More African Swastikas: African Aryans?

According to Uncommon Objects,

One of the oldest recorded uses of the swastika in Africa is found in artwork by the Akan people of Ghana.  It is also found on servants’ dresses in the Ashanti Empire…

Look at the cloth pattern of the woman in the middle  (


Click the picture to enlarge, then look at the cloth pattern of the woman in the middle.


Interstellar Origins: Conclusion

If the dots form a circle, you don’t have to connect them to say it’s a circle.  But do we have enough dots?

Whereas empirical conclusions can only ever be demonstrated to be false (via contrary evidence), rational conclusions can be demonstrated to be true (via rigorous proof). Only rational knowledge is genuine knowledge in a positive sense, and this has been well known by epistemologists from every ancient civilization. The only genuine science is formal science, such as mathematics, whose conclusions can simply be followed through step by step for logical consistency, without the mediation of materialism beyond the stationery on which the proof is written. In this sphere of knowledge, experts really can know the knowledge presented by other experts because it is purely a matter of reiterating the reasoning.  ( – Rationalism vs. Empiricism)

The Interstellar Earth Hypothesis rests on the assumption that the earth was once in orbit around another star.  The Earth, and humanity, could certainly survive losing its star, but how could a star disappear, or what could make a planet leave its primary?  That’s the problem with that hypothesis:  there’s nothing to explain the basic premise.


As for the Interstellar Human Hypothesis, it rests on the analogy that since today’s technology existed in the past, the technology to colonize the earth did as well.  This is logically sound, but short on evidence, so it’s unwise to assume.

As for the unshakable human curiosity in our origins and extraterrestrial life, too much relevant evidence is being suppressed to say for sure.  But the fact that such research and evidence is suppressed says a lot…


Interstellar Origins 7: Equal, but Different

The idea that all humans don’t have the same origin is as old as humanity.

It’s not unique to today’s “conspiracy theorists”.

conspiracy theorist

Modern research into an alien origin of sun-allergic humans is being conducted today in respected academic circles.

[In his book,] U.S. ecologist [Ellis Silver] says conditions such as… sunburn suggest humans did not evolve alongside other life on Earth…  Professor Wainwright from the University of Sheffield plans to investigate further, and believes that life is constantly arriving from space that did not originate on Earth. (The Daily Mail)

The subject been studied extensively by renowned Muslim scholars for over a millenium:

dan fodio

Just look at al-Mas’oudi’s book, Akhbar al-Zaman. Before talking about Adam and the generations after him, Al-Mas’oudi included the chapters… “On the Peoples before Adam”,

Al-Mas’oudi explains that there were 28 groups of peoples created on this earth before Adam. These consisted of flora and fauna as well as a mankind that resembles the people of Adam. These groups mixed and interacted, leading to the expansion of the peoples to 120 groups.

Al-Maqdisi explains that there were three main groups in this world before Adam, two of which were groups of Jinn, whereas the third is slightly different in that they were made of flesh and blood. This third group consists of those referred to as “man yufsidu feehaa wa yasfiku al-dimaa”, i.e “one who will make mischief therein and shed blood”, as this group was called by the angels in the Quranic verses of 2:30.

These explanations by al-Mas’oudi demonstrates how previous ‘ulama have been debating matters regarding pre-history well before these discussions appeared in Europe during relatively current times.”  (Source)


Whatever the truth of these hypotheses, it is clear that every living thing has a right to life and dignity, and duties towards those over which one has authority and power.  The purpose of this article series is to explore history and philosophy, not to justify injustice.  Whatever our differences, we share a planet, for now….

Let’s wrap it up in the conclusion…

cave family

Interstellar Origins 6: Culture = Blood Memory ?

A new science proves memory can be passed through genes.  Is “white” culture the reflection of memories of an interstellar past, and bleak new dawn on this earth?

Memories passed through the blood?

Memories passed through the blood?

Another core tenet of “white” supremacy and Germanic paganism is a belief in blood memory.  Even those who do not hate other “races” believe the blood should be “pure” to stay in communication with the ancestors and gods.

Woden is calling out of the world those who have been chosen by Him. He is speaking through the blood. Those who respond hear the call of the blood. This is what we esoterically call the Blood Memory. In more scientific terms, this is the Racial Collective Unconscious which was rediscovered by the Swiss-German founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung. (Aryan Myth & Metahistory)

Geneticists, have recently come around to the idea, realizing that ancestral experiences affect gene expression, which in turn affects thinking, reactions and behavior.

Our experiences, and those of our forebears, are never gone, even if they have been forgotten. They become a part of us, a molecular residue holding fast to our genetic scaffolding. The DNA remains the same, but psychological and behavioral tendencies are inherited. (Discover Magazine)

This cultural phenomenon is known as the Psychopathic Racial Personality:

in their relationship with the Black race, Europeans (Whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others. This premise is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence (Delany, 1968; Du Bois, 1896; Fanon, 1963; Garvey, 1967; Welsing, 1991; Williams, 1971).  (

Living in the cold European cave climates, with little warmth and sunlight , it is natural for a people to develop without pigment, yet, develop other social traits that are indicative of a poor and desperate people trying to survive in a harsh environment.

One of the traits of a people that are raised in cave environments, with limited resources, would be to become extremely territorial and violent.

The lack of resources meant that control of what little resources there where would be key to survival. The eating of raw meat would be natural for a people who live in cold and wet climates. The lack of hygiene, the importance of bonding with dogs and wolves for survival, and a ruthless  and hateful disposition would also develop under such conditions.

Women, in such a culture,  would be treated as liabilities (second class citizens),  because they did not hunt and sex with them would produce another human to provide for.

Now, when the desire for sex, and the desire to not produce more mouths to feed collide; this would lead to perverse sexual acts with men, and oral and anal sex with women in order to satisfy the sexual desire, yet, not produce offspring.

If you look at all other indigenous humans on the planet, they adapt to their environment, and live in harmony with their surroundings. The African was giving, because he had abundant resources.

Europeans are the only people on the planet that have to exploit and dominate where ever they go.

Think of one place on the planet that they have gone, and not tried to destroy, dominate, or exploit. (Maxillio-

Only west Asia (“Europe”) isn’t where these memories and culture developed:  it was the Asian steppe, Siberia and the Arctic. That’s where they were before they moved into western Asia.


That is the real source of “white” supremacist hatred:  paranoia.  Victory or death.  Dominate or be dominated.  It’s hyper-competitiveness.  The kind of competition where you eat your enemy and their children:

Scientists believe the abundance of good hunting meant the early Europeans did not need to resort to eating each other but did anyway.  “They did not practice cannibalism through a lack of food,” explained Dr de Castro. “They killed their rivals and used the meat.”  His team has determined that the practice continued through generations and that the majority of the victims were children or adolescents.  (Knowledge of Self)

They’re not afraid of brown people- they’re afraid of extinction.  They’re born with that fear- and everything they’re doing because of it is bringing them to the part of their ancestor’s experiences they should remember:  destruction on such a large scale that their planet is unlivable.

Cheikh Anta Diop’s Two Cradle Theory is a point-point comparison of the cultural contrasts formed by epigenetic memories of equatorial/tropical vs. arctic/steppe/tundra environments:

(Determined by Environment after a separation during the Ice Age.)

Southern Cradle-Egyptian Model
                 1. Abundance of vital resources. 
                 2. Sedentary-agricultural. 
                 3. Gentle, idealistic, peaceful nature with a spirit of justice.	                 
                 4. Matriarchal family. 
                 5. Emancipation of women in domestic life. 
                 6. Territorial state. 
                 7. Xenophilia. 
                 8. Cosmopolitanism. 
                 9. Social collectivism. 
                 10. Material solidarity of right for individual which makes moral
                         or material misery unknown.
                 11. Idea of peace, justice, goodness and optimism.                  
                 12. Literature emphasizes novel tales, fables and comedy.
Northern Cradle-Greek Model
                 1. Bareness of resources.
                 2. Nomadic-hunting (piracy)
                 3. Ferocious, warlike nature with spirit of survival.
                 4. Patriarchal family.
                 5. Debasement / enslavement of women.
                 6. City state (fort)
                 7. Xenophobia.
                 8. Parochialism.
                 9. Individualism.
                 10. Moral solitude.
                 11. Disgust for existence, pessimism.
                 12. Literature favors tragedy.

Remember this?

It’s not about judging by appearances.  Phenotypes (appearances) are the expression of genotypes, and genotypes also express themselves in behavior.  By learning what genes are associated with what looks, one can predict the likely behaviors associated with those genes.  But genes are not absolutes.  They are only tendencies and possibilities.  There is always the will, and the ability to change, for the better or worse

On to part 7…


Interstellar Origins 5: Interstellar Man

Interstellar Humans


The 2014 hit movie Interstellar explores the idea of colonizing another habitable planet by traveling there or leaving embryos.

You may think these ideas are crazy, but NASA will soon begin training candidates for a one-way trip to start a Mars colony.

At the same time, i.e. right now, Japanese scientists have just announced the successful creation of artificial wombs that will soon be able to hatch human embryos.


There’s nothing new under the sun- any sun

This applies to today’s technology.  Look at these Kemetic (“Egyptian”) glyphs:




For the more serious researchers, check out this site documenting ancient computers, earthquake detectors and atomic theory: AncientOrigins.Net – Ancient Technology

Now you know why people are always stealing books:  to find technology to re-create.

ancient aliens

Could the technology to colonize a new planet, which we’re (re-)creating today, have been created before on another, failing planet, like the one we’re destroying today?  Is history just repeating itself?

Prayer… is made while standing, with arms raised towards… the Black Sun. He can contact this Other “found beyond the Stars,” and who has been left waiting as on the edge of a Fountain. The ancient Essence of Hyperborea: ER. (

When there’s no explanation on earth, you have to look beyond, and backwards into time…  See Part 6.

interstellar earth

Interstellar Origins: An Interstellar Earth

Do Vedic myths, ice ages, mass extinctions and cave dwellings point to a time when the Earth travelled between suns?

Interstellar Earth

interstellar earth

One possibility is that the earth wasn’t always orbiting its current star. Maybe it had another sun that it left somehow.

First of all, keep in mind that life- human life- could continue on an earth without an energy source for a very long time, drifting through space until another star pulled it into its orbit- a new dawn.

Here’s an article about life on an interstellar earth:  Snowball Earth

Geothermal vents (like those in Iceland and Yellowstone Park) are a source of heat, potable water and energy.

Geothermal Vents- Iceland

Geothermal Vents- Iceland

Further insulation could be provided by caves, and interestingly, pale-skinned people claim cavemen as their ancestors.


Once-occupied ancient underground cities have been found near, you guessed it, the Caucasus Mountains:

Cappadocia - Kaymakli Underground City

Pale-skinned people are living underground in Australia this very day!  To escape the sun perhaps?


An earth detached from the sun could explain Ice Ages & flood “myths”, and the major climactic exchanges that could leave evidence of a mass extinction event on the coral record.

Due to the location of geothermal vents, the arctic and far northern hemisphere is the only place humans could survive on an earth that lost its sun.  So that makes sense out of the esoteric claim that “white” life on earth is based in the arctic.  The northern hordes that invaded the Indus River Valley (who claimed the native title Aryan for themselves, hence the mistaken concept of “white” Aryans) seem to claim an Arctic origin in their holy books, the Vedas:

All these characteristics of an Arctic home are clearly recorded in several Vedic hymns (wikipedia)

"Snow" White?

“Snow” White?

Sacred Memory of an Interstellar Earth Voyage?

a Sacred Lamp always burned to signify the permanence of Aryan life even in the obscurity of the night of Kali Yuga (

The name ‘Kali’ comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death.  (wikipedia).  ‘Yuga’ means era, age, epoch. (wikipedia)

Is the “night of Kali Yuga” a long age of darkness without a sun, when death reigned over the earth?  Is this picture symbolic?

The Age of Darkness and Death?

The Age of Darkness and Death?

Or was it humans, not the Earth, that left a Black Sun?  Go to Part 5…

The Black Sun of Pre-Christian West Asia

Interstellar Origins 3: Hidden History of the Pale Race

Do the myths and rituals of pre-Christian west Asia hold the clues to the origin of the “white” race?

The Black Sun of Pre-Christian West Asia

The Black Sun of Pre-Christian West Asia

The original “pagan” religion of “white” west Asians (“Europeans”), was a sun cult.  It survived Christian persecution by going underground, as an esoteric philosophy, preserved or understood by a small group of those specially initiated.  Let’s keep in mind the irony of a people who worship the same sun that’s deadly to them.  Or was it the same sun?

The Black Sun Cult

This native belief claims that “white” people, whom they mistakenly call Aryans, are the descendants of Hyperboreans, people from a planet with a Black Sun:

The Indo-Europeans, Aryans descended from the Hyperboreans, recounted their origin from “beyond the stars.”  Their principal cult was solar in remembrance of the Ancient Sun, Black Sun of Polar Midnight (

The revival of this religion grew in the 19th & 20th centuries.  It was popularized by Theosophy (Helena Blavatsky) and many related groups.

Blavatsky & Theosophical Society Symbol

Blavatsky & Theosophical Society Symbol (

It spawned Darwinism, scientific racism and eugenics, the idea that the ideal, highest, master race was the Nordic phenotype, ideas that still enjoy support in birth control and contraception programs today.

Scientific Racism & Social Darwinism

Scientific Racism & Social Darwinism


Today, movements like esoteric Hitlerism/Nazism and Germanic Neo-Paganism openly practice it as a religion and way of life, but many, many more are influenced by its philosophy.

Neo-Pagan/Neo-Nazi (

Neo-Pagan/Neo-Nazi (

Vaccines LOWER the population?  He loves giving them out in Africa...

Vaccines LOWER the population? He loves giving them out in Africa…

Ethnic Cleansing in Occupied Palestine

Ethnic Cleansing in Occupied Palestine

The belief is even celebrated in pop-culture.  A song called Black Hole Sun won the 1994 MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video and Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance.

"Won't you come?  Won't you come?"

“Won’t you come? Won’t you come?”

Someone obviously took them seriously enough to steal all their books in World War II.  That was either the American or Soviet government.  Looting soldiers focus on taking valuables and raping women-  they don’t bother with books.

Soviet soldiers raped 2 million German women when WWII ended, followed by German pogroms across west Asia

Soviet soldiers raped 2 million German women when WWII ended, followed by German pogroms across west Asia

Whoever got those was on a mission:

Wewelsburg,… with its Library of 40,000 volumes…  Since the looting and destruction of the war, this invaluable library has disappeared. Where did its volumes and documents end up?  (

Wewelsburg Castle, Germany

Wewelsburg Castle, Germany

YOU’re a Germanic Pagan, Too, BTW

Before we continue, keep something else in mind:  YOU follow this religion, too.  Sunday = Day of the Sun (Worshipping on that day was a Christian compromise with paganism, not Jesus’ idea.  Wednesday is the day of Wotan, a major Germanic god.  Thursday = Day of Thor.

The One-Eyed Wotan:  "I'm here every Wednesday, folks."

The One-Eyed Wotan: “I’m here every Wednesday, folks.”

Christmas is the winter solstice, the day the Germanic/pagan sun god gains victory over his enemies, symbolized by the day becoming longer than night again.  Easter = Astarte, another pagan & Germanic deity.

I was born in summer, actually...

I was born in summer, actually…

If you’ve been following this religion, there’s no reason to start doubting it now.  Let’s explore its theories in part 4.