Mixed-race people are not beautiful

Interesting take on the fetishization of mixed-“race” people, from a mixed-“race” person’s perspective…

Nicola Marven

 The National Geographic recently reported that by 2050 the average American will appear to be of mixed racial origin.  To “celebrate” this, they commissioned a photographer to go and take photos of a bunch of mixed-race people for us to stare at.  Do you feel uncomfortable about this?  Perhaps not.  I do though.


Isn’t the National Geographic that magazine that goes off to far-flung places and takes photos of unusual flowers, exotic birds, tribes “that hide from man”?  In other words, “The Other”?  Am I supposed to look at these photographs of fellow mixed-race people and say: “Oh wow – how funny looking!”  Apparently I am.  The article starts with the line: “What is it about the faces on these pages that we find so intriguing?”  Quite a lot it seems.  The photos have been picked up by hundreds of websites from Stanford University to the Huffington Post.  One website carries…

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6 thoughts on “Mixed-race people are not beautiful

  1. Hmmm…

    I smell a Khazarian Agenda here.

    If race mixing is “so beautiful” then why is IsisRaEl the most segregated, racist nation on earth? Why are they the only ones able to buy land there? Why kick out the REAL Jews and pass new laws? Why make marriage between Joos and non-Joos illegal?

    I’ve read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 3 times and each time I marvel at how ACCURATE their plan is. And we keep on falling for it hook, line and sinker.

    This BiRacial Agenda is a farce and not a very good one at that! Then that means The One Drop Rule is no longer valid. Then EVERYONE gets to be treated like niggers.

      • @ Taj

        Ok…I read the article. I’ve seen many like it referring to race as a social construct, etc.

        We are different. Blacks and whites I mean. Our hair, prognathism, melanin and level of spiritualism is DIFFERENT from that of Yurugu.

        They know this.

        One reason why they are now trying to downplay our differences and trying to prove that race isn’t “real” is because of the massive awakening of blacks throughout the diaspora.

        Fear of our power is behind it.

        I hope that answers your question.

        • i agree that science is not neutral and objective, but monied, biased and political. the key word, which you so wisely mentioned, is spiritualism. why is every claimed prophet and god- ALMOST every- based on historical or imagined black personages?

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