Churchill & British Empire Make Hitler’s Germany Look Like A Street Gang

Churchill mistakenly believed that Aryans were white.  He also “learned” at school that Britain’s colonies were the superior “white” man was conquering the primitive, dark-skinned natives, and bringing them the benefits of civilisation.  Later, as an MP he demanded a rolling programme of more conquests, based on his belief that “the Aryan stock is bound to triumph”.

Britain’s Monster Unleashed


As soon as he could, Churchill charged off to take his part in “a lot of jolly little wars against barbarous peoples”.  He charged through imperial atrocities, defending each in turn.

The Noble Savage

In the Swat valley, now part of Pakistan, he gladly took part in raids that laid waste to whole valleys, destroying houses and burning crops. He then sped off to help reconquer the Sudan, where he bragged that he personally shot at least three “savages”.

Concentration Camps- Mass Killing Dutch & Africans

British Concentration Camp
British Concentration Camp

When concentration camps were built in South Africa, for white Boers, he said they produced “the minimum of suffering”. The death toll was almost 28,000, and when at least 115,000 black Africans were likewise swept into British camps, where 14,000 died, he wrote only of his “irritation that Kaffirs [Niggers] should be allowed to fire on white men”. Later, he boasted of his experiences there: “That was before war degenerated. It was great fun galloping about.”

Religious Hatred Against Christians

As Colonial Secretary in the 1920s, he unleashed the notorious Black and Tan thugs on Ireland’s Catholic civilians.

Saddam Hussein’s Inspiration to Gas Kurds

Churchill & Imperial England gassed Kurds decades before Saddam's Iraq
Churchill & Imperial England gassed Kurds decades before Saddam’s Iraq

When the Kurds rebelled against British rule, he said: “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes…[It] would spread a lively terror.”

Engineered Famine & Genocide in India

When Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of peaceful resistance, Churchill raged that he “ought to be lain bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi, and then trampled on by an enormous elephant with the new Viceroy seated on its back.” As the resistance swelled, he announced: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” This hatred killed.

Nazi Concentration Camp?  No, Colonial Indian Famine
Nazi Concentration Camp? No, Colonial Indian Famine

In 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal, caused – as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has proved – by the imperial policies of the British. Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region. He bluntly refused. He raged that it was their own fault for “breeding like rabbits”. At other times, he said the plague was “merrily” culling the population.

Skeletal, half-dead people were streaming into the cities and dying on the streets, but Churchill – to the astonishment of his staff – had only jeers for them. This rather undermines the claims that Churchill’s imperialism was motivated only by an altruistic desire to elevate the putatively lower races.

Nazis, by Comparison

The NSDAP (“Nazis”), fought a war that lasted a few years.  Churchill’s horrors spanned decades.  Hitler’s Germany fought a war on two West Asian (“European”) fronts.  Churchill’s England’s atrocities spanned 3 continents.  There really is no comparison.  The Prime Minister meets with the monarch regularly, so the King and later Queen obviously approved and encouraged these activities.  England is incomparably worse than the worse you’ve heard about Nazi Germany.

Success Is The Best Revenge

Family of Churchill Survivor
Family of Churchill Survivor

This, in turn, led to the great irony of Churchill’s life. In resisting Germany, he produced some of the richest prose-poetry in defence of freedom and democracy ever written. It was a cheque he didn’t want black or Asian people to cash – but they refused to accept that the Bank of Justice was empty. As the Ghanaian nationalist Kwame Nkrumah wrote: “All the fair, brave words spoken about freedom that had been broadcast to the four corners of the earth took seed and grew where they had not been intended.” Churchill lived to see democrats across Britain’s dominions and colonies – from nationalist leader Aung San in Burma to Jawarlal Nehru in India – use his own intoxicating words against him.

Daughter of Churchill Survivor
Daughter of Colonial England Survivor

Ultimately, the words of the great and glorious Churchill who resisted dictatorship overwhelmed the works of the cruel and cramped Churchill who tried to impose it on the darker-skinned peoples of the world. The fact that we now live in a world where a free and independent India is a superpower eclipsing Britain, and a grandson of the Kikuyu “savages” is the most powerful man in the world, is a repudiation of Churchill at his ugliest – and a sweet, ironic victory for Churchill at his best.