I SHOULD’VE THOUGHT OF THAT! 89 Genius Household Solutions Using Everyday Items

From maximizing storage space, to stain removal to food storage and so much more, these 89 tips will make your life easier.

…and make you look smarter!

Here are a few samples.  See all 89 HERE.

African Technology: Electricity-Free Refrigerator

The Zeer was developed in 1995 by Mohammed Bah Abba, a Nigerian school teacher that hailed from a family of pot makers. The design is incredibly simple: a glazed earthen ware pot nestled inside a larger, porous one with a layer of wet sand separating them. As the water evaporates through the surface of the outer pot, it draws heat from the inner one, keeping up to 12kg food fresh for as long as three to four weeks without using a single watt of electricity.