The Earth Will Swallow You: Fracking & Man-Made Earthquakes

Do ye feel secure that He Who is in heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth when it shakes?

– Qur-an 67.16

According to the Gutenberg-Richter Relation, a series of small earthquakes suggests that a larger one may take place in the same area. Ten 2.0s suggest that there may be a 3.0. Ten 3.0s suggest that there may be a 4.0.

Until 2008, Oklahoma experienced an average of one to two earthquakes of 3.0 magnitude or greater each year. (Magnitude-3.0 earthquakes tend to be felt, while smaller earthquakes may be noticed only by scientific equipment or by people close to the epicenter.) In 2009, there were twenty. The next year, there were forty-two. In 2014, there were five hundred and eighty-five, nearly triple the rate of California. Including smaller earthquakes in the count, there were more than five thousand. This year, [as of April 2015] there has been an average of two earthquakes a day of magnitude 3.0 or greater.

Then, do they not look at what is before them and what is behind them of the heaven and earth? If We should will, We could cause the earth to swallow them

-Qur-an 34.9

Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”)

the process of drilling into the earth and then pummeling rocks with a high-pressure mixture of water and other ingredients to released gas trapped inside

In recent years, other states with oil and gas exploration have also seen an unusual number of earthquakes. State authorities quickly suspected that the earthquakes were linked to disposal wells. In Youngstown, Ohio, in 2011, after dozens of smaller quakes culminated in a 4.0, a nearby disposal well was shut down, and the earthquakes stopped. Around the same time, in Arkansas, a series of earthquakes associated with four disposal wells in the Fayetteville Shale led to a ban on disposal wells near related faults. Earthquakes were also noted in Colorado, Kansas, and Texas. There, too, relevant disposal wells were shut down or the volume of fluid injected was reduced and the earthquakes abated.

Although disposal wells have been used for decades, the new dewatering process has led to a dramatic increase in how much water is being disposed of. (In the state, the water used in the initial stage of fracking accounts for less than ten per cent of the water pumped down disposal wells.) In Oklahoma today, an average of about ten barrels of water comes up for every barrel of oil. Holland said, “We’re talking about billions of barrels, and it has to go somewhere.” Todd Halihan, a professor of geology at Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater, told me, “We’re injecting the equivalent of two Lake Hefners”—Oklahoma City’s four-square-mile reservoir—“into the ground each year, and we don’t really understand where that water is going.

Recently, a 4.2 and a 4.0 and about a dozen smaller quakes shook Cushing, Oklahoma, a town of several thousand people that is known as the Pipeline Crossroads of the World; fifty-four million barrels of oil are stored there underground. A well near Cushing had been drilled into the bedrock. “Is that a bad place for an earthquake to occur?” Halihan said. “You bet it is.”

[A rich man’s] people said to him, “Do not exult. Indeed, Allah does not like the exultant…

And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters.”

Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him of generations those who were greater than him in power and greater in accumulation [of wealth]? But the criminals, about their sins, will not be asked.

And We caused the earth to swallow him and his home. And there was for him no company to aid him other than Allah , nor was he of those who [could] defend themselves.

– Qur-an 28.76-81

Sinkholes form from human activity, such as the collapse of abandoned mines and salt cavern storage in salt domes in places like Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. More commonly, sinkholes occur in urban areas due to water main breaks or sewer collapses when oldpipes give way. They can also occur from the overpumping and extraction of groundwater and subsurface fluids.

Sinkholes can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed. Some sinkholes form when the land surface is changed, such as when industrial and runoff-storage ponds are created; the substantial weight of the new material can trigger an underground collapse of supporting material, thus causing a sinkhole.



And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters.



The Recitation,

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Arabs & Arab Culture in Islamic History, Scripture & Prophecy


Islam was revealed in Arabic in the Arabian Peninsula, but what does it actually say about Arabs?  What is their place in Islam and Islamic history?  And does this apply to today’s modern musta’rab (Arabized people) or only to the original Arabs?

Arabs & Islamic Culture in Islamic History

Enmity to Islam

  • The first opponents of Islam were Arabs. They tortured and killed Muslims, even spearing a woman- Sumayya- in her vagina.
  • The people Muslims had to flee from, several times, were Arabs.
  • The first army Muslims fought was an army of Arabs.
  • The first munafiqeen (hypocrites) were Arabs. They pretended to be Muslims ready to fight with Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, then betrayed him.
  • The first murtadeen- renegade apostates- and false prophets were Arabs.

Enmity to Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, and His Family

  • Arabs tried to assassinate Prophet Muhammad, sAá&s, a grave sin of the Children of Israel condemned in the Qur-an…

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This article is the summary of the results of a fact-finding mission, presented without value judgments in favor of or against people who engage in anal sex.

The Circle of Blood

“The act of the sodomite signifies the death of the human species.…”

“More monstrous than the act of the sodomite is the act of the executioner.”

“True, but the act of the sodomite can be repeated again and again.”[1]

-Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)*


From “Why Girls Should Only Have Anal Sex”:


How is this nothing other than hilarious? For a millisecond it feels empowering to be expelling baby-creation liquid from your female body, and then you remember that it’s coming out of a tunnel for shit. The image is so bizarre and backwards, it it’s like a college art project on recontextualization. Or feminist literature. “POOPING SEMEN: At the Dawn of Matriarchy.” [2]


The Circle of Manias

Part of the thrill, though, is disobeying your fundamental physiology. Butt sex is fun for the same reason it’s fun to piss off a teacher or take a piss on a cop car, or burn down a church—except, get this, the only authority that you’re rebelling against is yourself. [2]


The Circle of Shit


No matter whether you use an enema or spent an hour earlier in the day getting rid of everything in your system, there’s still a chance you could poop during anal. It’s a fact of life, and it’s perfectly okay. “Think of his penis as a plunger,” says Ross. “Sometimes, it dips in and might bring out a few particles or smearing. Other times, the plunger creates enough suction that a large amount of stool is evacuated.” It can sound kind of terrifying, but if you’re using a condom and it’s just a little, all you have to do is roll it off, toss it in the trash, and change the sheets ASAP, says Rachael Ross, M.D., Ph.D., co-host of The Doctors.

“Some guys who are into anal are also sort of turned on by the poop smell and seeing particles of poop throughout the event,” says Ross. “Don’t be embarrassed.” [3]


* Mainstream and industry endorsement of “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom”: 

  • A large group of artists, including Martin Scorsese and Alec Baldwin, and SCHOLARS signed a legal brief arguing the film’s artistic merit.
  • TV Guide gave the film a mixed review awarding it a score of 2.5/4 stating it had “moments of undeniably brilliant insight”.
  • A 2000 poll of critics conducted by The Village Voice named it the 89th greatest film of the 20th century.
  • In 2010, the Toronto International Film Festival placed it at No. 47 on its list of The Essential 100 films.
  • According to film review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, reports that 69% of 26 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 6.4/10.
  • Academy Award & Palme D’Or wining director Michael Haneke named the film his fourth favorite film when he voted for the 2002 Sight and Sound poll.
  • Award-winning comedian and actor David Cross named it one of his favorite films.
  • Acclaimed filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder also cites it as one of his 10 favorite movies.
  • Award-winning director John Waters said, “Salo is a beautiful film…it uses obscenity in an intelligent way…and it’s about the pornography of power.” [4]


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Vaccines and HIV/AIDS’ British Origins

Here’s a summary of the common “theory” of the origin of AIDS:

A Haitian fled his native Haiti sometime in the 1960s to escape the dictatorship of Duvalier. His destination? “Africa”. Despite the fact that there has never been a direct flight linking Haiti and “Africa”). Then, somewhere in “Africa”, he catches HIV/AIDS and returns to Haiti, which is still under the Duvalier dictatorship he left to escape. Finally, he invades America to spread the virus.

Sounds about wrong.

The first person to die of AIDS was a pale West Asian (a/k/a “white European”). According to scientific records, the first person to die from AIDS was a 25-year-old sailor named David Carr, of Manchester, England.

Carr died on August 31, 1959, and because the disease that killed him was then unknown, his tissue samples were saved for future analysis.

The “unknown disease” that killed David Carr was reported in The Lancet on October 29, 1960. On July 7, 1990, The Lancet retested those old tissue samples taken from David Carr and reconfirmed that he had died of AIDS.

Plenty of evidence confirms;
1) that contaminated polio vaccines made from Chimp tissue and tested on millions of people have resulted in well documented deaths7

2) That the scientists involved have been caught lying and trying to cover up 8the facts

3) that it is clear that there was every opportunity for HIV to be one of the many contaminations of the Polio Vaccines which colonized Africans were forced to receive

4) that all this evidence of a man-made origin of AIDS have been available to the scientific community all along (including video evidence, which you the reader can now consult online in English.

In Haitian culture we say that “Deceit gallops (ahead) for a hundred years, yet truth catches up to him in a single day”.



West Asian (“European”) Sexuality: Incest is a “right”, Man lets girlfriend penetrate anus

German Committee Says Incest Is a “Fundamental Right”

A government-backed committee in Germany has recommended that the government abolish laws criminalizing incest between siblings, arguing that such bans impinge upon citizens’ rights to sexual self-determination. According to findings from the German Ethics Council, that right is a “fundamental” one, and carries more weight than society’s “abstract protection of the family.”  Read more at German Committee Says Incest Is a “Fundamental Right”

A Man Praises the Virtues of Letting His Girlfriend Penetrate His Anus With a Dildo

I thought that along with pretty flowers and little cupcakes, letting her f– me in the brown eye would be a way to show my appreciation for her. Ignoring the fact that societal standards don’t exactly align with a straight male taking it up the a–, I agreed to let her nail me. Besides, I got to f— her all the time; it only seemed fair.

Trying to be the world’s best boyfriend wasn’t my only motive. I also was in some weird competition with her exes in my mind. Mac had been able to f— her incredibly butch ex-girlfriends with a strap-on, so why not me?  Read more at Why I Agreed to Be a Bend-Over Boyfriend

The Difference Between Challenging Racism and Challenging White Supremacy

black wall street

Have you ever thought carefully or learned the real story of Black Wall Street?  The atrocities are countless, and the state of Oklahoma has yet to pay reparations.  Scores of deaths, loss of businesses and even people of color being put in internment camps make up the story that is almost never told.

This community was doing better than the white community around it.   There were scores of black businesses destroyed during the massacre, which occurred after false charges were filed against a black man.  This led to lynch mobs, attacks by police, and even bombs being dropped by the national guard.  The military didn’t drop bombs on the white community that started the violence, but they readily bombed the African American community that had more to lose than the whites.

After finding their reason to attack, angry whites came and burned down this community that had millions of dollars in wealth.  Many proud doctors, lawyers and business owners were left homeless and were even unable to rebuild after the destruction was over.  The white community, after the massacre, created laws that made it nearly impossible for the black community to rebuild.  They actually required that all new buildings be built with a material that was inaccessible to the black people in town.

To this day, whites control Tulsa, Oklahoma and their grandchildren still control the assets that were stolen.  Maybe it’s time to revisit the idea of asking them to repay what was stolen from the black people in this community.  At least there should be an apology, do you think?

We should tell this story to our children out of respect for those who lost everything.  Oprah is going to tell the story soon, but we should also tell this story ourselves.

The “Tulsa Race Riot” of 1921. There was also another “Black Wall Street” that existed during an earlier period. The year was 1898 and the place was Wilmington, North Carolina. It too resulted in great tragedy for blacks. Here is the extraordinary story…Copied & pasted. The Wilmington Race Riot

Provided by North Carolina Freedom Monument Project.

In 1898, Wilmington was a thriving port city on the coast of North Carolina. About two-thirds of Wilmington’s population was African American. African Americans were business people who owned barbershops, restaurants, tailor shops, and drug stores. African Americans also held positions as firemen and policemen. Overall, the African American and white races existed peacefully but separately.

Good relations continued until the election of 1896, when the white Democrats lost control of state politics. A group of predominately white Populists and African American Republicans won political control of the state. The white Democrats promised to avenge their defeat at the hands of white Populists and African American Republicans in the election of 1898. Daniel Schenck, a Democratic party leader, warned, “It will be the meanest, vilest, dirtiest campaign since 1876” (the election that ended reconstruction in the South).

The Democratic campaign focused on white women’s fears of African American males and the threat of African American men being lynched. Prior to the election, a white newspaper in Wilmington published a controversial speech given by a Georgia feminist. In her speech she supported the lynching of African American males for inappropriate relationships with white women. Alex Manly, an African American newspaper editor in Wilmington, was infuriated by the newspaper article. Mr. Manly wrote editorials in his newspaper arguing that white males were just as guilty of having inappropriate relationships with African American women.The exchange of words between the two newspapers increased racial tensions. Alfred Moore Waddell, a former Confederate officer and U.S. Congressman, called for the removal of the Republicans and Populists then in power in Wilmington. He proposed in a speech that the white citizens, if necessary, should “choke the Cape Fear with carcasses.”

African American voters turned out in large numbers for the election of 1898. However, the Democrats who favored white supremacy stuffed the ballot boxes and won the election. Two days after the election, violence erupted into the “Wilmington Race Riot.” About 500 white men had assembled at the armory, and Waddell lead them to the Daily Record office several blocks away. The crowd following Waddell grew to about 2,000 people as they moved across town.

During what is now called the Wilmington Race Riot, a mob set Alex Manly’s newspaper office on fire, and tensions between African Americans and whites exploded.The whites demanded that Manly and his newspaper cease to publish and that Manly be banned from the community. Manly escaped from Wilmington because he was mistakenly thought to be white. African Americans armed themselves and whites began to hunt and gun them down. The mob of whites included clergymen, lawyers, bankers, and merchants who all believed that they were asserting their rights as citizens. When the riot ended the next day, it was reported that twenty-five African Americans had been killed. However, it was strongly suspected that hundreds of African Americans had been killed and their bodies dumped into the river. In addition, hundreds of African Americans were banished from the city of Wilmington. This event, the Wilmington Race Riot, marked a turning point in North Carolina’s history because more restrictions were placed on African American voters.

The Australian Government’s War Against the Environment

Australia’s government has environmentalists up in arms. Justifiably.

Tony Abbott’s government has been described as the most hostile to his nation’s environment in history. Here’s why people are pissed off.

Tony Abbott's government has been described as the most hostile to his nation's environment in history . Here's why people are pissed off.

1. One of Australia’s most stunning natural wonders – the Great Barrier Reef – will have a section of its ocean bed ripped up to create a coal shipping lane.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Greenpeace / Via

Under the Abbott government, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has given the go-ahead for three million cubic metres of ocean bottom to be dredged and dumped within the World Heritage area to open a new shipping route.

2. A reef that was already vulnerable thanks to a number of environmental threats.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Greenpeace / Via
21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
JamesCookNewsNetwork / Via

Threats such as agricultural runoff, increased ocean acidity and rises in ocean temperatures scientists believe is caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal. Rising temperatures leads to coral bleaching. Worse feedback loop ever. A study released by the Australian Institute of Marine Science found the reef has lost half its coral cover in the last three decades.

3. Environment Minister Greg Hunt has given the nod to several vast new coal mines in the Galilee Basin, Queensland.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Greenpeace / Via

Altogether the Alpha coal project and Kevin’s Corner in the Galilee Basin will emit 3.7bn tonne of CO2-e once burned over their 30 year lifetime, according to estimates by The Guardian. Clive Palmer’s Galilee Basin mine, China First, will release an estimated 3bn tonne of CO2-e over a 37 year period, according to a report by UTS and Greenpeace. Environmentalists are alarmed at the potential impact on groundwater levels and water pollution, and destruction of the local environment, home to koalas and endangered bird species.

4. Meanwhile upset residents living near NSW’s Maules Creek mine walked away empty handed from their meeting with Hunt.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Greenpeace / Via

A heated blockade is taking place with local residents and activists, including members of the indigenous Gomeroi people, protesting against coal seam gas mining and the open cut mine at Maules Creek. According to the National Indigenous Times, a recent meeting with Hunt left the participants, “feeling ‘deflated’ and without even a ‘message to take back’ to their Elders.” The mining threatens 8,000 hectares of bushland known as the Leard State Forest, which houses critically endangered Box-Gum Woodland and several other threatened animal species.

5. In January, following a Federal exemption from environmental laws, Western Australia began a controversial shark culling program.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
ITN / Via
21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Echonetdaily / Via

According to the ABC, “Since the cull began in January, 104 sharks – 30 of them more than three metres – have been caught on the drum lines.” The policy only allows for sharks larger than 3 metres to be killed, and continues despite a 6,000 person rally, 23,000 public submissions to the Environmental Protection Authority, and the danger this practice poses to endangered Great Whites.

6. Plans to create the world’s largest network of marine reserves have been suspended indefinitely.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
WavelengthIII / Via

According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the suspended marine park plans, which were intended to come into effect on July 1 of this year, are the result of “15 years of extensive scientific investigation and the most thorough public consultation process in Australia’s history”. Greg Hunt told the Sydney Morning Herald his department has begun its own review of how to best manage marine ecosystems.

7. The Abbott government is applying to have 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian forest removed from World Heritage listing.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Jeff Jennings / Via

It’s a move that’s been called unprecedented, coming less than a year since the World Heritage Committee approved an 170,000-hectare extension of the existing boundary under the previous government. The Abbott government’s justification is that the forest area in question is too degraded to be worthy of protection – a view strongly challenged by the Wilderness Society.

8. Australia is apparently “open for business”. And just to make that clear: “open for business for the forestry industry.”

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
southernrainforest / Via

So said Abbott in his recent address at the 2014 ForestWorks dinner. He then went on to describe Greg Hunt as a man “who appreciates that the environment is meant for man and not just the other way around.” Nor does Abbott support the creation of any more national parks, saying: “We have quite enough national parks, we have quite enough locked up forests already. In fact, in an important respect, we have too much locked up forest.”

9. Our $74.6 million dollar contribution to global environment programs last year has been slashed to $0 this year.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

As part of a $650 million reduction in the foreign aid budget.

10. Environment Minister Greg Hunt was a no-show at the Warsaw climate talks.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Instead Australia sent lower level representatives to November’s talks, whose behaviour raised the ire of other diplomats. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the complaints ranged from “Australian representatives moving to block any parts of the conference negotiating text to the delegates wearing T-shirts and giggling during the talks.”

11. Dick Warburton, a confirmed sceptic of man-induced climate change, has been selected to head the review of the Renewable Energy Target.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

The prominent Australian businessman told The Australian he was sceptical that “man-made carbon dioxide is creating global warming,” and previously quoted a thoroughly debunked petition to back up his view. The Renewable Energy Target is designed to deliver 20 percent of Australia’s electricity from renewable sources by 2020, and is likely to be watered down by the Abbott government.

12. And Warburton is not the only climate sceptic in Abbott’s inner circle.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Maurice Newman is the current chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council and has previously discussed the so-called “climate change establishment” in conspiratory terms, claiming that they are colluding with the U.N. and the media in a “scientific delusion”.

13. Abbott himself has scoffed at 25 years of scientific research linking Australia’s increased fire activity to climate change.

Abbott himself has scoffed at 25 years of scientific research linking Australia's increased fire activity to climate change.

Joe Brown / Via Twitter: @_JoeBrown_

When the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres linked global climate change to increasing heatwaves, the PM responded by saying she was “talking through her hat”. Perhaps he meant a hat lined with multiple studies that back up her statement, from both Australian and international institutes?

14. The Prime Minister also seems determined to indulge anti-wind crusaders’ hypochondria.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now
Marcus Dibble / Via

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Abbott government has already committed to further study on wind farms and health, despite the fact that recent studies from Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council have failed to find reliable or consistent evidence that wind farms directly cause human health problems.

15. In one of the Abbott government’s first acts after coming into power last year, we waved “goodbye” to the Climate Commission.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

The independent body of experts was setup to communicate to the public the effects of climate change on Australia. Following the axing, the experts quickly reformed as the privately funded Climate Council.

16. Now get ready for a possible “adieu” to the Climate Change Authority…

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Another independent statutory body established by the last government to advise on climate policy with particular regards to emissions reductions. The CCA is facing closure when the new Senate sits in July, with its fate decided by a tiny group of independents. Last month the body released a report recommended Abbott boost the current emissions reduction target of 5% by 2020 to 19% (from 2000 levels) – a recommendation that is more than likely to be completely and emphatically ignored.

17. A possible “all the best” to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation…

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

The CEFC is Australia’s billion-dollar “green bank”, which since last July has been investing in clean energy projects, like solar panels and wind farms. Its fate will also be determined by the new sitting Senate house come July.

18. And a “nice knowing you” to the carbon tax.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Abbott’s move to repeal the carbon tax was recently knocked down in the Senate. But when the new Senate sits in July, independent members (such as those from mining magnate Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party) will hold the balance of power. The tax was a much contested scheme brought in by the last Gillard Labor government, and charges polluters around $25 per tonne of carbon emissions.

19. $435 million is to be cut from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency budget.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Last year Australian Conservation Foundation campaigner Tony Mohr told theSydney Morning Herald that the cuts to the agency, which is designed to fund renewable energy projects and research, “will starve research and development of clean energy in Australia, moving us to the back of the global race for clean tech.”

20. Hey mining companies, here’s $2 billion per year for petrol money!

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Under the fuel tax credit scheme, each Australian taxpayer is handing over $182 to the mining companies, in the form of a 32c per litre discount on fuels such as petrol and diesel for off-road use. Altogether the Abbott government is providing $10 billion per year in subsidies to fossil fuel companies.

21. And now Abbott seems intent on washing his hands of future projects by handing back environmental power to the states and territories.

21 Reasons Aussie Environmentalists Are Really Angry Right Now

Abbott says his new “one-stop shop” for environmental assessment cuts down the “green tape” for developers, allowing the states and territories to take on sole responsibility for approval of projects, including mines and ports. As reported inThe Guardian, this has the Greens questioning the commitment of state powers to protecting the environment. Time will tell what impact this will have on risky businesses such as coal seam gas.

The Most Violent Prison Gang in America is…

The Aryan Brotherhood is the biggest white supremacist gang in the US prison system. They make up less than 1% of the inmate population but are responsible for 20% of murders in US prisons.

Ta-Nehisi Coates: African-Americans Experience Racism NOW, not Its “After-Effects”

Obama-era progressives view white supremacy as something awful that happened in the past whose historical vestiges still afflict black people today. They believe we need policies–though not race-specific policies–which address the affliction. I view white supremacy as one of the central organizing forces in American life whose vestiges and practices afflicted black people in the past, continue to afflict black people today, and will likely afflict black people until this country passes into the dust.

There is no evidence that black people are less responsible, less moral, or less upstanding in their dealings with America nor with themselves. But there is overwhelming evidence that America is irresponsible, immoral, and unconscionable in its dealings with black people and with itself. Urging African-Americans to become superhuman is great advice if you are concerned with creating extraordinary individuals. It is terrible advice if you are concerned with creating an equitable society. The black freedom struggle is not about raising a race of hyper-moral super-humans. It is about all people garnering the right to live like the normal humans they are.