the Cure (spoken word poetry)

with the Name of Allah

the All-Merciful

the Ever-Merciful


the Cure


what’ll be the retort for the oil that we import

the turmoil we export

& extortion of our courts?

overtime minimum wage 7 days

but change is short

while the chief of staff laughs

pork & fat stuck on his fork

kids are dyin’- we need support

but our troops are in foreign forts

our leaders don’t ever help

so what do they tax us for?

the haves and the have-nots

are controlled by the have-mores

2 eyes stay glued to tubes

where two-faceds make fake reports

grown men watch kiddie porn

while their daughters become whores

we fight to save species-

our own kids we abort

the world’s at the youth’s fingertips

& it makes ’em bored

the future’s in their hands

they take it, chop it & snort

there’s nothin’ good to expect

& no reason to look forward

when the old follow the young

’cause they wasted their lives before


accountants calculatin’ & countin’ don’t know the score

the eyes of the wise cry

martyrs’ wives smile as they mourn

for surely a Message Pure has reached them from our Lord

they listen when they’re informed

& take heed when they’re warned

dark days & cold nights only brighten their hearts’ warmth

& peace gleams in their eyes

even though our lives are torn

& peace leaves through our lips

though we’re grieved to receive scorn

for surely a Message Pure has reached us from your Lord


be sure that a Message Pure has reached you from our Lord


(c) daniel nehemiah oliver

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