Why don’t African-Americans flee persecution? (FREE gift for comments)

African-Americans are the only persecuted group in the world that doesn’t even consider migration.

WHY are African-Americans the only persecuted group in the world that doesn’t even consider migration?

Honestly, I’m perplexed.

Answer in the comments and get a free gift.

18 thoughts on “Why don’t African-Americans flee persecution? (FREE gift for comments)

  1. It’s a spiritual issue. They are out of bounds with their true nature, this is why they were sent into persecution in the first place. First they have to flee the system MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY and then the real transformation can begin. It certainly doesn’t go any deeper than that. This is why the power structure has worked so hard to mentally disable the black community. They know/KNEW that once they conquered their minds and spirits through the slave seasoning process that they could evolve the programming and ensure their mental and physical bondage for centuries. Slave owners have even written as much. Time to wake up.

    • Thanks!

      You’ve described what I call the enslaved mindstate.

      “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery-
      none but ourselves can free our minds.”

    • What are you talking about, loads of people have been brainwashed by Europeans, read a history book and stop been so caught up within your own borders. Afrikans Americans don’t flee because where are they going to go? Which places has the same living standard as the US; Canada, Western Europe, East Asia, Australia. Are any of those areas trying to bring in more black people much less Afrikan Americans? No.

      Loads of other black people from around the world would give and arm and leg to reach America even though they know America treats black people like crap. You think seasoning is stopping negroes from Jamaica or Haiti from running to New York? It’s to do with the economy, the spiritual condition is related but is more to do with Afrikan Americans not bothering to build anything separate to maintain themselves. If they did, even with the disadvantages of been powerless, they could easily create a nation with the amount of black people in the US and the amount of highly skilled Afrikan Americans.

  2. Symptom of colonialism, what I call suppression of the self-preservation instinct. Additionally I reckon it’s also to do with our patience. Patience literally means to allow yourself to suffer, and too many of us with our laid-back attitude to life allow that to happen.
    Now about my free gift…

  3. we r so disconnected n have no clue about any other countries other then the U.S. of A. we have fell in love with the illusion of inclusion which has made us very complacent n comfortable with our current situations n life styles. the racism of today is very covert n hidden since they r allowing some of us to join in there organizations n live in there communities n attend there colleges n various of other political n social institutions which really neutralizes an innumerable amount of the people. some of our people r mixed genetically speaking so some of us are connected to those that maintain the depressive n suppressive system n ideology. we are suffering from what psychologist n scientist called stockholme syndrome n post traumatic slavery disorder from not properly being healed. this is a spiritual n genetic problem we are faced with at this current moment in time.Trauma n fear has been proven to shut the human mind down n makes it extremely difficult to analyse n use your cognitive abilities n responses.we suffer from cognitive dissonance as well which is very toxic n acidic to yourself n others around u because u cant identify or process reality as it is in its true essence in live true time.Most of all the dogmatic religions r the main reason we wont leave because todays religions teach to just turn the other cheek or leave it in this un seen gods hand n never worry about what u r going through n suffering from because no matter what it maybe the invisible spook god will change things for u.

  4. I’ve lived long enough to see what happens when Black people make any attempt to organize themselves for their own betterment outside of the prescribed “acceptable” boundaries. Think U.N.I.A. for example which was in essence a movement to flee American persecution. The movement was undermined every step of the way until it ultimately failed. The Panthers drove crime down everywhere there was a chapter and again, the were viciously undermined and attacked until they were no more, and crime skyrocketed to levels even higher than before. So, while what everyone here is saying is true, we have to accept the fact of entrapment, unless people make moves on a small scale individual basis. Anything beyond that is considered a threat. That is the conundrum.

    • Yes i agree people forget that there is a system set in place to purposely work against African American Success. African are at the bottom of the barrel in every aspect financial, education, healthcare, is this all by coincidence? No, they all cant be lazy and uneducated to explain why African American statics prove that there must be other factors that play a roll in their misfortune.

  5. This is our land! We are aboriginal to America. Copper-colored, looked similar to Ethiopians, used grease and oil on hair and skin. Just some documented descriptions of Indians. They need to get the hell on, not us.

  6. Where would we go, where is our home and family?
    Yes, we are Africans, but most of us don’t know anything about Africa, or were we are from in Africa. We don’t know our people or our customs.

    • These are valid hesitations, but the real question is whether they should stop us when they don’t stop anybody else? The world is bigger than Africa, but even if we focus there, there are many immigrants to Africa who are even less African than we are. Do they have something we do not?

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