Homosexuality and the Re-colonization of Africa

Worldwide, culture and custom are incorporated into law through what has become known as customary law.

Throughout Africa, homosexuality is viewed as repugnant and an affront to God’s procreation designs. In African settings, homosexuality, together with other sacrilegious practices such as incest, is believed to bring misfortunes such as drought, floods or outbreaks of contagious diseases.

This has been part of African culture since time immemorial and no one can wish it away as it is the African way.

Buoyed by its culture and custom, the Ugandan parliament passed a bill that will outlaw some homosexual practices. There is nothing untoward about the Ugandan anti-gay bill since it is simply translating African culture into law.

Gay practices are not human rights but Western rights. Western countries should not force other nationalities to accept homosexuality.


More Male Prostitutes than Females in Sweden

More young men than women selling sex in Sweden

Some 1.5 percent of young men and women aged 16-25 in Sweden — where it’s legal to sell sex but illegal to buy — have had sex for payment, according to anew report by the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs.

The study also showed that more men than women are having sex for payment, such as money, alcohol, drugs or shelter. 2.1 percent of men and 0.8 percent of women claim to have sold sex.

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