Is Anyone Mapping the Rapid Rise in Incidents of American Police Brutality?

American Info Maps

I’ve been asking this question for at least 8 years. And it turns out that, YES, there are many other individuals and organizations watching and documenting what is taking place. One could speculate that a rise in overall “lawlessness” in the United States has now incited the darker natures of many of our law enforcement officers. But one could also speculate that police officers in 2014 feel they often take much more aggressive actions to be able to merely carry out the function of law enforcement duties.

My own observations of escalating American police brutality reached a personal tipping point when I recently watched a video clip from a police officer’s dash-cam which recorded the officer hurtling an innocent college professor to the ground with enough force to fracture her skull because she was perceived to be jaywalking across a campus thoroughfare. She wasn’t even crossing a city street. And…

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