Make No Mistake: “Europe” WANTS Migrants for Slave Labor & A Shrinking Population

Xenophobia in Europe is a farce*.  Due to a shrinking, ageing population and broke governments, “Europe” has a DEMAND for cheap and “free” (slave) labor.

‘Make them work for free’


Asylum seekers in Italy may have to work for free, Italy’s interior minister told local mayors on Thursday, reminding them of a controversial decree issued several months ago.

“We must ask the municipalities to apply our directive and make migrants work for free… Rather than leave them with nothing to do, they should make them work,” Angelino Alfano said, according to the Italian media.


The interior ministry’s civil and immigration rights chief Mario Morcone said asylum seekers working for “the public good”, for example on environmental projects, would only need their insurance covered.

Until they are recognised as refugees, asylum seekers, whose claims can take up to two years to be processed, do not have the right to work for money in Italy.


Refugees help fill gaps in German labour market

Refugees are increasingly in demand from companies desperate to find young trainees, particularly in manual jobs and skilled labour in a country with a fast ageing society and a low birth rate.

And there are increasing calls in industry to change legislation to make it easier for them to be integrated into the labour market.

The challenge is to combat an ever-increasing shortage of skilled labour.

In and around Augsburg, unemployment stood at 4.2 percent in June, and 5,000 vacancies remain unfilled. And here, as elsewhere, the shortage of apprenticeships was even more alarming.

The German “dual system” of on-the-job training combined with theoretical learning is no longer attracting sufficient numbers of young people, with as many as 80,000 trainee places left unfilled last year.

Germans have to learn to view the new arrivals as “the workforce which we increasingly need,” two government ministers wrote recently in a newspaper article.

The workforce Europe increasingly needs…

Until now, asylum-seekers have not been allowed to work for nine months after they arrive in Germany. But the time limit was shortened to three months last November.

Since January, the federal labour agency has granted permits to more than 6,000 asylum-seekers allowing them to work.


* The difference between a “white” racist and a “white” supremacist is the difference between a tool and an operator, a laborer who gets some benefit from the system, and the industrialist who reaps the lion’s share, a Tea Partier vs. the Koch brothers, rednecks vs. aristocrats, etc.

The supremacist view from the mountaintop is that racists are useful idiots, who have to know their place as much as “blacks” do to keep things going.  And don’t fall for the exceptional exception and/or token negro- profit is by margins.