They were supreme and righteous- establishing spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and physical empires across the globe- so where did they go wrong?

buddha black
Asians- Eastern & Western (“European”)- knew about Africa’s wealth and riches (physical & metaphysical) from time immemorial, yet no conqueror- not Alexander the Greek, not Genghis Khan, not Cyrus- dared to attempt to invade.

But one day they did.

One day they knew the door that had been closed, was now open.

Who opened it?

What was the signal?

What was the door?

white slavery 04WHY did the world shift from economies based on white slavery (slav => slave) to basing them on Africans?

This is a tremendous paradigm shift, perhaps the biggest secret in history.

Enslaving and conquering Africa is only a consequence of being able to do so.

It’s rare that a man does not have a hand in his own destruction… 



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