“Europe” = West Asia?

“Geographically, Europe is a tail to the Asiatic kite.” [1]

The word “Europe” derives from the roots ”eur-” + “op-” meaning “broad-faced”.

Why do people call the western portion of Asia “Europe”?

It’s not a continent.

South Asia is bigger, and has more people, ethnicities and languages, and it’s not considered a continent. The same goes for Southeast Asia, which is also not considered a continent. The same goes for China, and it’s only considered a country!

Nearly every West Asian language has its roots in another part of Asia.

Nearly every West Asian religion was founded in another part of Asia.

So why should West Asia be called “Europe” and classified as a continent?

Don’t tell me it’s because “Europeans” are white. First of all, nobody is white, or black. Have you ever seen a person the color of either of these hands?

black and white

In fact, there is no skin color, and hardly a phenotypical characteristic, found in West Asia that is not found (or original to) another part of Asia or North Africa. You can hardly find a Nord, even, who doesn’t “look” half-“Asian”.

…because they are all Asian…

asiatic 2

asiatic 3

“There is no such thing as a white race, much as this is talked of, but every white man is a faded or bleached one.” (Schopenhauer [2])

The “distinctive culture/heritage” doesn’t fly, either. Has Western Asia spread its religion, language, alphabet and philosophy further than South Asia has historically? Certainly not, when you consider Buddhism and the Sanskrit alphabet alone. Let’s not even go into the South Asian-West Asian (Indo-“European”) language “family”. It’s really the South Asian language family (which took root in West Asia as much as it did other parts of Asia).

There is no such continent as “Europe”. As a common name for West Asia, perhaps the term could still survive.

That notwithstanding, the “E”U is AWAN- Association of West Asian Nations, a regional bloc like ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations). Or we could call it WAARC- West Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, like SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation).

“european” as a phenotypical designation could work: the word “Europe” derives from the roots ”eur-” + “op-” meaning “broad-faced”[3]. It’s just another term like dolichocephalic, prognathous, etc.

Both are european (broad-headed), ethnicities are irrelevant (aryanism.net)

That DOES make something of a case for using europe in a place name, but as a place name, it would be Europia (the same way the Greek words comprising Ethiopia (‘land of burnt faces’, literally) is conjugated. Either way, “Europia”, ‘Land of the Broad-Headed’ would not correspond to traditional “Europe”:

Long story short:

“Europe” is West Asia.

“Western Europe” is Far West Asia.

“Europeans” are West Asians.

“Western” means West Asian.

No 7th Continent here...
No 7th Continent here…


Next up:  Arabia is North-East Africa…

[1] Dorsey, George. Why We Behave Like Human Beings, pp. 44-45; quoted in Jackson, John G. “Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization” (1939); Retrieved 17.12.2014 from http://2017blackart.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/ethiopia-and-the-origin-of-civilization-by-john-g-jackson/
[2] Jackson, John G. “Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization” (1939); Retrieved 17.12.2014 from http://2017blackart.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/ethiopia-and-the-origin-of-civilization-by-john-g-jackson/
[3]”Why ‘Race’ Matters and ‘The Races’ Don’t”. Aryanism.net. Retrieved 18.12.2014 from http://aryanism.net/politics/white-nationalists/why-race-matters

15 thoughts on ““Europe” = West Asia?

  1. as usual Blacks distort words and history. Martin Bernal tried it and he failed. One thing Blacks must remember is that we speak an Indo-European language.

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  5. it’s all shit liberal propaganda to fill europe with migrants and destroy native europeans. it’s fabrication or just true. but that does not mean that everything that had been lost in the ages thoughout antiquity now has to bring back. you liberal jews are really scums. first go to israel and try to settle such fucking theories there and force israeli government to submit power to palestine, then you might probably see the wrath would be descended to you, and your shits will be shut down without taking much time. but in europe, people usually native tend to be liberal, submissive to you shitty stuffs like that and advocate for sputtering hatred towards white race. it will make you so manipulative and daring that you label ones who fight for his own state as racist and hardly take time to shut his or her moth.if your theory justify bringing back west asians into europe because you liberal jews in europe often tended to europe as west asian and let the armageddon happened, then i might suggest bringing back dinosaurs and entitlew your extinction with glorification. and i mustensure you that racism does not have anything to loo different but its definition lies in practicing ill fated manner with someone because he seems to loo beyond you could identify him or her according to surroundings. i can differentiate between black and white people on the basis of their colour because their colour makes them look quite different. but it never make me feel so agitated that i would keep choosing a path to oppose providing black one with amenities he or she has every right to gain.

  6. I really need to understand on which basis south and north america are to be considered two different continents then. And I would point out that people here “bellow” he rio grande consider the american continent to be one and only, undivided. Therefore, there is no seventh continent, unless you talk from a very us-centric perspective, to start with.

    PS: I’m from Brazil, the 200 millions of us here do not consider a manmade cannal reason enough to consider this ONE landmass, since there are no other cultural kr historical reasons, two continents…

    • They were separated for millions of years. The closure of the Isthmus of Panama (Darien) led to allopatric speciation events of marine organisms isolated on each side (Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea). Terrestrial species also migrated between the two continents (the Great American Biotic Interchange) upon the formation of a passable land bridge. I surely hope there are people in Brazil that know that.

  7. by the way, the answer to this question is obviously yes…. Has Western Asia spread its religion, language, alphabet and philosophy further than South Asia has historically?

    We are jot writing in thai now, are we? And english is not my native language as you must have noticed…

  8. I have always been wondering this too, why Europe is considered as a different continent. I recently noticed that many companies use this term known as “Asia Pacific”, so I looked into this in wikipedia and found they literally cut the asia in half, and named china and all the countries in east and south to asia, and. I was like how come they cut the asia in half and named it as asia? then what about the rest? it doesn’t make any sense at all. In fact it’s ridiculous. someone accused that the rest of the world want to destroy the european culture? but it’s not true at all, in fact they were the one who did it a couple of centuries ago. forgot the european colonization? I can tell you this story, I am from srilanka, and in here this one province rebelled against british in 1818, which is widely known as Uva–Wellassa uprising. and after this rebellion was over, British slaughtered every single male, even children. The entire province was soaked in blood for decades, people ran away to far away from there. and this is just a tip of the iceberg. so please before accusing the rest of the world for destroying your culture, first think what you had done for us a long ago.

    I am from south asia, and many europeans married (and some raped) to our women during the colonial age, and thus almost all the people are here now somewhat europeans. I remember seeing old pictures of our ancestors, they looked completely different to modern peoples. so it further explains that a lot of people in here south asia are not really natives, but mixed of europeans and natives. so culturally, geographically we all share the same entity. so why still europe is known as a different continent? I believe like you said, Europe = Western Asia, we are from South asia, China, japan, korea etc.. from East asia, middle east is South West asia, siberia is from north east asia, russia is in north asia. indonesia, burma, philippines, thailand, vietnam etc,, are from south east asia.

    • I don’t see why this isn’t the most obvious thing in the world to most people. The idea of “Europe” is purely made up, to make certain people feel special.

      And I didn’t know that about Sri Lanka, but I currently live in South Asia- Lahore- and like I always tell South Asians who are racist about skin color- “Y’all are the blackest people on this planet.”

      • I totally agree, Europe is a racist concept to separate the white people from less white, brown and yellow folks, Europe doesn’t meet the requisites for a continent, just a region in West Asia.

  9. Thank you! I’m German, but from now on when someone asks me, I will say that I am West Asian. SJWs will be assmad!

  10. because people that lived in Africa are the people from Europe,before the call it Europe.

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