May Allah Forgive & Reward Muhammad Ali

He gave up the chance to be the greatest boxer of all time, to be one of the greatest men in all history.

He was, is and will always be my hero.

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May Allah the most high have mercy on him, forgive his misdeeds and reward his good deeds beyond measure; 4

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On Africans in Arabia and Greater Syria, M.C. Zilfi says in Women and Slavery in the Late Ottoman Empire(2010):”Discrimination based on color was not unknown in these regions, but in many respects, black Africans seem not to have been worse off than free Arabs from the less pedigreed tribes. In any case, many free Arab tribesmen of long lineage were phenotypically indistinguishable from black Africans.

Photograph of Sir Mir Mohammad Khan, Khan of Kalat from the ‘Wheeler Collection: Portraits of Indian Rulers,’ was taken by Frederick Bremner c.1894. Kalat is located in Baluchistan and was established in the middle of the fifteenth century by the Mir Wari clan, an Arab family.
The children of the Sultan of Zanzibar accompanied by two guards.
His Royal Highness H.H. Sultan Zanzibar 1936


Arab Chief M’Baruk B. Raschid Sultan of Zanzibar 1880


Seyyid Khalifa Bin Harub, Sultan of Zanzibar
ALI BIN HAMUD Sultan of Zanzibar. Acceded in 1902