Black Woman Sets Ice-T ‘Straight’ on African Sexuality

In an article “Ice T Explains Why He Cherishes White Women Over Other Races”, the rapper-turned-actor offered his reasons for preferring white women.  Among them was this one, #4:

White girls have WAY less restrictions in the bedroom than other races. You can basically do whatever, wherever with them. And they’ll smile through it all.

To this one commenter, “Darlene” clapped back, and damn near outed him:

And in the bedroom, well we prefer a classy persona but do not underestimate the intimacy we display under the sheets. If we do not want to be dogged out or allow your latent homosexual moves to destroy our anus that is our choice.

There you have it, Terry:  “We don’t do that…”

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Arabs & Arab Culture in Islamic History, Scripture & Prophecy


Islam was revealed in Arabic in the Arabian Peninsula, but what does it actually say about Arabs?  What is their place in Islam and Islamic history?  And does this apply to today’s modern musta’rab (Arabized people) or only to the original Arabs?

Arabs & Islamic Culture in Islamic History

Enmity to Islam

  • The first opponents of Islam were Arabs. They tortured and killed Muslims, even spearing a woman- Sumayya- in her vagina.
  • The people Muslims had to flee from, several times, were Arabs.
  • The first army Muslims fought was an army of Arabs.
  • The first munafiqeen (hypocrites) were Arabs. They pretended to be Muslims ready to fight with Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, then betrayed him.
  • The first murtadeen- renegade apostates- and false prophets were Arabs.

Enmity to Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, and His Family

  • Arabs tried to assassinate Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, a grave sin of the Children of Israel condemned in the Qur-an…

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The Genetic Relationship* between Ancient and Modern Israel

*or Lack Thereof

The  “Cohen Gene”, or Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH)

Excerpted from “Jesus, the Black Prophet and the Ancient Black Hebrews of Israel”, by Wesley Muhammad, PhD
Discovered in 1997 by Jewish scientists, this paternal genetic marker (it is found on the Y-chromosome) has a high frequency among the Jewish (Askenazi and Sephardic) priesthood (Cohanim) and is thought to be a signature of ancient Hebrew ancestry.  The haplotype (CMH) is indeed part of a haplogroup (Hg J) that originated in Black Arabia or Afrabia ca 30 kya (thousand years ago) and in high frequencies is believed to indicate “Semitism.”

While early reports, largely from Ashkenazi (white) Jewish writers, tended to portray this discovery as evidence that Ashkenazi Jews are truly Hebrew with a legitimate claim to the Holy Land, further genetic tests and reports demonstrated just the opposite.

Dark Secrets Revealed

There was a further “discovery” that the “purest” surviving remnant of the Children of Israel identified by CMH tests is the tribe of Black Jews in India, the Bene Israel and the Black Jews of Cochin, who show a genetic affinity not only to Ethiopians and Yemenis, but also to the tribe of Black Jews in South Africa, the Lemba, whose relation to the ancient Hebrews has also been confirmed by the presence of high frequencies of the CMH.

Bene Israel (India)
Ethiopian Jews
Yemeni Jews
Lemba Jews (southern Africa)

Non-Semitic Jews

Other reports confirm that, though the CMH is found in high frequencies among the priestly class of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewry, this class only represents 4-10% of this Jewry. Most Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews lack this signature and in fact have been shown to be genetically related, not to Semites, but to Gentiles: Kurds, Turks, East Europeans, etc.

Only about 15% of lay Ashkenaz and 12% of lay Sephardim possess this marker. The presence of this marker in non-priestly segments of the populations may be accounted for by gene flow from the Cohanim or priests.

Myth:  Palestians and Israelis are Genetic Cousins

In comparison with data available from other relevant populations in the region, Jews were found to be more closely related to groups in the north of the Fertile Cresent (Kurds, Turks, and Armenians) than to their Arab neighbors.  Genetic proximity of these European/Syrian Jewish populations, including Ashkenazi Jews, to each other and to French, North Italian and Sardinian populations favors the idea of non-Semitic Mediterranean ancestry in the formation of the European/Syrian Jewish groups.

Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jews are NOT Semitic

The CMH clad belongs to the J haplogroup. J has two major derivative subclads associated with it: J1 and J2.

  • The CMH belongs to JI, which originated in Black Arabia and signals African Semitic ancestry.
  • J2, on the other hand, which is found among Ashkenazis at a frequency twice that of JI, has a characteristically non-Semitic European distribution and is believed to have originated from a mutation that occurred in the Aegean area!  Because Jewish populations possess approximately twice as much J2 as they do J1, their ancestry more closely matches that of Turkish and Transcaucasian populations.

Why Do Some Africans Have Light Skin and European Features?

People generally divide Africa into

  • “North Africa”- populated by brown-skinned, wavy-haired “mulattos”/”Semites”
  • “Sub-Saharan”/”Black” Africa- populated by dark-skinned, “nappy”-haired “Negroids

Image result for africa arabia

From that one would assume the following pictures are from “Sub-Saharan Africa”:

Algerian woman of Ouargla, Algeria, 1965Girl from Algeria (Biskra), 1902Young Black Algerian Woman c.1910sWoman from the Oran Province, Algeria, 1906

In fact they are all from Algeria in northern Africa.

Dark-skinned people with tightly-coiled hair are native to ALL of Africa and many other places.


Pale-skinned Hordes Central Asian Hordes (The Emergence of “White” People)

Emergence and Spread of “White” Asians from Steppes

Above:  Scheme of Asiatic migrations from ca. 4000 to 1000 BCE. The magenta area corresponds to the assumed homeland . The red area corresponds to the area  settled up to ca. 2500 BCE; the orange area to 1000 BCE. (wikipedia)

Asiatic Steppe, original homeland of “white people” (hence “Indo-European” i.e. between India and “Europe”)


Pale or “white” North Africans are remnants of Asiatic steppe hordes who have made various incursions into Africa throughout history (Hyksos, Turkic, Germanic, etc.):

The Alans (1st Century BCE onwards):


The Germanics (of whom the Vandals were a branch)

Step 1:  Central Asia to West Asia (“Europe”)
Phase 2:  Western Asia (“Europe”) to Northern Africa

Turkic Ottomans:

The Ottoman Empire was an empire founded in 1299 by Oghuz Turks.

Oghuz Turk homeland (c. 600 BCE), between Caspian and Aral Seas

What Happened to the Central Asians in Africa?

The fate of these Asiatic hordes was to:

  1. remain unmixed as separate ethnicities, or sub-tribes,
  2. to intermarry with the native Africans, or
  3. to become enslaved or trafficked by native Africans

Unmixed Descendants of Asiatic Hordes in North Africa:


Unmixed Native North Africans:


North African Nomads Displaying Mixed Asiatic-African Phenotypical Traits:


Mixed Asiatic-African North Africans, Asiatic Features Dominant:

Asiatic Women in North African Slave Market:


Some of those who intermarried or got enslaved by native north Africans eventually made it across the Sahara to “Sub-Saharan Africa”.  This was in very small numbers of course, but not too small to leave a mark on the phenotype.  This is part of the reason why some “Black” Africans have relatively light skin (golden brown instead of dark brown) and even more rarely have (relatively) straight hair and light eyes:  these are recessive traits from Asiatic ancestors.

Those who would argue that an ancient “white”, “Caucasian” presence in Africa was as an invading master race are delusional.  There were some invasions, but Asiatic movement in Africa was not as some “master race”.  They were either isolated, assimilated, or subdued, and always a minority.

Sub-Saharan African displaying recessive Asiatic phenotypical traits

Relatively light skin:


Relatively light skin and hair color, Hazel eyes


Lank hair, epicanthic fold (eyes), relatively light skin:


Naturally-born child with Asiatic features (Not Albino)


Possible Residual Recessive Asiatic Influence on Phenotype?

Nigerian Women


Fulani (Nomadic group)

The fact that these ‘full-blooded’ Africans resemble African-Americans and other African diasporans who are known to have mixed with Asiatics (known as “Europeans” after settling in western Asia “Europe”) is sufficient testimony to the fact that they may, too, have acquired Asiatic ancestry in Africa.

Africa has never been isolated.  It wasn’t ‘discovered’ by anybody, certainly not “Europeans” who’d just discovered civilization from Moors (who were from Africa).  That’s why the question is so complicated:  many features commonly associated with Asians (western included) and not with Africans actually are African:

caucasian 2

Epicanthic Eye Fold:

Tightly-coiled (“coarse”, “nappy”) hair is usually associated with dark skin, but the ‘nappiest’ hair is found on people with light skin!

Africans have been moving around the globe- and around Africa- forever.  People have been moving into Africa forever.  The place with the most diverse genotype will have the most diverse phenotype as well.  “Non-African” features could have come from another part of Africa just as easily as a place outside it.