Does Equality Kill Sex?

‘In an attempt to be gender neutral, we may have become gender-neutered.’

There’s a reason why opposites attract. ┬áCouples who are best friends and split the chores and childcare have far less sex

Men and women, she said, are continuously sending out cues that signal attractiveness to a potential partner, and often these cues involve “an ongoing reminder of difference and the sense of mystery and excitement that comes with the knowledge that the other person isn’t you”.


The Power of Love

1. Love makes you dumb and dumber.
2. Love makes you high.
3. Love can make you less vulnerable to pain.
4. Love makes you walk slower.
5. It changes your heartbeat to match that special someone’s.
6. It makes you go up an octave.
7. It makes you blind.
8. It turns you into a daredevil.
9. It makes your pupils grow.