Old Milk/Young Cheese

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“I was doing summer school at Columbia University and I shared a room with a basketball player in a frat house. My roommate and I were two very different people. I was, as one friend coined, “the stoned Muslim”, but otherwise a neat freak. He was your stereotypical conservative Texan, and a total slob. One time, I asked him to stop leaving half-eaten bowls of cereal on the floor.  He told me ‘This is how I live, you know. I like it like this.’ That did it for him? Old milk/young cheese waiting to be tipped over on the floor? Was that some kind of fucked up frat boy feng shui?”

“Anyway, we worked together on paying that rent. I had some rinky dink summer job on campus, but much of the meager proceeds went to upkeeping the ‘stoned’ part of my moniker. Luckily there were always psychological experiments going…

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