Missing Black Girls, The Medical Industry & Melanin

64,000 African-American women and girls are missing.  Where are they?  The dark past of the American medical history, and the miraculous applications of melanin, hold important clues…

Dedicated to Kenyon Mason

Bring Back Our Girls

64,000 African-Americans girls are reported missing, but nobody’s looking for them.  Why?

Despite representing 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 — or 34% — of all missing persons reported in 2012. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, the comparison with other racial groups is unfavorable: Whites and Hispanics are a combined 80.1% of the population, but account for 60% of missing persons.

This is especially troubling when you break down the numbers by age. Black and Missing reports that 37% of missing minors and 28.2% of missing adults in 2013 were black. No fewer than 270,000 minorities have gone missing since 2010, 135,000 of whom were black and 64,000 were black women, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

Essence points to a 2010 report titled “Missing Children in National News Coverage,” which found that while black children accounted for 33.2% of missing children that year, the media exposure rate was an unimpressive 19.5%. While black men go missing at statistically higher rates, coverage of black female disappearances is particularly telling in light of the attention similar stories get when white women are involved.

“In the field, I’ve seen a majority of black missing children classified as runaways, who don’t get Amber Alerts.”

From Identies.Mic

Medical History

No way the same US government and media that gave so much attention to 2-300 Nigerian girls would ignore 64,000(!) its own, unless there was a reason.  The most likely reason is organ harvesting, and the the skin is the body’s biggest organ.  Considering America’s dark history of medical exploitation of Blacks, this isn’t as far-fetched as it seems at first.

First of all, there’s a long history of medical research using unwitting/unwilling African-American women for medical experiments:

on the 19th century medical plantation—a locality spatially separate from the agricultural plantation—black women’s bodies were imagined as the ideal test subjects of research and innovation within what became modern gynecology.


That trend has continued from Emancipation until today, at the GOVERNMENT level: ”

throughout their long history in the USA, African-Americans have been secretly used as guinea pigs for medical experimentation by various American governments


It’s a MARKET. The medical industry cannot advance without unwitting/unwilling Black subjects. Cells secretly harvested, and later cultivated from a Black woman are the source of ALL cells used for medical research- vaccines, cloning, testing, etc. “This represented an enormous boon to medical and biological research” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrietta_Lacks


So, yes, if a multi-billion dollar, multi-national, centuries old industry is based on the bodies of stolen and captive Black female bodies, then it will continue along the same lines that it has succeeded: stealing black women, experimenting with them, and harvesting their biological material.

Melanin:  More Than Just A Color

spray tan

You also need to be aware of just how badly pale (“white”) people actually need melanin, the many ways that they use it, and the price of melanin on the market.

Though people will go so far as to sniff nasal sprays to increase their melanin, its medical and cosmetic applications go far beyond tanning.  Let’s look at one example: Meladine.

Meladine is “an “Accessory to a Surgical Laser Instruments used for Hair Removal” to enhance the effects of lasers for the treatment of non-pigmented hair”.

  • It “simply deposits natural melanin into the hair follicle which aids the laser in targeting the hair follicle for removal… simply deposits natural melanin into the hair follicle which aids the laser in targeting the hair follicle for removal.”

Now you tell me, wheretf do they get this “natural melanin” that has to be so frequently applied? They certainly don’t say so on their site: http://www.sunrisemedicalsupplies.com/FAQMeladine

So, to think that the pharmaceutical industry, which, like any other industry, puts profits before morals, would take “unethically-sourced” melanin is probably a very sane thought, making the opposing thought, of course, insane.

Melanin:  Fountain of Youth?


Let’s go back to Henrietta Lacks, whose cells are the source of all medical research cells. What made her cells so special? They wouldn’t die.

The cells from Henrietta’s tumor were given to researcher George Gey, who “discovered that [Henrietta’s] cells did something they’d never seen before: They could be kept alive and grow.”[13] Before this, cells cultured from other cells would only survive for a few days. Scientists spent more time trying to keep the cells alive than performing actual research on the cells, but some cells from Lacks’s tumor sample behaved differently from others. George Gey was able to isolate one specific cell, multiply it, and start a cell line. Gey named the sample HeLa, after the initial letters of Henrietta Lacks’ name. As the first human cells grown in a lab that were “immortal” (they do not die after a few cell divisions), they could be used for conducting many experiments. (wikipedia)

This was probably because of their melanin. My theory is that Lacks’s cells were the first black person’s cells harvested and tested, hence their surprise at the difference melanin made.

There’s a popular expression “Black don’t crack”, and it’s true that healthy melanated people who eat a healthy natural diet don’t seem to age.  This woman is 74 years old!


So the need for melanin goes far beyond avoiding skin cancer. It’s the key to life itself.


When you consider that a body fails to produce melanin only if and when the pineal gland is calcified- a fossilized organ in the center of a living brain!- you see how melanin is involved in much more than skin color and skin cancer. Read this astounding comment to the Washington Post article “Scientists Find A DNA Change That Accounts For White Skin

Europeans also have a calcified Pineal Gland which is responsible for the production of melanin (skin pigmentation), melatonin (the hormone that induces sleep), and seratonin (responsible for strong mental health and ‘happiness’) this is NOT true for Albinos. Albinos can produce a child of COLOR this is NOT true for Europeans. 70-80% of Europeans have a calcified Pineal Gland, whereas Black people have a fully functioning Pineal Gland.

Melanin is a natural skin block from UV rays of the sun. This is why White people put on things like sunscreen. Sunscreen is nothing more than an artificial form of melanin. Melanin basically converts sunlight into vitamin D which is essential for bone growth, and the natural protection against diseases. Black people, much like plants, LITERALLY convert sunlight into vitamin D. White people can’t do that that is why, as the article states, EVERYTHING has Vitamin D added to it. That is for the benefit of WHITE PEOPLE not for us. That is ALSO the reason that Black people are the most prone to being lactose intolerant and White people AREN’T. You are NOT supposed to drink milk after a certain age because you body no longer NEEDS IT. White people do. How many animals in nature do you see still drinking their mother’s milk after a certain age?? You don’t because they DON’T NEED IT. Black people need to STOP drinking milk.

The calcification of the Pineal Gland meant the extremely LOW production of melanin which caused White people’s skin to become ‘white’ NOT Albino white. I guarantee if you do some research into decalcifying your Pineal Gland which is most commonly known as the ‘Third Eye’ you’ll find about a million websites on it. Now why is that?? Because White people are just now finding out what the Pineal Gland is FOR. They used to think it was an unnecessary appendage like the appendix. So they have to mislead you into thinking it is nothing more than a small genetic mutation that ‘doesn’t matter’.

To Infinity and Beyond

Watch the following short video, showing how the skin looks in UV light.  It gets really interesting at 1:18 :

There definitely are planets with atmospheres similar enough to ours to sustain human life.  However, they may not have the same kind of sun or source of light, or the same kind of atmospheric protection from the many different types of light and other radiation that ours does.  In a harsher environment, melanin would be key.  It’s a safe bet that melanin is necessary to space travel and colonization of planets.  All the more reason to harvest and study it.

bring back our girls


51 thoughts on “Missing Black Girls, The Medical Industry & Melanin

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  2. Very interesting and thought provoking article. It’s sickening that this subject will not be taken seriously. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this so deep in the conspiracy and attacks against us ingrained in this culture. I will share this story. You are appreciated.

    • Thank you, Lexi, and please do spread the word.

      I beg to differ with you on one point: there IS something we can do. When faced with a threat, the natural instinct is fight or flight. We are not in a position to fight right now due to divisions and lack of awareness in our ranks, but we don’t have to take it. We can leave. America is not the world, and going back to Africa is not the only option. We have passports that can get us into any country without visas, and soon I will release a document establishing our right to refuge from American state persecution of its ethnic African minorities. Follow this blog to be alerted to that.

      • I agree with you that we can leave but you really need to take in to account that most of the black people here (a significant portion) do not have the means to do so, being of little resources and money. Of the one’s that do have the means they are so lost in patriotism and christianity, it will be like pulling teeth to get them to see that they are definite targets of the government and country they love so much. That said, I appreciate your efforts and will spread the word as I continue to follow your blog.

  3. You’re a fucking nutter and your pseudo-scientific “examination” of unreliable sources and cross-comparison of completely unrelated “evidence” is utterly vacant of any kind of scientific method. Enjoy being a retard.

    • Well, hiya Jakie!

      How did you know I nut? You having been talking down my old flames, have you? Don’t believe anything those girls tell you (unless it’s good).

      Anyways, no thanx for writing.

      Talk 2 U soon,

      • You say that the melanin in the string of cells harvested from that woman didn’t die because of melanin, when those cells were taken from a tumor that was suybdermal, and thus had no melanin in it. Your whole argument after that (false) point is moot and you need to learn some basic fucking biology.

  4. The reason why I am really glad I was born a black woman and glad that I no longer suffer from self hate I actually want to get darker lbvs

  5. Just enough miseducation to confuse people even more. Ask yourself reader:

    Who wrote this article?
    Why did they write it?
    Where did they get their information?
    How did they come to know this information?
    What is their purpose for creating this post?
    When they wrote this article did they include ANY information which refutes their position?

    No mention of melanogenesis, the process of melanin production. No mention of where the women are. No mention of what happened to them. But melanin is invoked more frequently than the names of the women. For Shame.

    Melanin is an aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor. It is the product of a metabolic process known as melanogenesis. Melanin is not just in human beings. It is in nature all around us. It is in the hair. It is in black Angus Cattle. Melanin is in Black Cats. Melanin is in Crickets. Melanin is in fungus. Melanin is in the ink of cephalopods.

    Because melanin is so difficult to obtain from natural sources it is currently worth $384.50 a gram. The value of melanin is $300 a gram more than that of gold.


  6. The truth contained within here is the truest evil in this world. God, the Black Woman, is being sacrificed everyday!

  7. United State of America

    This is a Petition to Ban The Federal Bank Reserve from access of stocks an bonds in Prison enterprise and Obama health Care Medical insurance for the following grounds to wit:


    Now, this Man raises the issues that conflict of intrest of the bank having loan property to civilians an citizens whereas the Banks can use the politicians police force an Mental Health State Government policians whom have recieved stock bonds from the Banks to use tactics to help the Banks repossess property from citizens by having the citizen in debt to the Bank incarcerated or committed into State Mental Health institutions by false psychiatric interpretations before loans can be paid off fully to the Banks to gain property tittle from the Bank, This method is a method in which has not been ammended to the US Constitution as an illicit crime but it somewhat falls into compliance with embezzlement. The Banks even have influence over State Departments of Workforce Labor an Socia Security payments wadges being that the Banks can assure and bribe most Federal and all State Government offical when the odds are up against African Americans.


    In closing of this humble Petition this Man prays that laws be Ammended and enforced by US Constitution in which would by way ensure the citizens fairness to pay off debt in order to recieve tittles from the Banks for property loans by simply establishing, Ammending and enforcing A Federal Law which would tighten sanctions against such racketeering monolithic activities conducted against the African American minority citizens whom are the offspring of slaves in which has made great wealth for Banks like Wells Fargo.

    I have reserved all of my natural and common law rights!

    Common law seal: J.L.E

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  9. But I feel if white went black to give them there melain that’s up to the black and then seal black for melain black women that it going to come out takeing there kid sound like evil people doing but they hate black that’s a lawsuit and it going to come white people look old fast and the is not going to last they seal going to be old to they well always be white they been hurting black but went there melain well black are very smart and they well fine out and know one not saying anything are doing anything white knows and this has been going on it has to stop and white has to live with there skin and they don’t like blacks and they do them sew bad when it come to jobs to if they’d the case black should get paid family when black die they take there body part and never tell the family family should get paid that’s mad now there missing black women and they are pretty and white women went to have there mailen went to have there body I feel they owe black people big time now 63.0000 black women missing that’s a lawsuit know not doing anything it well come out and they well fine out and killing them like pets

  10. I really hope none of yall believe this… So many inconsistencies and jumbled conclusions. The aurthor obviously knows nothing about how skin pigments work. And every single thing that was written about the pineal gland is WRONG. This is all hearsay based on circunstantial evidence. More black people are missing in the United States because African Americans (who are more likely to commit violent crimes than other races based on crime statistics) are more likely to commit violent crimes against people of their own race. Stop posting this psuedoscience bullshit. I cant believe people in my own town are falling for this shit…

    • Actually it only SEEMSblack people are more likely to commit murder amongst each other armed robbery and this is due to lesser sentencing of whites. That being said, these are only violent crimes that the criminal justice system CLAIMS black people lead in. 70% of all crimes are committed by whites but they make up only around 50% of inmates. Once again, this is due to discrepancies and bias in the criminal justice system and is not based on truth: https://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/Documents/Race_and_Wrongful_Convictions.pdf
      There are plenty more studies that are never mentioned which expose this injustice, however this is never mentioned in media or parroting racists whites who overlook the crimes in their own community as they point accusatory fingers at the black community. You people live a lie that is being revealed day in and day out. Time to wake up.

  11. Also, would like to point out, melanin is not exclusive to humans. It is found in so many organims, including plants, fungi, and bacteria. Why would the pharmaceutical indistry run around risking their entire companies by kidnapping black women when they could grow melanin producing bacteria or plants for extremely cheap? Calcification of the pineal gland has nothing to do with race either. Pineal glands BECOME calcified by unhealthy lifestyles and exposure to unneeded elements in food and water, such as the fluoride the government puts in our water. And the milk thing, c’mon man, milk is good for you. You need calcium to stay alive. Its an essential nutrient. Animals stop drinking milk because their mothers stop producing milk and the offspring can’t live with their mother forever. They get calcium from other sources. For example, Rodents chew on animal bones to get calcium. There is so much misinformation in this article it is unbelievable.

    • Actually, black people only lead in two areas of violent crimes due to lesser sentencing of and lesser charged whites. These two crimes would be intraracial murder and armed robbery. Studies show discrepancies and bias in the criminal justice system time and again yet this is rarely mentioned in the media or by white sociopaths who love to point accusatory fingers at the black community while ignoring white on white crime, the 70% white rape arrest rate, drunk driving and the epidemic of heroin abuse in their own communities. Whites are 70% of those arrest and make up around 40% of those imprisoned which further exposes the miscarriage of justice and blatant racism in society.
      Now go cry elsewhere. I put nothing beyond white sociopaths who have built a country on experimenting on black folk, lynching black folk, enslaving black folk, anddemeanong black folk. White sociopaths are capable of committing any atrocity and then hiding information for several years in an attempt to erase these crimes from the largely brainwashed public’s memory. Go cry on a David Duke web page or something.

    • Also, calcified pineal glands can not simpky only occur due to lifestyle. Black people had and have activated pineal glands at 80% while whites only have 20% activated in their communities. This is a genetic reality. Despite the inferior food and lifestyle habits of black people they continue to have activated pineal glands. Doctors discovered this while examining the brains of dead soldiers in Vietnam war. At this time black soldiers had substandard food and living conditions and it was quite blatant.
      You make up lies and mislead just like the rest of the white sociopaths and their enablers.

  12. People post anything on the internet, add a little truth and most people gobble it up as truth..to quote a commercial (bon jour); for those who aren’t familiar with this commercial, a gullible woman believed the guy she met on line was from France even though based on his accent, he clearly wasn’t. Fake news and suspect articles that sound good but are maybe 5% truth snd some cases are totally false. People have agendas unfortunately they use us to push them.

  13. Sad Kennaka Jenkins had to die for me to even know about all this but she did not die in vain and she will get the truth out. So crazy but not as crazy as you al lmay think.

  14. a few clarifications i would like to make…suncreen blocks uv rays but melanin absorbs them and uses those lights as energy transforming it to heat! This process is the similar to photosynthesis in plants and solar cells but here is the kicker…melanins effieciency is 99%…the others dont even come close!!!!!!…..even einstein said the key to ultimate energy has something to do with melanin!!! My second point is the hela cells do what they do bcuz she was a tobacco farmer, she had a cut or open wound and the soil pathogen agrobacterium got inside of her by way of that wound. I have not found what role melanin played in all that except that particular soil pathogen kills melanin. On the other hand tobacco plants multiplies dna and agrobacterium transforms dna. Im sure melanin plays a significant role in this process bcuz timing and amount of each of the 3 variables is important like a recipe…this process of mixing this and that temp light color sound is how we got here!!

  15. Lots of misinformation here. A little research goes a long way:

    Indeed, we should be outraged by the disappearance of our girls and women, but there has to be more diligence employed when sharing articles such as this. White skin does produce Vitamin D. It’s a human function necessary for many processes in the body and not exclusive to poc. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, this is why you find it added to many dairy products. It’s not because of white people’s inability to produce it. If you read the article above, you’ll see that melanin actually has the opposite effect on vitamin D production than you claim. In reality, it’s African Americans who are most deficient in this nutrient according to multiple medical journals. So, it would seem that the addition of this vitamin to our food benefits us all, not only white people.

    The calcification of the pineal gland has been linked to the addition of flouride to our water sources. It’s a little unbelievable that scientists claimed that black people had more pristine pineal glands than other races based on the study of such a small portion of the population.

    I know white people who are lactose intolerant. Where are these statements coming from? They are not grounded in truth! You are doing a disservice to people by posting opinion instead of scientific fact.

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