Robert Lindsay: The Development of Agriculture in Africa

This is an excellent paper from an otherwise controversial researcher:  Robert Lindsay:  Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay.

Here is an excerpt from the paper:

It is a common line among hardcore White racists such as White nationalists that Black Africans were Stone Age people who had no metal working, no agriculture and no civilization of any sort by the time the Europeans contacted them.

The movement of agriculture in its full array from North Africans to Sahelian Blacks is shown to be a lie and it may perhaps have even gone the other way.

It’s true that Africa south of the Equator lagged behind, and racists love to go about this, but the truth is that there were no animals to domesticate down there nor were there any plants to domesticate either.

The Sahelian Blacks probably had equivalent intelligence to the Blacks south of the Equator. They were just better positioned to receive animals for husbandry from Southwest Asia, and they had plants that could be domesticated.


Modern Blacks reach the middle Nile by around 4,000 YBP. At 3,000YBP, the Bantus spread from Cameroon all through East, Central andSouthern Africa, bringing agriculture, and iron-making, with them.

Read Full Paper here:  The Development of Agriculture in Africa