Don’t Ever Let Anyone Tell You Who Is Racist- Case Study: WWII

Let’s compare Hitler, allegedly the most racist murderous psychopath of all time, to the “good guys” in the war- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, POTUS and Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England.

(l-r) Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill
(l-r) Hitler, Roosevelt, Churchill

Attitude towards Africans

African-Americans were not treated fairly while serving in WW2. For example blacks were organized in segregated units. Blacks were used only in service units. Blacks were also not allowed to command whites.
African-Americans were not treated fairly while serving in WW2. For example blacks were organized in segregated units. Blacks were used only in service units. Blacks were also not allowed to command whites.
African volunteers fought alongside Germans in integrated units


Had Fate so willed that the President of the United States during this critical period were someone other than Roosevelt, he might well have been a man capable of adapting the American economy to the needs of the twentieth century and of becoming the greatest President since Lincoln.


When Roosevelt appointed Hugo Black to the Supreme Court he knew that Black had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  In private Roosevelt told Black that “some of his best friends and supporters he had in the state of Georgia were strong members of that organization.” (wikipedia)

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, there were German cheers of “Yesseh Oh-vens” or just “Oh-vens” from the crowd. Owens was a true celebrity in Berlin, mobbed by autograph seekers to the point that he complained about all the attention. He later claimed that his reception in Berlin was greater than any other he had ever experienced, and he had been quite popular even before the Olympics.

Back in America, even after ticker-tape parades for Owens in New York City and Cleveland, President Franklin D. Roosevelt never publicly acknowledged Owens’ record-breaking achievements, prompting Owens to declare: “Hitler didn’t snub me – it was FDR who snubbed me.” (The Guardian)
For a post-Olympic reception at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, the world-famous black athlete was forced to use the freight elevator! (Quora)

In Owens’ own words, “When I came back, after all those stories about Hitler and his snub, I came back to my native country, and I could not ride in the front of the bus. I had to go to the back door. I couldn’t live where I wanted. Now what’s the difference?” (Goodreads)



Before becoming Prime Minister, he fought to help England reconquer the Sudan, where he bragged that he personally shot at least three “savages”.

Fighting in Africa
Fighting in Africa

When concentration camps were built in South Africa, for white Boers, he said they produced “the minimum of suffering”. The death toll was almost 28,000, and when at least 115,000 black Africans were likewise swept into British camps, where 14,000 died, he wrote only of his “irritation that Kaffirs [Niggers] should be allowed to fire on white men”. Later, he boasted of his experiences there: “That was before war degenerated. It was great fun”.  (knowlege of self)

Attitude toward Asians


  • “The white races did, of course, give some things to the natives, and they were the worst gifts that they could possibly have made, those plagues of our own modern world-materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism and syphilis.”
  • “I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own.”
  • “I am sure that the Japanese, the Chinese and the peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France, in spite of the fact that we are related by blood.”
  • “You (Indians) are fortunate having been born in a country of glorious cultural traditions and a colossal manpower.” (Quora)


Roosevelt-mandatd Japanese-American Internment Camp
Roosevelt-mandatd Japanese-American Internment Camp

“Anyone who has traveled to the Far East knows that the mingling of Asiatic blood with European or American blood produces, in nine cases out of ten, the most unfortunate results… In this question, then, of Japanese exclusion from the United States it is necessary only to advance the true reason–the undesirability of mixing the blood of the two peoples. . . . The Japanese people and the American people are both opposed to intermarriage of the two races–there can be no quarrel there.” (The Clearinghouse)


(Future) Queen Elizabeth and her uncle (a future king) giving the 'Nazi' salute
(Future) Queen Elizabeth and her uncle (a future king) giving the ‘Nazi’ salute

In the Swat valley, now part of Pakistan, he gladly took part in raids that laid waste to whole valleys, destroying houses and burning crops.

When Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of peaceful resistance, Churchill raged that he “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back.” As the resistance swelled, he announced: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

In 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal, caused – as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has proved – by the imperial policies of the British. Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region. He bluntly refused. He raged that it was their own fault for “breeding like rabbits”. At other times, he said the plague was “merrily” culling the population.

Nazi Concentration Camp? No, Churchill’s Famine in India

Moral of the Story

Where race issues are concerned, of course there are good “white” people*, just as there are bad “black”** people, but don’t don’t take anyone’s word for who they are.

This isn’t Nazi apologia or revisionist history- Hitler was no “friend of the negro”.  But the butt naked truth is Nazi Germany were tree-hugging hippies compared to their accusers.  The Nazis were in power for about a decade and fought a war in West Asia (“Europe”).  England, America, France, Belgium and [insert West Asian country here] committed genocide for centuries, all over the world.  There’s no comparison.  World War II is over, but the lesson remains:  Don’t fall for the classic boogeyman tactic:  judge for yourself.

Jewish attempts to establish common cause based on mutual victimhood- the “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” approach- is also bogus.  They in fact led the way in our genocide.  They’re the most racist towards Africans.  Never trust the man who tells you he’s your friend.

Africans must do for self.  If you don’t make it, you don’t have it.  Nothing anyone will ever do for you or give will ever suffice you.

*i.e that refuse “white” privilege, oppose “white” supremacy amongst their own people (not just around “blacks”), make meaningful sacrifices and actions, and don’t try to usurp leadership

**i.e. that abandon the opportunity to strive for justice for material gain, or betray just causes for material gain

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