Negroids: A Primitive Race?

It has been claimed repeatedly that Negroids are in terms of homonization level behind Europids(Caucasoids) and Mongolids. This is often justified in terms of their cranial capacity and non-orthognathic jaw shape. In reality, there was a similarly strong intraspecific selection competition within the Negroid race spectrum – compared to Mongolids and Europids.
Negroids have therefore – compared to Europids and Mongolids – Negroid-specific progressive tendencies. However, not all alike, if one compares the Nilotid type (relatively progressive), the Sudanid type (relatively progressive with primitivisms) and the classic Paleanegrid type (relatively primitive and infantile-reduced).

While interestingly the primitive variants have even more archaic gene variants (Paleanegrids, Bambutids, Sanids) than the (relatively to) progressive Negroid forms(Sudanids/Nilotids).

1.Forehead shape

Negroids have one for them typical neotenic-infantile forehead shape(doomed/high). Whereas significantly more on average, Europids have sloping/low foreheads in combination with brow bridge. Similar to early archaic Homo sapiens forms. Regarding the forehead shape, Mongolids are between Negroids and Europids.

Negrid > Mongolid > Europid

head shape
1. Homo neanderthalensis 2. Europid type 3. Mongolid type 4. Negrid type

2.Skin texture

smooth skin

Negroids have a smooth-shiny skin, facial features with soft lines and more subcutaneous fat in the facial area, often despite clear leptosome habitus and low body fat percentage. This is due to intraspecific sexual selection process, and thus a clear derivation from archaic homonids. Whereas these features among Caucasoids and Mongolids are missing or are not very pronounced.

smooth skin2

The most closely related living homonids, chimpanzees have little subcutaneous fat, very relief-rich face, not smooth and shiny skin, etc.


3. Reduction of body hair


Progressive Negroids (especially Nilotids) are relatively slight hairy compared with Europids.

The less body hair is only partly a adjustment to climatic environmental conditions:

– Adaptation to extreme dry heat among Negroids


– Adaptation to extreme cold among Mongolids, after which very strong growth of beard and body hair – in the context of transpiration and hypothermia – could have been selected negatively.

Primary sexual selection(‘attractive feature’) could be the decisive factor towards hairlessness among progressive Negroids.

4.Lip shape

Thin lips in combination with a wide oral fissure is a primitive feature. Typical of less progressive Europids (especially unreduced Cromagnoids) and Mongolids. Negroids, however, have voluminous lip shape and therefore deviate in a progressive direction.


> Europids (Aurignacoids / reduced Cromagnoids & Taurids/ stronger infantilized Mongolids)

> Europids (unreduced Cromagnoids & Taurids) & less infantilized Mongoloids (despite variability: frequent occurrence of wide oral fissure in combination with thin lips)

5. Better suitability for bipedality

Homo sapiens has still not reached the optimum balance of the head on the spine, the optimal upright gait, and therefore many orthopedic deficits, particularly in old age.

But some race forms in this case are much more harmonious and have an higher hominization level than others. Especially primitive at this point is Homo neanderthalensis, he serves as a perfect example of a primitive body shape and posture in the genus Homo.

Posture and body’s centre of gravity of a chimpanzee and an human being:

Baboon and Homo Sapiens compared with respect to skull-balance. The weight that is needed to keep up the baboon skull is much larger

Nilotid man:

Negroids have in this regard a further hominization advance in comparison to other racial groups. Especially Nilotids have – regarding the way of walking, position of the head and its center of gravity, relative leg length (lower leg-thigh ratio) and posture – reached the top of hominization.

Similarly shortened calf muscles and a specific muscle fiber variant among certain West African Negroids (especially Sudanids/North-Paleanegrids) – important for explosiveness in sprinting – improve the bipediality – a feature of homonids – in comparison to Europids and Mongoloids whom lack these features.

Progressivity of the physique:

– Longer legs (longer lower leg in relation to the thigh)
– Higher body’s centre of gravity
– Shortened calf muscles
– Better positioning of the head

Negroids (especially Nilotids) > South-Aethiopids

> Europids (Aurignacoids) & North-sinid (progressive peak of the Mongolid race)

> Europids (unreduced Taurids & Cromagnoids) & Mongolids

> Europids (reduced Taurids & Cromagnoids)

6. The prominence of the eyeballs

Similarly Negroids differ – in comparison to Europids and Mongoloids – due to a basedowoid eye tendency from archaic Homo sapiens forms. More prominent, not deep set, large eyes were in intraspecific competition a sexual selection advantage among Negroids.

Negroids > Aethiopids > Europids (Aurignacoids & Taurids & reduced Cromagnoids > Mongoloids & Europids (unreduced Cromagnoids)

7.Increased women’s profile WHR (waist-hip ratio)

low sexual dimorphism

Greater sexual dimorphism among Negroids (especially Sudanids) compared to Mongolids and Europids in terms of women’s profile waist-to-hip ratio. Steatopygia is an extreme form of this feature and can be found among Bambutids and Khoisanids.

"Serena Williams"

Interesting study about male preference in relation to women’s profile WHR comparing two different racial-ethnic cultural groups (Hadza men & American men):

This study indicates that the different preference of both groups(Negrid=Hazda versus mainly Europid=American) could be genetically conditioned.



10 thoughts on “Negroids: A Primitive Race?

  1. im europide and had that impression before. but i think you cant really find out whats primitive. see all apes have that tiny nose. european ppl among others mostly tend to have a fat nosebone witch must have been developed. at all u can associate some ppl with apes. at least white ppl do that to each other i know.

  2. so caucasian people still keep the natural ratio of beauty that inherited from all ancestor, thats why caucasian girl are the most beautiful among others, this coming from asian btw,

  3. Can you take your analysis beyond physical attributes and comment on racial intelligence and temperament, (a racial MBTI analysis would be interesting,) and cultural (ie group behavioural,) tendencies? …I personally see any given race of people as a collective whole an organism in itself, wherein the individual is likened to a leaf on a tree.

    When I think of ‘primitive’, I think less physical attributes and more capacity for concerted, intelligent action. ..and suitability for survival.


    • An MBTI analysis on animals vs humans? Do you even know what the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is and how it works?

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