Does Equality Kill Sex?

‘In an attempt to be gender neutral, we may have become gender-neutered.’

There’s a reason why opposites attract.  Couples who are best friends and split the chores and childcare have far less sex

Men and women, she said, are continuously sending out cues that signal attractiveness to a potential partner, and often these cues involve “an ongoing reminder of difference and the sense of mystery and excitement that comes with the knowledge that the other person isn’t you”.


Actress Defends “Submissive Role” with NHL Hubbie

Former Full House Star Candace Cameron Bure writes “I love that my man is a leader. I want him to lead and be the head of our family.”

“Those major decisions do fall on him, but it doesn’t mean I don’t voice my opinion or have an opinion, I absolutely do.”

But, ultimately, her husband gets the final say. “It is very difficult to have two heads of authority,” Bure explained. “It doesn’t work in military, it doesn’t work — I mean, you have one president, you know what I’m saying?”

She further explained: “We are equal in our . . . importance, but we are just different in our performances within our marriage.”


Anal hazing is apparently a thing in American high schools now

In recent months, several high profile cases of hazing have surfaced in the media featuring boy on boy sexual violence taking place across American high schools. National news outlets covered multiple stories on the phenomenon known as “anal hazing,” a practice involving forced anal penetration of a victim by one or more perpetrators, using a variety of instruments or their fingers. While many of these attacks have taken place in the context of sports culture, they have also occurred outside of athletic settings, as well as on and off school property. In the past year, more than 40 cases have been documented across the nation, in California, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Massachusetts, and other states.

Furthermore, it is estimated that only about half of all adolescent victims, that is both male and female, tell anyone about their ordeal, with a mere 6 % of all attacks (both male and female) reported to authorities.[1] In light of these observations, it is clear that reported cases of anal hazing greatly underestimate the actual number of victims.