1798 rebellion. The British were well renown for casting their enemies as being small and devious, such as Napoleon being depicted as being very short with a little man syndrome. Napoleon was of normal height however it was the Duke of Wellington’s wife whom referred to Napoleon as being a little man.
    the second source comes from a mistransliteration by monks of an oral story by a bard who spoke about a time when a king was being overbearing bragging about himself. The bard challenge the king to visit the land of giants., however, what is written is “the King of the ‘wee folk'” whereas what was meant was the “king of the undergound folk” – bheith faoi thalamh – to be underground., in Irish Gaelic the “bh” forms a “v” sound and just as Siobhan is pronounced as She-vaughn.,
    Archaeological findings and research in Ireland, on the bog bodies and remains found in cairns etc., indicate normal average height, with some very tall individuals such as the Cashel Man..

  16. Btw Patrick wrote his own Autobiography. All people originate in Africa, everyone of us carries that original genemarker. There is a part of genes from neanderthals which already populated Europe when people started to migrate out of Africa. Is is assumable that eventhough the migration lasted 1000s of years that when they arrived in Ireland that their appearance hadn’t changed yet?proofable by bones found in Ireland and Britain. Interesting is now why they didn’t adapt (and I mean this happens naturally, not necessarily by interbreeding) very amazing! gives people stuff to think about..because at one point in time people in Europe must have been either african or neanderthals. Then adaptation happend and interbreeding.

    • You are referring to a totally different topic which is completely unrelated to the Twa hypothesis. The out of Africa migration theory as with the out of Asian migration theory, have migrating populations from either or both continents, with possible racial characteristics already genetically established. However, the migration period is between 100,000 to 40,000 years ago, since then climatic changes took place, such as subsequent ice ages with the last age ice 15,000 years ago. So the migration theory to this hypothesis does not fit. They are not mutually exclusive. In regards to genetic testing the population of Ireland and with ancient burials and across Europe and Africa the Halogroup which the Irish come from was Eastern European/Middle East, and not Africa. One prime genetic marker which is indeed aparent is the Niall of the Nine Hostages whom was a contemporary of St. Patrick. This is a particular genetic marker which only 1/5th of Irishmen share, and its not present in other populations worldwide. If the Twa were in existence in Ireland, then they would share this same genetic marker, but they do not.

      • In regards to the Neanderthal DNA mixed with Homosapien DNA you are looking at a possible maximum of less than 3%…I do suggest not to confuse different theories…

      • “In regards to genetic testing the population of Ireland and with ancient burials and across Europe and Africa the Halogroup which the Irish come from was Eastern European/Middle East, and not Africa.” Actually, the “Middle East” was a 19th century English colonialist invention. Prior to that time, all of those aforementioned regions were generally considered to be regions of Africa. Please see this map.

        • That’s spreading it a bit thin, such as approximately 10% of Irish people are red heads with 40% non-redheads carrying the genes for red hair, then assuming all Irish have red hair. According to Irish mythology the Fir Bholg were the olive skinned, brown eyed, and dark, curly haired, whereas the Tuatha De Danaan were tall, blond/red hair, and blue/grey eyed. Whether this is appears in the archaeological record is what we are looking at. The Cashel Man Bog Body is a prime example. The project I am on includes place names origins with historical and archaeological findings

          • I’m finding this all informative and interesting. I’m of mainly Irish descent and live in Australia (courtesy of British imperialism and colonialism). My family had some funny theories about why Irish had such different appearances. The link with European countries with shared antipathy toward the Irish is obvious. I know a Spanish/French woman. She has jet black hair and dark eyes. She’s almost Asian looking in appearance. She thinks it comes from the Moorish influence on Spain. Someone else I know had a weird theory that there was a close relationship between Iberians and Irish and that explained the “dark Irish” (no evidence to back up his theory of course but the Iberians were accomplished sailors and explorers). And it’s not hard to see how seafaring traders or explorers as well as military might have mingled blood all the way from Africa to Ireland. There’s around 800 years of mutual animosity toward Britain for that to happen. That link between Africa and Ireland looks pretty interesting in that light. Another interesting revelation is the recent discovery that red hair is genetically linked to Neanderthals. It might sound a bit dubious but I always assumed that any residual Neanderthal DNA would be along the lines of ‘dark complexion, hirsute and heavy set’. Well, it seemed an obvious conclusion to draw to me at least! I’m sort of fair and my beard has always had a bit of ginger. I though it was traces of Viking but never would have dreamed it was also connected to Neanderthals. Anyway, I’m enjoying reading the exchange.

            • The timeline in all of this has bern badly compressed and is indeed very poor in academic terms, as well as conflating ancient pre-celtic mythology with medieval and modern (18th century to present ) mythology. The Fir Bholgs, Tuatha De Danann, Formorii, Milesians etc., are all mythological., whether they are based on actual historical events are up to conjectue. However “Leprechauns” and “the wee people” etc., are of modern era mythology (hence the depiction of clothing and shoe making). The Neolithic tribes, bronze age celts and iron age celts appear to have sailed from the Ibernian penisular and not via Britain, hence the difference between Gaels (Goidelic) and Britons (Brythonic). Recent archaeological discoveries and DNA testing on skeletal remains are consistent with the movement of people from eastern europe/middle east, along the Mediterranean into Ibernia and then into Ireland/Scotland. The Brythonic migration diverged through France and into Britain. This is noticeable in certain genetic markers and more tellingly in the difference between the Gaelic spoken. The “racial characteristics” as advanced by this site, are erroneous in that they are too are of modern notions that are projected backwards, and are inconsistent with the archaeological and historical record.

              • In regards to the Neanderthals., there is extremely very little evidence of neanderthal genetics in the homosapien gene pool, with best estimates being less than 0.3 %…the ginger in your beard is the human genetic recessive mutation, which I have, and its not limited specifically to us Celts., its found in Asia, Mediterranean, eastern and southern europe, northern europe, and Africa. In ancient times the Egyptian Pharoahs were occasionally gingers, however being ginger and non-royal wasnt all that great, the Romans valued redhaired slaves far higher.,

    • Who cares what Padraig, Patrick, wrote, he and his conhorts burned thousands of runic manuscripts inscribed on lebor birch bark containing the entire history of the Celti civilization, all men do not originate from africa and all men are not of one blood or of one tribe. Neanderthals are an invention of modern prehistorians who are caught up in darwinian evolutionary theories that don’t prove anything about nothing.

    • Unfortunately some people cannot accept history based on hard facts like DNA, and archeological evidence. I’m sorry, but referencing Afrocentric blogs and forums as “evidence” or “sources” is utterly ridiculous. Why is it so hard for some people of African decent to understand that they were NOT the first people in every country on every continent? You think you were the only people that migrated anywhere ???? Seriously… get over your damn selves!!! These bs claims are just as ridiculous as claiming the Indigenous people in the Americas are from Africa, or that Africans were also there first. All talk, zero evidence.

        • Irish legends speak of a Deluge not an ‘ice age’, that is another invention of modern prehistorians to support their nineteenth century darwinian evolutionism, this is the space age, everything comes from outer space, chariots of the gods, the fact is that the aboriginal pygmy race or terrestrial race was spread out over the entire face of the planet of the apes, my friend, and that’s why you’ll occasionally find a negroid head on the pommel of the two thousand year old Celtic anthropomorphic sword, British museum, as a token of a fallen enemy just like your african chieftains shrunk the heads of their opponents and wear them around their necks as a ‘lucky charm’ even until now, cult of the skull, according to your Zulu cheif who wrote a book Indaba my Children, the original color of his race was red-brown; Gods Unknown, 1969, Charroux, as well as several other references.

        • Again you people keep talking about the ‘DNA’, the ‘DNA’, ad nauseum, the life-force is in the blood and passed down with more exactitude then anything else and that’s why clan bloodlines are determined by the blood, not the deoxyribonucleic acid; what some of you people haven’t studied about the mysteries of the Rh-negative bloodlines is absolutely fantastic.

      • Question: (pertaining to your last sentence) what would you consider the Olmecs in America? When would you consider them being in America? Would you consider them being in America “first”…ahead of any migration over the Bering Straight hypothesis etc.

        • Using the strawman argument especially one pertaining to the Americas is not relevant to this particular debate. The pre-history, history, archaeology and mythological legends of Ireland is pretty much cohesive and my own archaeological and historical research concurs with the academic consensus. This Twa fictional story is just that, as is Horace Butler nonsense in the Americas.

          • So-called ‘academic consensus’ doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, my friend, if it contradicts Clan Traditions and the doctrine of the blood, modern scholarship isn’t the be all and end all of all wisdom and information especially when it’s based on agnostic or atheistic unproven darwinian evolutionary theories and i’ve studying and researching this stuff for some fifty years.

  17. I have noticed that you have refused to update any relevant recent material such as the research on the bog bodies, archaeological and genetic research. All the material that you have put on here has been fully refuted completely. Also I have never once come across any evidence supporting your claims at all in the field, with archaeological surveys and digs, in the museums with archaeological findings and materials and through genealogical research. The closest to Africa we can get in Irish history is the Basques of Northern Spain and certain pre-Celtic Greek tribes.

    • Refuted where?

      Your claim that a refutation exists implies that you have read or written one.

      Show me.

      Show me anything that directly references and refutes the sources I’ve posted.

      Then you can talk academic.

      Most people think they know, but I know most people only think…

      • I have written plenty on the refutations – my own research here in the west of Ireland in conjuction with the Irish Tourist board, National History Museum, the National History Museum of Country Life, University of Dublin City folklore department. Dr. Fiachra Mac Garbhann has compiled 10 volumes detailing place names, meanings and full encyclopaedia of the history of the tribal kingdoms.

        Logainmneacha Mhaigh Eo by Dr. Fiachra Mac Gabhann

        The Bog Bodies i.e. the Cashel Man. National Museum of Ireland

        The Geology, topography, history and mythology of the Partry Mountains and the tuath Partraige by Robert Malseed…in progress.,
        The other links are down below.,
        also Taj, I suggest that you learn Irish Gaelic because everything that you have posted in this regards is totally off…

      • Also,
        The Genealogies, tribes and customs of Hy-Fiachrach…
        I suggest Taj as well as learning Irish Gaelic that you provide actual archaeological evidence here in Ireland with specific dating, analysis to support your theory

  18. Long, long ago beyond the misty space
    of twice a thousand years,
    In Erin old there dwelt a mighty race,
    Taller than Roman spears,
    Like oaks and towers they had a giant grace,
    Were fleet as deers
    With winds and waves they made their ‘biding place,
    These western shepherd seers.

  19. That’s not support at all, if you produced first hand original archaeological research material from Ireland, with peer-reviewed scientifically researched evidence then your claims would have some credence. Instead you just have debunked, nonsense made up by some brits with absolutely no evidence to back their claims. As I have mentioned previously, and you ignored, is the difference in AS Gaeliege with “corca-dubhne” as to “corca-dubh” – people who do not understand and have little knowledge of Irish language do not understand this difference. In regards to “little people” “dwarves” “pygmies” etc., this was a common theme in British Imperial history to denigrate particular enemies, the Irish notwithstanding. Napoleon is often cast in movies, films, books and media as being small and afflicted with the “little man syndrome” – however he was 5’7″ which was average height, and not particularly small.
    The perception of diminutive fairies and leprechauns are of British origin, in that the English translation of the Tuatha Dè Danaan which Fir Sìdhe, meaning “men of the hills” was translated into “fairies” – Leprechauns descending from the Tuatha Dè Danaan God/King Lugh Chromain are demoted into the British diminutive brownies, but wearing clothing of the Irish 18th Century middle and artisan class.

  20. In all Taj you will have to provide the following:
    1. First hand original ancient archaeological and historical artifacts and evidence that is specific to the Twa people in Ireland…
    2. Provide first hand, original evidence of Twa bog bodies showing full African genetic descent in Ireland..
    3. Provide accurate testimonial accounts of original writings by the Twas of their habitation in ancient Ireland, including descriptions of geology, geography, flora and fauna
    4. Provide genetic and DNA proof of your assertions, such as the genetics of the Twa people would be the exact same as the Cashel bog body
    5. Provide detail analysis of the difference the language and linguistics of the Twa people and the Irish
    6. Provide first hand, original archaeological evidence of large scale boat building, mineral mining, farming, bronze and iron metallurgy amongst the Twa people
    and, 7. Provide detailed analysis on why and how the Twa people returned to Africa and on a wholescale level forgot completely about being in the British Isles, forgot the types of crops and husbandry, forgot metallurgy and forgot the languages

  21. What is your black, negro, clan and the arms achievement associated with your black-Irish clan name, and can you describe and explain the symbolism and the name of Bolg; you claim to descend from Fir Bolg and you also use the medieval – monkish faery tales of lebor Gabhala to back up your claims, those are faery tales.

    • Fir Bolg means “Bag Men” or Men of the Bag, and also refers to the bulge of a boat., and the Fir Bolg is one of the tribal groupings of mythological Ireland

      • We’ve already responded to Malseed about the ‘bags and the boats’ faery tales , Robert doesn’t have any answers, and the questions about Bolg and the arms achievement, etc., was meant for the person who wrote this article, he doesn’t have any answers, either, and that mulatto woman he shows at the top of the page is just that, half white, and likely tall and longheaded, not short dark black pygmy.

  22. post-script: forbthose of you who are clueless this forum is actually a fake psy-ops designed to push racial hatred towards mankind and the narcissistic shill in the photo image forgot to put that in his list of ‘interests’ at the bottom of the page, any further comments coming into my address disabled unread.

  23. I submitted a comment that was good-natured and certainly not intentionally offensive in any way but it didn’t make it to the page. In retrospect I can understand why. I inadvertently destroyed the premise of this blog. Is that why you had to censor it? This blog is premised on a divisive view of genetics/race/culture/religion and philosophy that has no place in the modern world where the modern human genetic soup is tenuously hanging onto the last threads of sanity before our species plummets into an abyss. Is this what you want?

      • This whole page/discussion is totally fake., and Taj here is trying desperately to tag a type of Horace Butler nonsense to peddle this particular tripe. Its pointless in putting together academic and archaeological material because some of the people on here are not interested in actual factual historical and archaeological evidence.


    What amazes me about sites like this, is that they are certain about things that happened thousands of years ago, but when it comes to the assassination of JFK, in 1963 and recorded on camera, we still don’t know who shot him!
    When a religion has an Index of Forbidden Books, you know they are hiding the Truth from its people.
    Now we have the censorship of the Internet!

    Between PAPAL BULL and BS, the people are treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and covered with dung!

    • Who shot JFK? Thats an easy one. JFK was shot twice. ONCE (the first shot) from the passenger side of the limo he was riding in. The agent sitting directly in front of JFK turns himself around, aims a small pistol at JFK’s head and fires. Moments later, JFK is shot at some distance from behind. Watch the video in slow mode while focusing on the agent in the front seat….it looks like he’s reaching to put on his seat belt right before he shoots….you will even see the discharge from the pistol.

  25. Thank you for this wonderfully written, and well referenced article!

    This has confirmed what I long expected after I took my DNA test and some of my results came back Iberian, Mediterranean, and Basque from Europe, because I also have Twa in my ancestry. I am 6’6″ so I am sure that you see the irony!

    I figured that the DNA companies conducting ancestry tests have decided to keep the impression that Europe has been white since antiquity, and we now know that this is not even the case, but that the earliest “Europeans” were actually Africans whom migrated to those regions! Incredible.

    Thank you again family. Be blessed.

    • This is bogus nonsense., the Iberian /Mediterranean /Basque connection stems from the migration from the Eastern Mediterranean and closely resembles that of the Phoenicians, whom have in antiquity visited upon the British Isles. There are no Twa connection at all to Ireland, this is wishful thinking from those making the spurious claims. The oldest recorded people in Ireland were the stone age Cruithin, a branch of celts related to the picts

      • “Phoenicians” or maybe we should use the correct name Cush, were a Black African people.

  26. Is there DNA evidence of this event? Archaeological artifacts (tools, pottery shards, bones)? Because if not, this is just a theory and not scientific fact. Patrick or Padraig, was himself, a Roman era Briton who was enslaved by the Irish people, he drove Druids (referred to Christians as snakes) out of Ireland according to legend. Not pygmies from Africa, besides why would a people want to trade warm, fertile Africa for Cold, wet nasty Ireland? Doesn’tmake sense, your theory holds no water

    • There are no archaeological or DNA/Genetic evidence to support such claims. I am presently working on an historical /archaeological project in the west of Ireland (county Mayo) uncovering 9 possible stone age / bronze age burial mounds, in the Partraige tribal area., with one major mound facing directly towards Knockma in the far distance. These ancient people were referred to as Cruithin (Cruithni) and were a branch of Celtic people related to the Picts. The oldest archaeological skeletal remains that has been genetically tested has been on the Cashel Bog Body, about 4000 years old, of a man aged between 35-45, over 6ft tall, red hair with pine resin, it is believed that he was sacrificed and placed into the bog. Other skeletal remains are that of bear found in county Sligo, and related to Iberian bears possibly brought over from Spain by early settlers. It is cold, wet, and windy here, but not nasty…

      • they killed them off they are extinct, you nini.boy. like the Tasmanian aborigines.they only exist in pictures now. Sad that a demonic satanist people did these.

        • Rick, you seem to confuse 19th century European imperial colonial expansion with Irish Neolithic and bronze age., you need to get a grip with your historical eras and geography

  27. There were no ‘Caucasians” in the Middle East four thousand years ago. At least get that right!

  28. The Middle East was an extension on the Nile Valley Civilization, a/k/a KMT. If you are going to refer to THEM as ‘Caucasian” you may as well call most African Americans ‘Caucasian’.

  29. You notice how a word black in ancient times did not mean black it meant something else but the word in modern times means black like Subs sub-sahara black Africa or a black neighborhood or black people acting black black hairstyle black music Black fashion all those terms means black today but in ancient times black didn’t mean black so when the Sumerians call themselves The Black Headed ones it didn’t mean they were actually black people like the word Kemet which meant black they said refers to the soil but the word Sudan look up it look it up in Arabic and it’s called out of Sudan the land of the blacks see White people like to play the shell game they wanted a word to me to mean what they want something to mean what they wanted me when they wanted wanted to mean it. Now they’ll say the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had a black slave name Bilal and they referring that he’s a black African descent even though those who study Islam No Prophet Muhammad was black himself as all the prophets let’s stop going to these crackers for approval they don’t even approve of themselves cuz if you study Europa you know you wrote Papa was a black woman of the Canaanite descendants and we know the Canaanites were black right because they was a child of ham which ham was black but if ham wasn’t black we know the curse of curse of ham and was Cannabis turn black so if Kayla was curse and turn black then the descendants of Canaan were black and Europa is a descendant of Cana that will make your opinions of African black descent now watch they switch that up

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