The benefits of coming home: My journey of fulfillment and growth in Puntland, Somalia

as happy as i am for the sister
ما شاء الله
this only tore raw my soul’s sense of homelessness
but i feel much more inspiration than despair
the end of this beautiful journey is approaching
and whence
i won’t be just
i’ll be in african sun
and african sand
and african sea
in african wind
do you ever ache to end
a journey?
i have been on mine for 7 generations

On returning home. Finding peace & bliss.

Part A: letting the heart speak:

In January of 2011, I moved to live and work in Puntland State of Somalia as an EU consultant attached to the Gender Unit of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Puntland in order to contribute to ongoing efforts in the education sector, in particular girls’s education. Prior to that I’d worked in The Hague, the cultural capital of the Netherlands – a country that has been home to myself and my siblings for over 15 years. A country where I was able to secure two Masters degrees – in Cultural Anthropology and in Advanced Development Studies, respectively. I’d traveled then with my beloved husband and our 7-month old baby Najma-Bilan.

I think we all seek meaning in life. We all seek happiness. We seek belonging. Completion. Fulfillment. Growth. Home. Family. We came to Puntland in search of these values because we could not find…

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