The Metaphysics of Hip-Hop

Not being aware of music as a primary change agent in the human consciousness, the hip-hop youth naively think they should merely reflect what is happening in their environment.

Quantum scientists have sought the smallest building block or substrate in the Universe for the past hundred or more years.  The latest assessment is almost exactly what the Ancients must have known. It is called string theory which in essence says that the Universe is music. It seems that music may be the energy that organizes matter and perhaps everything else as well.

“The meaning of the word music is far deeper, richer, and more complex than what any single source, especially a dictionary, which deals in the outer layers of surface meanings, could possibly define or describe. If you trace the etymology of music you´ll discover that early in human history it meant “the art of the muses” which covered in Classical Mythology nine of the bases in the performance arts including astronomy (music of the spheres).  Spend some time with thinkers and teachers like Hazrat Inayat Khan (THE MYSTICISM OF SOUND AND MUSIC) and you’ll discover that for millennia enlightened folks have realized that the essence of music is the same as that of life, namely movement”    Source (7-11-03):

The science of cymatics can demonstrate this very dramatically.  It has also been determined that the nearest black hole to our solar system play a B-flat 54 octaves below our hearing range. Manfred Clynes has demonstrated that our emotions are elicited by vibrations and has more specifically identified 20 emotions in music produced by what he calls “sentic forms.”  It is also demonstrable that stones can be levitated with sound and that perhaps this is the secret technology used to build the pyramids and other massive stone structures.

(Acoustic levitation was first experimented with successfully in the 1940s. Now, the use of high-powered sounds is sophisticated enough to suspend objects in the air and move them along as though on an invisible conveyor belt.  “Yoshiki Hashimoto, of Tokyo’s Kaijo corporation, has developed a machine that lifts objects and moves them by acoustic levitation using supersonic waves.   Source (7-11-03):

The drum machine was designed to imitate human drummers, however, the machine produces a quantized beat that is mathematically perfect. This makes it a perfect hypnotic trance inducer that allows post-hypnotic suggestions (the content) to become imbedded into the subconscious mind of the listener.