10 Arguments That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black: Atlanta Blackstar

“Even today, a significant number of mainstream Egyptologists, anthropologists, historians and Hollywood moviemakers continue to deny African people’s role in humankind’s first and greatest civilization in ancient Egypt.” –Andre Moore

Click on the evidence that you would like to read about:

1.  Physical Anthropology Evidence

2.  Melanin Dosage Test

3.  Osteological Evidence

4.  Evidence from Blood Types

5.  The Egyptians as They Saw Themselves

6.  Cultural Unity of Egypt With The Rest of Africa

7.  Divine Epithets

8.  Evidence from The Bible

9.  Linguistic Unity with Southern and Western Africa

10.  Testimony of Classical Greek and Roman Historians

BONUS:  DNA Evidence

Click here for more details of Cheikh Anta Diop‘s research.

From Moore, Andre.  “10 Arguments That Prove Ancient Egyptians Were Black”.  Atlanta Blackstar.  25.10.2013

But remember, Kemet Heads:  AFRICA IS BIGGER THAN KEMET!!!

For further proofs about the Ancient Egyptians, read:  “Proof Ancient Egypt Was A Nordic Empire

Kemet Heads, Africa is Bigger than Kemet!!- Maurice Milles Mansa

Africa Is Bigger than Kemet, by Maurice Milles Mansa

KEMET HEADS, AFRICA IS BIGGER THAN KEMET : I ask all Kemit heads about NOK which is in West Africa and is six thousand years older than kemit, they always draw a blank, lol, Africa is bigger than Kemit, our knowledge extends far beyond kemit. Kemit is the result of our great and ancient knowledge, not the source of our knowledge. NOK is just the tip of the iceberg which is Africa. The civilization built in South Africa at the location now called Adam’s Calendar is 75k – 200k years old, that is one hundred times older than Kemit, wake up, Kemit is just one of many, Africa is far greater than Kemit.

Nok is not as common knowledge as Kemet, but they are totally interconnected, We need to each seek this type of information out, teach it to each other, and deliver it to the masses so that we can expose what has been hidden. If people would stop trying to separate Kemet from Africa then they would have a better understanding!! KMT is a part of the land its just north but it is in Africa.

The Inshongo Bone is over 100, 000 Yrs old in the Congo, first signs of Calculation of any Nation. Adam’s calender in the Mpumalanga Province. That province has some of the most amazing things. Wake up from your long sleep and see you have a entire continent filled with ancient civilizations, all you have to do is use your eyes.

I don’t think anyone would with good knowledge doesn’t know there were other civilizations before Kemet. That’s a given. For me Kemet represents a alternative for restoring and obtaining God hood. The culture in Kemet left a step by step means of obtaining your God hood. The Per tu Tem Heru. Coming forth by Day. Or the Egyptian book of the dead…. Personally, I’m for any “indigenous African culture” that uplifts black/ African people and not divide them.

Kemit and that is only 10,000 years of our history, we were in South Africa building astronomically aligned stone circles 200,000 years ago, Kemit was not even a thought way back then.

There is always more to learn! Accept that the beginning may not be the beginning but just a portion of what could be found! So loving my history! Why have just a country when you can have the whole continent or better expand yourself and see that the whole world is yours!

Many will go blind from starring at kemet not knowing where the knowledge which built Kemet came from, some even think the knowledge came from Kemet, they need to remove those shades and see the sunlight.

Its not so simple as to study one portion of the land, to have true knowledge is to be open to every piece of the land. There are many belief systems in place in Africa and so much to learn.Don’t stop in one area keep searching and reading my people you should know we existed far longer than the very small time period of Kemet.

WE have built a great deal more than just Kemit loose the tunnel vision, take the blinders off, people are fake doing Kemit, first and foremost there was no ancient civilizations built in that region because we could not get there during the last five ice ages, that is five periods of forty thousand years each, the dessert was five times larger and much more arid during to past 120k years so no one was going to the delta region, this is the reason we lived so long in the lower parts of the continent and crossed into Yemen from Somaliland before we crossed the Sinai.

Many of us forget that Kemetic is a conglomeration of many Afrikan nations as well as the Masonic capital. And as documented by them they know they come from the South. The Nile Valley is just an extension of what the Twa set up. We claim all of Africa and the whole globe. Everything the Egyptians practiced came from the south, their Dieties, math, science, architecture pottery it all came from the south. The cosmology also came from the south.

All of Africa is interconnected…. Always has been…. Always will be… No matter how much they try to divide and disconnect us. Ptah is a pgymies God brought to by West Africans, Kemit did not invent the knowledge, kemit inherited the knowledge, the entire lodge system of Kemit is from earlier Western and Southern African civilizations.

The stone circles in southern Africa are called ADAM”S CALENDAR, it was given that name because it is the oldest astronomical chart on earth to date, some call it Enki’s calendar, however the legend of Enki is not from that area, Enki is a Sumerian God, Sumer is in Arabia NOT South Africa.

Kemet is one of the daugthers of Africa and not the source. So many have there heads stuck on East and North Africa but know nothing of the fact that it all came from Southern Africa and West Africa, the bloodline of the Pharaohs is from the Lakes region and West Africa, the Pharaohs are NOT from North Africa.

I really try to approach matters in a peaceful manner. I am very passionate when it comes to learning about our origin. My journey started with Ray Hagins as well as a few other scholars. If you have never heard of NOK or the many other civilizations do not allow that make you unwilling to find out about them.

South African is the last bastion of human origin it is appears that a cycle is occurring where there is renewed interest in S. A. A while back (1980) four Native America Shamans traveled to South Africa to interact with S.A. Shamans to discuss the belief that the restart of things anew will once again begin in South Africa.

One of our esteemed brothers Tshila Ndhlela from Zimbabwe, in Southern African. Point out on another post that South Africa in Ancient times as a country did not exist. According to recent research relative to KMT compared to South Africa. In an article: Scholars have told us that the first civilisation on Earth emerged in a land called Sumer some 6000 years ago.


The persistent research by South Africans Michael Tellinger, Johan Heine and a team of leading scientists, over an extend seven-year period, has resulted in astonishing new archaeological and scientific discoveries. It shows that the Sumerians and even the Egyptians inherited all their knowledge from an earlier advanced civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200,000 years ago… mining gold.

Brother Thulani Max Mtolo supported Tshila baba’s point that Contextually when ancient S. Africa is referenced most are speaking directionally/specifically. Thulani Max Mtolo consistently points out that southern Africa was was called KwaNgwane before the crakkka invaded , it was part of the Swati Kingdom ..so there you go , it’s more of Swaziland than SA ..even Swaziland is a name given by the crakkka .. The name of the land is KwaNgwane the Swati Kingdom ….point being , let us not dwell on the South Africa as a country (ancient or whatever ) but as a point of geographical reference.

Thulani Max Mtolo is one of the few people with the common sense to read and understand. Kemit Heads will continually focus on kemit, Babylon, Sumeria and other highly commercialized cultures because that is all they hear from the crakkka, they will never look deeper into African history, instead choosing to focus on Easter Island, Aztecs, Olmecs, and all the commercialized European approved subjects, The Swati Kingdom is the furthest thing from their mind, then because they do not know much about the hundreds of African civilizations they try to fill in the blanks with “imagination”, it is a sick mind that ignores a continent to favor a small group of territorial states.

Tshila Ndhlelahas impressed me with his understanding of the truth of our continuing history. The Karanga/Kalanga Empire is something Kemit Heads never discuss, some even revolt when i bring up these ancient empires that predate kemit and are in fact the source of the knowledge displayed in kemit. The migrations of Anu/Bantu/Antu/Vanhu is yet another story many will just not understand because they have absorbed too much Egyptology because of the commercialized promotion of Kemit.

Knower Seeker also drops bombs on this subject, I agree that Kemit is impressive, but Kemit is the child, not the parent, therefore it is not to be exalted above the real origin of our civilizations and knowledge. Dr. Ben and all of his neophytes make it very clear that the Brothers and Sisters of Kemet stated that they came from the people of upper Afrika and that they owe all of their information to them. And when the people refer to “upper Kemet they are referring to Southern Africa, they refer to the mountains of Ethiopia/Cush “upper”.

Kemet’s demise was caused by it’s own rulers’ foolishness, the Grand Lodges in kemit were opened to the Greeks, Persians, and all types of foreigners, this type of foolishness is what drove the Eurasians to desire to capture and rule Kemit for themselves. The other empires and temple states never allowed the Caucazoids into the temples which is why the caucazoids know little to nothing about other areas of Africa to this very day.

I must state that all of the information of our ancestor is too vast for any one of us to overstand and that we must be very careful when discussing it with our people that do not want to know.


There are many ancient Black civilizations in the world. This should be a common understanding once one understands that African people are the original people of planet Earth. Once this is understood, then one can have a more of an appreciation for the cultures of African people all over the world. Kemet, Nubia, Ethiopia or East Africa is studied more because of the massive monuments left behind.

I am just like you, I Maurice Mansa at one point in my life did not have the knowledge I now hold dear to heart about African people. I had to start from somewhere! But I never closed my eyes to all of Africa in favor of any section of Africa, I do not hold any tribe or African civilization above any other African tribe or civilization, surley we are all kin, we are united by our diversity.

Sometimes, we look back on our journey into becoming filled with Black consciousness, and we see other Black people who are in the same place we once were, and this should make us want to support these Black people them. I look back on my journey, and realize I have grown. I encourage you all to keep increasing your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding about Africa’s thousands of ancient civilizations.

KEMIT HEADS will continue exalt Kemit above other African cultures primarily because that is what white folk have done. It is the Europeans who are so exclusively interested in Kemit that are causing such a irrational response by American Blacks. Africans on the continent are not as interested in Kemit because they have not been bombarded by endless European commercialized Egyptian propaganda, most of which is completely fraudulent.

If anyone would simply look, you would quickly notice that all of the monuments in Nubia are OLDER than what is in Kemet, you would also learn that the modern state called Nubia is less than one sixth of the Ancient Nubia, the Ancient Nubia stretched from the East coast all the way to Timbuktu in the West and included the input and knowledge of hundreds of tribal cultures, it is from this perspective that you must comprehend the vast amount of knowledge not being discussed by KEMET HEADS because you can not see the vastness of Africa if you are looking at our vast past with tunnel vision.



I taunt brothers every now and then by calling them” Kemit Heads”, but it’s all out of love that I challenge them to think of Africa as a whole, it is not that I do not appreciate the great achievement which is Kemet, it is simply the fact that Kemet is not the source of our knowledge, Kemet is the grandchild not the parent, Kemet is the result of our knowledge from all of the continent.


(this post is a composite of input from several comments made by a dozen people on a earlier statement I posted on the subject of Kemet being only a small part of the vast knowledge and civilizations of Africa)


I notice in peoples conversations and dialogue folk always strictly say Kemet/Egypt but in actuality you would be better served saying NILE VALLEY CIVILIZATION because Egypt is actually the baby and many concepts, ideologies and gods actually predate Egypt and started more south all throughout Sudan/Nubia and Cush/Ethiopia. Even in Congo, Uganda and Tanzania the first and oldest people called the Twa/Batwa, later called disrespectfully the pygmy which are the little people carry the stories of Bes/Ptah which are 2 of the oldest Nile Valley dieties.

Only if its a topic specific to Egypt as in speaking of a Egyptian king, monument or temple that is there should you say Kemet/Egypt. Saying Nile Valley civilization broadens your geography and time frame because people will keep you trapped in Egypt and they got idiots calling people Kemetian, Egyptology people, Egyptians, people who embrace Egyptian religion and all kinds of titles and misconceptions.

It is okay to say Nile Valley mythology because the gods just like in religion were not actual real people historically that walked the earth and they were PERSONIFICATIONS of Nature and the universe or cosmos. Only the Pharaohs/Kings, builders, leaders and teachers were real people. Personally I study Nile Valley civilization and have an interest in it as a HOBBIE and lover of history.

All religions foundation stem from the Nile Valley and the Nile Valley is the origin of all spirituality in the world. Spiritual concepts have just mutated and added or subtracted, that is all. The Nile Valley and the grand child Egypt/Kemet has the most detailed written history and that is the attraction and big hype surrounding it. So the moral of the story is… It is more proper in discussion to say NILE VALLEY CULTURE/CIVILIZATION because it is more encompassing and has a broader context.

I’m Chief X, the god Bes reincarnated and i approve this message.


These Are The Surprising Jobs You’ll Be Doing By The 2030s (from io9.com)

If you don’t stay abreast of technology, you will become obsolete.

Here are 10 jobs the Careers 2030 job fair and Jayar LaFontaine, a Foresight Strategist at Idea Couture, believe will be in demand in 20 years, compiled by George Dvorsky:

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These Are The Surprising Jobs You’ll Be Doing By The 2030s

The Hidden Irony: How School Integration Defused Black Advancement

The 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision reversing segregated education, also reversed the educational autonomy gained by African-Americans, and the aftershocks of that are still reverberating across Black minds and communities today.

How School Integration Defused Black Advancement :

Before the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka, which overturned the principle of separate but equal education, African Americans had made significant educational gains following the abolition of slavery. They did this in spite of living with brutal racial oppression and deadly violence.

In an effort to resuscitate their culture and history, education was seen as necessary for the upward mobility of African Americans. Many African American writers, through the publication of slave narratives and scholarly works, wrote amazing bodies of non-fiction work aimed at educating Black people. Many African Americans could be found reading literature by W.E.B. Dubious, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Langston Hughes, J.A. Rogers, and a host of other Black writers.

These literary pieces were works of resistance aimed at transforming Black consciousness. Black illiteracy, which was 30 % in 1919, had dropped to less than 7 percent by 1955. Black illiteracy had almost disappeared in the North, and in some areas Black illiteracy was less than White illiteracy, such as in New York. In 1950, Black colleges had 71,000 students. Nearly all were in the South. Five hundred fifty three (553) African Americans had a doctorate degree.

Black owned and operated publishing companies were abundant, and education for critical consciousness was a vital part of this Cultural Revolution.

The intellectual growth of African Americans following slavery was extraordinary; this was clearly made evident by the thousands of applications for patents submitted to the U.S. patent office during the late 1800s through the early 1900s by African Americans.

This was absolutely remarkable so shortly after slavery and while still enduring racial persecution. Although African Americans students were attending poorly funded, desegregated schools, many Black teachers were restoring the damaged psyche of African American students by including literature produced by renowned African American writers and scholars.

This provided the students a body of literature that featured Black heroes and the various contributions of African Americans. These materials informed Black students that they were more than merely the descendants of slaves and the children of sharecroppers.

Moreover, it offered them hope and stimulated the desire for greater aspirations. This literature of resistance transformed Black consciousness and gave Black students a sense of purpose and pride. However, this did not last long, for integrating Black student into schools indifferent to the contributions of Blacks defused the growth of Black consciousness and self efficacy.

Instead, the shackles of mental slavery were reapplied. The version of History taught in school to African Americans where heavily revised to favor the agenda of the ruling white elites while hiding the true brutality of their crimes committed against Black people throughout history and in doing so fostered an unrealistic sense of false patriotism used to manufacture your allegiance to a still racist government. This curriculum deliberately withheld the many black world contributions from the educational development of African American students.
Therefore psychologically retarding the esteem and potential of many African Americans students.

The new educational system failed to provide Black students the same, essential racially affirming curriculum needed to base their capabilities and potentials upon as it so routinely does for its White students-thus cutting off the aspirations of many Black students at the roots.

The integration of public schools indicates the U.S. Government’s imperative to retard Black advancement as Black students were thrust into an educational system that taught them to admire the accomplishment of Whites and to despise Africans as being non-contributors of modern civilization.

For most African Americans their schools are the first place where they learn just how little they’re valued in America. No group of children can adequately academically compete with other students while being educated to respect the accomplishments of every other racial group except themselves.

After the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal government sponsored a study that was supposed to examine the differences among school resources allocated to Black and White students. The idea was that, by pinpointing the advantages available to White students, policies could be made that would replicate those opportunities for Black students. However, during the integration of America’s schools, the government failed to produce culturally relevant instruction for Black students as it habitually did for White students.

Instead, Black children were integrated into White schools without accommodative adjustments to the curriculum. The implication was that Blacks had contributed nothing to society. Arguably, in American education, the achievements and contributions of African Americans have been largely neglected and receive less attention in terms of quality, historical scholarship than any other topic.

As a result, Black students are bereft of robust historical information that can serve as a platform for future efforts. Those African American students who doggedly survive their stifling grade school experiences find that their high school situations are even more challenging.

Tragically, many teachers and administrators who experience “difficulty working with these students” often misdiagnose them as having “behavioral or learning disorders” or misuse special education programs to remove these students from the classroom. Many studies across the nation find that Black students are more than twice as likely to be suspended or expelled from school as White students. In schools where corporal punishment was permitted, some past studies found that Black students were five times more likely to be hit by school adults than were Whites and three times more likely to be kicked out or placed in Educable Mentally Retarded or Behavioral Disorder classes.

These Black students are often over-overmedicated with drugs like Ritalin and Prozac and placed into low level classes that further diminish their self esteem and belief in their abilities. It has also been suggested that prescribing drugs during these children’s school years may also send the message that drugs are necessary to cope with social stresses.

In countless books, medical journals, and psychological lectures over the years, White psychiatrists and psychologists have pointed to the adverse affects of low self esteem and depression in children.

This work resulted in a long list of symptoms and behaviors that are consistent with those now associated with African American youth. Such notables as Dr. Nathaniel Branden, author of the Pillars of Self Esteem, have focused on self-esteem. Dr. Branden has spent the past three decades studying the psychology of self-esteem. In various speeches, articles, and books, he has attempted to describe the connection between self-esteem and the many human problems common to society today. He notes that “Self-esteem enhances our ability to build relationships with others, it gives one the basis to make accurate, concrete interpretations of current events, and it encourages a people to inspire in spite of obstacles. It has a powerful influence on your behavior at work and in your personal life.”

Furthermore, a longitudinal prospective study about the adverse affects of depression on children found that it can have far-reaching effects on the functioning and adjustment of children, which often persists, recurs, and continues into adulthood.

Dr. Harter, one of the researchers conducting the 1992 study stated that “Self-esteem and depression are usually observed in cycles; the cycle begins with low self-esteem, which leads to depression, and this can lead to suicide.” There is increased risk particularly among adolescent boys if the depression is accompanied by conduct disorder and alcohol or other substance abuse. Among children and adolescents, depressive disorders confer an increased risk for illness and interpersonal and psychosocial difficulties and may predict more severe illness in adult life.

There is more than ample evidence that children exposed to a great deal of violence in movies, television and video games etc., may become desensitized towards violence and may develop violent aggressive behavior as result of this exposure. Yet, with regard to African American students in America’s racist education system, this idea and epistemology is grossly ignored. Time and time again in many books and articles, White researchers detail long lists of ailments that imply a crisis of low self-esteem consistent with the symptoms displayed by Black students in the education system. Perhaps because they are satisfied with the existing educational curriculum, they are unwilling to acknowledge the link between widespread suffering of Black students and damaged self images and low self esteem. Sadly and almost inconceivably, these researchers adamantly stand by their research except when there is an attempt to use their studies and findings to validate this premise as it relates to Black students. It is outrageous how White researchers can ignore their own premises when applied to Black people. Even in seeing and/or hearing, they do not register or observe any facts that conflict with their innate proclivity for racism.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once remarked that “the eye of a bigot may be compared to the pupil of an eye in that, the more light poured on it, the more it contracts.” I have studied these symptoms of internalized racism among African American students for more than twenty years in various cities across the United States.

I have also conducted countless interviews with African American students often identified as un-teachable, unmotivated, disruptive, and trouble makers. I have heard repeated painful testimonies from Black students besieged with deep internalized feelings of self-doubt and self-hatred. They could not always fully articulate the source of their problem, but they consistently reported that it had something to do with their Blackness and that neither alcohol nor drugs could remove the hurtful feelings.

Many critics of this premise shift the blame saying that the source of the problem lies with the failure of Black parents to teach their children their self-affirming history. However, the parents of these students are victims of the same demoralizing education process. I have heard parents echo many of the students’ deep feelings of inadequacy. Even those who excelled and made their mark in the world found that the Mercedes and the big house still did not alleviate societal wounds. They too are products of the same humiliating education process.

The future of any race is extremely dependent upon the proper nurturing and education of its children. All children, regardless of their race, need an education that tells them who they are and what they have accomplished as a people. Therefore, a failure to rectify the problem assures the destruction of Black America.

This hypothesis is not new. Dr. Carter G. Woodson wrote in “The Mis-education of the Negro,” in 1931, “the thought of the inferiority of the Negro is drilled into him in almost every classroom he enters and in almost every book he studies and by teaching him that his Black face is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless is the worse sort of lynching, because it kills his aspiration and dooms him to vagabondage and crime.” Dr. Woodson’s analysis was that one’s information determines one’s attitude, and an attitude determines one’s behavior. Therefore, the seat of trouble was in what African Americans were being taught about themselves.

He concluded that African American youth are not only being “mis-educated” but, actually de-educated — that they are being systematically excluded from the educational curriculum and that their self esteem is being systematically destroyed as a result.

Dr. King’s dreams of becoming a nation in which Black and White students could attend school together was based upon America being a plural society built by contributions from all segments of American society. It is reasonable that this should be reflected in the education curriculum. However, Dr. King’s dream has been totally effaced by the reality of racial bias in the American education system that conceals the significant contributions of Black people.

An educational curriculum of were in which Black students are taught to admire and respect only the achievements of Whites.
Dr. King would never have imagined that desegregation meant that Black students would be denied an educational setting that allows them to compete equally with White students.

Clearly, it was an illusion to believe that African American students could receive an education that allows them to compete equally with White children in a system designed by the people responsible for oppressing them and pronouncing them inferior.

Perhaps what is most tragic is the fact that when these victimized Black students respond accordingly to their negative educational experiences through demonstrating feelings of self-hatred, disaffection of education ,and disruptive behaviors– these responsive behaviors are then used by the dominant White culture to further affirm and perpetuate their own racist notions of White racial superiority over Blacks.
Unfortunately, many African American students never fully recover from the adverse impact of their mortifying educational experience –by the time they complete school or dropout, the damage has already been done and the effects remain with them for their entire lives.

In order to build a stronger Black America, we must ensure that our children are provided with an education that enables them to effectively compete with White students. It should also afford them the same opportunities to succeed in the 21st century, not merely preparation for the available low-level jobs, or even for high-level jobs that may serve no worthwhile purpose beyond individual advancement.

It is time to take interest in our future seriously by achieving quality education for our children. A new reality for African Americans will only be built upon Black society that dares to take control of the education of their own children. White supremacy is literally destroying the minds of African American children and as long as Whites determine what is taught to Black students, they will always lag behind.

As long as Black people rely upon Whites to tell us which of our children are normal, we will never know the genius of our students. African Americans deserve a quality education free from protracted and debilitating battles. They deserve a system that promotes their education and sense of self worth rather than one that discourages them by excluding them; they deserve an educational curriculum that enables them to feel good about themselves, their past, and their potential.

A pluralistic society is one where all people are treated with respect, dignity, equality, and fairness regardless of racial differences. Therefore, African Americans have every right to expect that the content of their education will be true, appropriate, relevant, and complete, and among other things that upon completion of public school, our children will have the general skills to enter the world of employment and to be fully functional members of the society.

Such an education is a right of all children and not merely one elite group. The future of Black America will be only as strong as the opportunities that exist for them to attend these types of schools.

We shape our future by the way that we educate our children. Therefore, there must be an alternative for every child who is in a school that does not serve that child well. The time has come for us to recognize this unfulfilled need of society thus fulfilling the promise of true equality.

Re-blogged with permission from The Black Matrix by Franklin Jones (c) 2006, 2008
The Black Matrix: A Perception Management

Why Gay is the New Black 1: White & Gay Supremacy

Analysis, not accusations…


What is supremacy?  Let us look at two examples:

1) A person hurts another person.

2) A person cheats another person.

In both examples, supremacists ascertain how to react in a sense that serves their groups interests.  The responses fit this objective.

-If the offender is a member and the victim is not, no ‘crime’ is committed.

-If the offender is not a member and the victim is, an extreme form of ‘justice’ will be served.

-If both the offender and victim are members, arbitration will ensue.

-If neither the offender nor the victim is a member, arbitration may or may not ensue.

This is all regardless of any written policy.  These are acts of “Supremacy.”  (definition adapted from “Occidentals”- African Blood Siblings)


Let us look at the NFL through this prism:

Case A:  An NFL player tweeted “OMG” and “Horrible” about a man kissing his male partner to celebrate being drafted into the NFL.

Case B:  A white NFL player was caught sending racist, threatening text messages to a black teammate.  Investigations showed the behavior had persisted for several years.

Case C:  A black NFL player was convicted of beating his black fiancee unconscious, after being caught on tape dragging her from an elevator.

(Read all 3 stories here.)

All 3 players were punished according to their crime.  In Case A, the offending player was lightly warned after it was judged that his tweets were as much a response to PDA (public display of affection) being unusual at a draft, as they were an expression of his distaste for homosexuality.  He was reminded to be respectful of all players’ lifestyle choices.  In Case B, the player was hit with heavy fines and a lengthy suspension.  He was advised to participate in African-American charity and community events to repair his and the league’s image.  In case C, the player was slapped with a lifetime ban from the NFL.  A statement was issued in defense of women’s rights.

Sounds about fair, do you want the real stories now?

Case A:  Player hit with indefinite suspension (may never play again) and a heavy fine.

Case B:  Light fine and suspension after lengthy, contentious investigation.

Case C:  No punishment or official response.


What’s the logic?  (There definitely is one.)

Case A Logic:  Gay Supremacy.

Homosexuality was publicly denounced, so swift, heavy retribution had to ensue to re-assert gay tribalism.

Case B Logic:  White Supremacy.  The offender is white, and the victim black, however, this is another rule of supremacy- don’t draw exposure.  The victim’s case caused a media whirlwind, and there was a written record of the crimes.  Punishment was necessary for the sake of masking white supremacist objectives.

Case C Logic:  Irrelevant to Supremacists.

Both the victim and perpetrator were black.

The offender and victim were both black heterosexuals.  As the crime stayed below media radar, the case drew no interest.


Football is just a sport, but it is America’s biggest sport.  And the NFL is one of America’s most profitable organizations.  The NFL (clothing, posters, games, sports radio, sports websites, etc.) is a part of nearly every American household.  It is the fabric of American society, and American society, in turn, is the world’s most influential culture.

The NFL is run by and for some of the wealthiest men in America, most of whom are white.  Their decisions reflect the knowledge and agenda of America’s elites.

Case A had a black man speaking about against another black man, but the interests of gay supremacy were affected, despite the situation having no relevancy to white supremacy.

In Case B, the perpetrator was white and the victim black, but like the NBA’s Donald Sterling, measures had to be taken because of the risk of the white supremacist agenda being exposed.  Donald Sterling and the NBA have practiced systematic white supremacy for decades, with discriminatory housing and ticketing prices, intentionally ‘whitening’ the league by importing west Asian (“European”) players, and the like.  (Read Here.)  None of these caught the world’s attention, because the team-owner elites have brothers in media-owning elites who share their interests.  However, in the case of a leak, Freudian slip, or off-the-cuff tirade, damage control has to be done.  Occasionally, a member has to take it for the team.

Am I saying that there is an intersection or connection between whiteness and homosexuality, to that white supremacy and gay supremacy should overlap?

Yes.  Homosexuality has been a pillar of nearly every white culture and society, in all parts of Asia, from time immemorial.  For brief support of this statement, see West Asian (“European”) Sexuality:  A Contemporary and Historical Survey.

For people of Sub-Saharan (“Black”) African descent, the first large-scale experience of homosexuality was with white people and/or in white-organized institutions (prison, vulnerability due to socio-economic disadvantages or slavery).  This includes slavery in the clandestine homosexual cultures of the Americas, proselytization of the Catholic church, slave trades in Turkic, Arab, and Persian nations, imprisonment, and sexual predation of socio-economically disadvantaged boys by wealthier, older white men.

Being that whiteness and homosexuality are intertwined, for blacks in a society with a white elite class, homosexuality is a way of gaining white acceptance.  He can’t adopt their appearance, but he can adopt their lifestyle.  Consciously or sub-consciously, this fills the void left by his lack of self-knowledge and ignorance of black history.  Without a past to draw an identity from, he can escape the pressures and hatred of his captors’ society by conforming to what it is, and what it wants of him.

He may now know why he does it, or even that he has but when he, the manliest of black men, the super-athlete, surrenders his blackness, he becomes cause celebre.  He, finally, has a place.  He is not a threat anymore.  His captivity, which he never even knew enough to see, only feel at some sub-conscious level, becomes an embrace.

Ving Rhames, big black man raped by white men on screen- cause celebre.  Darrick Jordan, black top athlete dating wealthy older white man- cause celebre.  Kerry Washington, plays black transsexual and performs fellatio on white man in film- cause celebre.  Barack Obama, calls gays and lesbians, not fellow blacks,  “brothers and sisters” (see clip), responds to racist murders of blacks with silence- cause celebre.

Gay is the new Black…

(Perhaps you protest that people are born homosexual.  From the congenital point of view, this is true.  It can even be controlled.  But homosexual desires and the gay lifestyle are two different things.  This article dealt with Black men who choose to promote and celebrate the gay identity, and the society that encourages them.)

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Scramble for Africa 2.0- The Chessboard: EVERY conflict explained in ONE article!

This article describes the scramble between Israel, Europe, America, Iran, China & even Africans for resources, markets, shipping lanes and land.
*Banks vs. Libya, Somalia and Sudan: Why China got kicked out of Libya
*Persians/Arabized Africans vs. US/NATO in Nigeria/West Africa: Why US/UK are “bringing back our girls
*Iran/Sudan vs. Israel in South Sudan/East Africa: Why Israeli forces came to Kenya mall attack
*ran/Sudan vs. France in CAR: Why France is “helping” its old colony
*Sudan/Lord’s Resistance Army vs. South Sudan & Uganda: Kony is the new bin Laden
*Arabized Africans vs. East Africans over the Nile
*Ethiopia/Kenya in Horn of Africa
*US in Horn of Africa & Nearby Sea Lanes: Jesus has a plan for al-Shabab
*Corporate Interests in the Congo: Why EVERYbody’s in the Congo


This article describes the scramble between Israel, Europe, America, Iran, China & even Africans for resources, markets, shipping lanes and land.

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Banks vs. Libya, Somalia and Sudan:  Why China got kicked out of Libya


Later, the same general said they planned to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

What do these seven countries have in common? In the context of banking, one that sticks out is that none of them is listed among the 56 member banks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). That evidently puts them outside the long regulatory arm of the central bankers’ central bank in Switzerland.

 chessboard 2

According to a Russian article titled “Bombing of Libya – Punishment for Ghaddafi for His Attempt to Refuse US Dollar”, Gaddafi made a similarly bold move: he initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro, and called on…

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Robert Lindsay: The Development of Agriculture in Africa

This is an excellent paper from an otherwise controversial researcher:  Robert Lindsay:  Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay.

Here is an excerpt from the paper:

It is a common line among hardcore White racists such as White nationalists that Black Africans were Stone Age people who had no metal working, no agriculture and no civilization of any sort by the time the Europeans contacted them.

The movement of agriculture in its full array from North Africans to Sahelian Blacks is shown to be a lie and it may perhaps have even gone the other way.

It’s true that Africa south of the Equator lagged behind, and racists love to go about this, but the truth is that there were no animals to domesticate down there nor were there any plants to domesticate either.

The Sahelian Blacks probably had equivalent intelligence to the Blacks south of the Equator. They were just better positioned to receive animals for husbandry from Southwest Asia, and they had plants that could be domesticated.


Modern Blacks reach the middle Nile by around 4,000 YBP. At 3,000YBP, the Bantus spread from Cameroon all through East, Central andSouthern Africa, bringing agriculture, and iron-making, with them.

Read Full Paper here:  The Development of Agriculture in Africa

West Asian (European) Sexuality- A Contemporary and Historical Survey


European countries are about two decades behind the U.S. in interview techniques, and since they still use written questionnaires they usually report sexual abuse rates of under one percent. (83) Most European studies do not attempt to study statistical frequency, though some – such as a series of studies on Scandinavian incest – report considerable public acceptance of incest in some rural areas. (84)

Even though there are no reliable statistics for most European countries, a recent flurry of books, articles and telephone “hotlines” has begun to reveal widespread sexual molestation. A recent BBC “ChildWatch” program asked its female listeners – a large though biased sample – if they remembered sexual molestation, and, of the 2,530 replies analyzed, 83 percent remembered someone touching their genitals, 62 percent of the full sample recalling actual intercourse.(85) Official estimates of German children sexually abused and raped each year now number over 300,000, and sexual abuse hot lines are becoming more widespread.(86) The establishment of Italian “SOS-infanzia” hotlines – initially much resented by the public – have begun to reveal widespread pedophile networks, baby prostitution and Boy Scout/Girl Guide molestation, as well as the widespread sexual abuse of children within famines, with a particular emphasis on the pederasty of boys. (87) Finally, the most careful European study to date is a recent unpublished German survey by the Iinstitut fuer Kindheit that for the first time anywhere dared to ask the children themselves about their sexual experiences. I have been told that these researchers found an 80 percent childhood sexual molestation rate among Berlin school children.(88) The exact details of this study will certainly be revealing when it is published. It may be that direct questioning of children rather than relying on retrospective memory may produce even higher real incidence rates of sexual molestation than our 60 percent and 45 percent estimates for the U.S.”


Citations:  http://www.psychohistory.com/htm/06a1_incites.html


“…medical records which reported regularly finding venereal disease on children’s genitals, mouths and anuses when their parents had the disease.(66) Since the spirochete that causes syphilis, for example, can only survive for seconds outside the body, the children’s organs had to have been in direct contact with the sexual organs of their caretakers, mainly fathers, uncles, boarders and neighbors-although the reporting doctors tried to blame anyone else, from the wetnurses to the victims’ own wickedness, for the disease. When crusading doctors in the last half of the nineteenth century challenged these medical ra-tionalizations, it soon became apparent that sexual intercourse with children-most of those Taylor discovered were under five years of age(67) – may have been extraordinary widespread in England and America in the nineteenth century.”

deMause, Lloyd.  On Writing Childhood History.  The Journal of Psychohistory 16 (2) Fall 1988.  Retrieved 27.4.2014 from


Citations:  http://www.psychohistory.com/childhood/write1r.htm

pedophile symbols and codes

Boys are depicted by scholars as being “lonely” and needing sex, “seductive,” and as “routinely fellating older men [but] not abused despite ingesting their elders’ semen but ritually initiated into manhood.”40 In antiquity, since “women were an alien and inferior species,”41 sex with wives was a rare duty engaged in mainly to provide offspring, and men were addicted to raping young children, both boys and girls, in order to prove their virility and dominance. Their rapes were almost always agreed to by their parents, who often pimped their children and slaves for a price, rented them out to neighbors as servants to be raped, sold their virgin daughters for marriage for fifty pieces of silver, gave their children to pedagogues for sexual use, made their children serve at their banquets so they could be raped after dinner, went to war in order to rape the children of enemies, and handed over their children to the brothels, bath-houses and temples that could be found in any city of antiquity.42 Physicians advocated the rape of children as a way to overcome depression and as a cure for venereal disease.43 Most political leaders kept children to rape, like Nero, who roamed about daily, raping boys who he found in the streets and in brothels.44 Some even used babies for fellatio, like Tiberius, who “taught children of the most tender years, whom he called his little fishes, to play between his legs while he was in his bath. Those which had not yet been weaned…he set at fellatio.”45 Wealthy Romans kept large harems of both sexes to rape, saying with Martialis: “How pitiful, to be the owner of thirty girls and thirty boys and have only one cock.”46 As in most societies today, the rape began when the children were about seven years old;47 although the ideal age was 12–14, many of the images show them younger. Petronius depicts men raping a seven-year-old girl, with women happily clapping in a long line around the bed.48 Being raped was simply part of growing up. The word pais could mean any of the following: “child,” “sexual partner,” “son,” “daughter,” or “slave.”49 In early Egypt, where brothers were forced to marry and rape their sisters,50 in Babylon, where daughters were sold in rape auctions, in Germanic states, where boys were sometimes forced to marry older men, in Greece, Rome, and other European states and in India, China, and Japan where incestuous sex was common, all early states assumed boys and girls could be used as sexual partners.51 Rent-a-boy brothels were rife throughout antiquity.52 Parents taught their children that “the teacher’s thrusting his penis between his thighs or in his anus is the fee which the pupil pays for good teaching.”53 In Sparta and Crete, husbands sometimes didn’t move in with their wives when they got married; they slept in barracks and had sex with boys.54 Wives often complained that their husbands had too little sex with them because of the boys they normally raped. Martial describes a wife yelling: “Bumming a boy again! Don’t I have a rump as well?”55

Plutarch said boys should be taught about being raped to “put up with it; not as a pleasure, but as a duty.”62 In many early states, boys as young as six would be dressed up by their mothers as girls to make a living out of prostitution or to be raped by priests during religious rituals.63 Men could pick up boys to be raped at any barbershop, in any boy brothel, at the exit of any of the Roman games. Men regularly went into streets with “scissors to make a hole in the trousers of the boy and a small pillow to put in the boy’s mouth if he should scream.”64 Physicians were expected to provide lubricants for anal penetration of boys, and to repair the rectal tears that came from being raped.65 Rape laws in early societies were only concerned with “protection of bloodlines.”66 All other rape was legal, facilitated by the parents. Plutarch and others wrote essays on what was the best kind of person a father should give his son over for raping. Mothers, too, masturbated and had sex with their children, who shared their beds nightly, in order “to put them to sleep, “thus providing the basis for the worship of goddesses who were usually depicted as having incest with their sons.67


The worst genital mutilation for boys was, of course, castration, which was practiced East and West both as a sacrificial rite to early goddesses (“Piles of freshly severed genitals lay beneath the altars in Egyptian temples”) and in order to prepare the boys for later rape by men. Eunuchs were popular for sexual use from Byzantium to Italy to China, with many areas famous as “eunuch factories,” and infants were often castrated “in the cradle” to be used in brothels. Parents who sent their boys to other households as servants, who were usually used sexually by them, often cut off their genitals and kept them in a jar.80 In the early Roman Empire “the castration of boys was a big business” used for raping by the aristocracy and by priests.81

deMause, Lloyd.  The Origins of War in Child Abuse.  Chapter 8:  Infanticide, Child Rape and War in Early States.

Retrieved 2.4.2014 from http://www.psychohistory.com/originsofwar/08_infanticide.html



Swedish Bestiality Ring Exposed

…”But the man was quick to defend his relations with a bitch he bought online from a city-dwelling family who said they wanted the dog to have a better life in the countryside.

“Any of the times I did anything with her she was the one who backed into me and provoked it. She was in heat and made herself available. There were also times later when she didn’t want to and then I backed out immediately,” he told Expressen.”…

…””He has a goat and a couple of donkeys. We tried with a donkey but it didn’t work. But we did have sex with the goat,” one of the men told Expressen.”…



“Now it appears bestiality/zoophilia is considered a “lifestyle choice” in Denmark and Germany with more animal brothels being opened, as there are no laws to ban their existence. The irony is that the distribution of pornography involving animals is illegal, while the actual act of having sex with an animal is not.”



Laws in both Denmark and Norway are fairly open when it comes to a person’s legal right to engage in sexual activity with an animal. The law states that doing so is perfectly legal, so long as the animal involved does not suffer. According to the Danish newspaper 24timer, this interesting gap in the law has led to a flourishing business in which people pay in order to have sex with animals.

On the internet, several Danish animal owners openly advertise their services. The newspaper contacted several such individuals and was told that many of the animals have been engaged in this kind of activity for several years and that the animals crave the sexual stimulation. The newspaper found that the cost charged by the animal owners varied from DKK 500 to 1,000 (USD$85 to $170).


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